Saturday, November 30, 2013

Picture Saturday, Thanksgiving, and other things

Seven Random Facts!

1.) I know when I started this post, I had a bajillion things to say. Now I have nothing.

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Not only did we feast, we played Crack the Case.

And took selfies

It was really rather jolly.

2.) I am done with the illustrations for Jack's book!! I am happy! It's been fun. It's been a freaking challenge sometimes, but it's been fun.

3.) Speaking of illustrations, I finished the character sketch for my brother. I am really rather proud of it. The lion is supposed to be ethereal. He's saber-toothed. He's cool.

4.) Drawing is one of those things I love, but I hate. Most of the time, I love it. Heck, even when I'm in the "I hate drawing" mood, I love it. But there are some times, when I look at my work, and then I look at other people's work.... and I fall into the pit of despair. Like, "How dare I call myself an artist! My drawings stink!" *cue sniffles and going on a youtube/pinterest binge.* Oh well.

Thanks to Kat, I now have a picture that sums
up how I feel about my artwork.

5.) Having finished Supernatural (actually, we just caught up with the episodes being aired right now...) we started watching Agents of SHIELD. Oooooooooh. There's a show I can recommend!! (much, much faster than I'd ever recommend Supernatural. It's way cleaner.) I love it! Coulson and Fitzsimmons are the best, but I actually started liking the whole team. Just yes. Go watch it.



6.) This is what happens when Bella and I sit next to each other with a piece of paper. We filled up both sides with Supernatural quotes. We are bizarre.

7.) I'm actually using my Dad's computer right now. For some stupid reason, I can't upload pictures to my blog on mine. ARG! Anyone know why that is?

8.) Can you guys freaking believe that it's the last day of November!? Christmas is only a little over three weeks away!!

I am so excited!!

Cheers and God bless,


  1. Uh, I hate it when your computer decides not to upload pictures. :/ It happened to me for ages! Then the computer finally decided to get its act together and it started uploading the photos. :D I found my blog incredibly boring during that time. :(

    OMGoodness! I LOVE Agents of Shield. :D But unfortunately the episodes for us Aussies are on a school night, which makes it hard to watch. :(

    1. I restored my 'puter to a last week, and everything seems to be better now. ;) Let's hope it stays that way.

      Me too! It's awesome, isn't it!? Oh... that stinks. I'm sorry. :)

  2. When Mime and me were in China, we filled a whole notebook with random quotes from whatever movies we could remember. That notebook is just full of AWESOME. And I totally love that artist cartoon! I feel the same way about my writing.

    1. It's really fun, isn't it? We kept one-upping each other. We had to stop when we ran out of paper. I might have to steal your idea and start a notebook. XD

      I know! The cartoon is the most accurate thing every. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Awwwwww. lol. You're awesome. :D But I'm not as good as I want to be. I can see all the mistakes blaring at me, and that's super frustrating.

  4. Aw, Thanksgiving was so fun. That selfie wasn't awful. The Food was delicious.

    S.H.I.E.L.D is so much fun. I love it. I hope it gets the go-ahead for a season 2. :)


    1. Foooooods.

      SHIELD might not get a go-ahead!? Noo! I loves it!


  5. Just stopping by to tell you that the drawing Jack posted is AMAZING! I'm so thrilled that you got that opportunity, Jack really couldn't have made a better choice for an illustrator. Seriously, I'm blown away.

    And I totally get the thing about not being confident in your own work -- I get that ALL THE TIME. But I'm here to assure you that you have every reason to take a lot of pride in your art, because you are seriously skilled!

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving :) Also, apparently I need to watch Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D....

    1. Clair~~

      Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! Really!? Yay! I'm really, really glad you liked it, since you did the first book. That just makes me warm all over. lol. Thank you such much. *happiness*
      It was a really fantastic opportunity, especially since I want to get into illustrating more as I get older.

      I'm glad it isn't just me. Thank you for that.

      Me too! It was awesome.


    2. I LOVE Agents of Shield! Though it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that Fitzsimmons was indeed the names of both the boy and the girl, I couldn't figure out who's name it was and why they never said the other ones name!
      By all means, pin away, I'm glad you liked my post! I know I like finding people who are in the same boat I am, the old saying misery loves company holds true for me I guess! ;-)

    3. Katy~~

      Isn't it awesome? I got so addicted so fast. (It could just be that I love Coulson and Fitzsimmons, but I think it might be more than that) I knew they were Fitz and Simmons, but I wasn't sure who was who. They're just Fitzsimmons! Together! boom!

      Thanks so much. I'm going to go do that now. lol.
      Misery does love company. How sad is that? XD

    4. For Clair and Treskie,
      I'm going to friendly throw my shoes at you two. My artist talent is in wobbly stick figures. You two are fantastic so I'm throwing my shoes at you and giving you cookies because you don't believe it.

    5. D'aaaaaaaaaw. Jack, you is a sweetie-heart. lol.

      Shoes and cookies. Huzzah! Just what I needed.

  6. ACK!!! I was in the middle of a lovely comment and the computer ate it!!!!! ACK!!!! (I've been having one of those lives lately. I blame Maddock. For every inch of it.)

    I will continue my brilliance later, but here, for you to see. It is blurry so I might just end up emailing it to you. Also, I got my proof copy. Your pictures look lovely in it. Even the last one. *Evil grin for anyone reading.*

    That is all. More later. When I'm done pouting over my lost comment.

    1. Noooo, really??! Oh, that sucks. I HATE it when computers do that. It's infuriating. It makes me want to throw something, preferably a car.

      Oooooooooooooooooooh. I'mma go look at that link right now.
      EEEEEEEEEEEK! That's awesome! I go comment.

      Do my pictures look lovely, really?? I'm so *excited*. It's going to be fun re-reading it. The last picture is.... so enjoyable. XD

      Okay then. Looking forward to it. lol.

    2. I am blaming it all on my ghosty character. (I emailed you about him.) He is my new fall back. Everything is his fault, not Kitty's. Only half the things are hers/

      YES!! They look fantastic! And they fit in so well, I am so happy because it can be such a pain adjusting them. But they just slipped in and almost everything is well.

      I love that one you did for your brother. (See, example of why I trust you with The Broken Blade.)

      Ack, still can't remember all of the brilliant things I was going to say. Oh brilliance comes and goes and fi I don't grab it while it is here I can't catch it.

      I DON'T KNWO WHAT IS WRONG WITH COULSON!!! I wasn't worried, because he's Coulson. I was going, "Pfft, he's fine. Nothing is wrong with my Coulson." I was even yelling at people for saying he is a robot. But something bad happened to him in Tahiti!!! The one I saw last night scared me .And now I am jumping all around yelling, "IF THEY HURT MY COULSON THEY ARE IN SOOOO MUCH TROUBLE!!!" They just, they did something to him. I am sure of it now. That that? COulson isn't...he doesn't....I need to find out which one you're on because I don't want to give it away. But I feel like Flynn, "This is bad, this is really, really bad!" I think we need to start thinking of a resuce mission to get him out of their hands before they do something horrible to him. We can kidnap FitzSImmons while we're at it.


    3. The ghosty character. Watch out for him, he might turn vengeful and go around as a cleaning lady.

      Oooooooh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I'm happy they just slipped right in. Wooooot!

      The one I did for my brother turned out a little washed out on here, even when I stuck it in picmonkey and tweaked it to make it look more like the original, but hey. I'm looking forward to working on the Broken Blade.

      Don't you hate how brilliance can slip through your fingers so easily??

      Do you think he's a robot? I never thought he was a robot, I thought something bad happened in Tahiti... but... SOMETHING BAD DID happen in Tahiti!? CRUD!! *starts jumping with you, brandishing a sword* MY COULSON MUST BE SAFE AND UNHARMED!!
      I think I know which one you're on. I haven't seen it yet, but Amy and Maria came over one time and freaked out about him waking up from a bad dream about Tahiti. Is that the one??
      I'm in. I'll call Mahri for the tactical plans, and we can raid Hollywood and bring Coulson and Fitzsimmons out, where we can hide them in the cave with Bobby and Kevin.


    4. I refuse to believe Coulson is a robot. My family is all for it and I go around yelling, "HE IS NOT A ROBOT!!!! Coulson is too cool to be a robot. Whatever they did to him is bad enough, but they did not turn my Coulson into a robot!!!" We just got him back, alive, after loosing him in The Avengers....and now everyone wants to turn him into a robot.
      YES!!! The bad dream one. I was okay till then. I was like, "Pfft, it is Coulson. Whatever happened, he's fine. He's gone through worse. He's cool. Nothing can hurt him. *Cough, sound like Bobby?*" AND THEN HE WOKE UP FROM A NIGHTMARE!!! NIGHTMARE!!! Coulson doesn't have nightmares! Nothing scares Coulson! He saw Aliens and hammers, and he is friends with Tony. Coulson is unscarable. But whatever they did to him, it scared him and now I am all worried and feel the need to run down there and kidnap him to keep him safe.
      Yes. He needs to be in the cave, him and FitzSimmons. Life is safer in the cave, and I think he'd get along with Bobby and Kevin.

      HURRAY! You get a cookie for getting two quotes in one. Though, that one is going to be SO easy to do now. "I can't carry it, but I can carry you!" We shall forever get double points with that one.

      You can enter the...giveaway thingy if you like. (It helps spread the word around about my book. *Smirk* But, it would be fun to read what you come up with.)

      Sleeping people are cute. I think I need to make it a tradition. What do you think? A sleeping person picture in every book? Being all cute and adorable.

      Since I've started calling you jerk at the end of every comment and email I no longer know how to end letters. I always get ready to type it and go, "Oh, they won't get it. What do I saw now?"


    5. Coulson better freaking not be a robot. I would be SO MAD if Coulson was a robot. I do think he was dead for longer than they say he was, but.......I DON'T WANT HIM TO BE A ROBOT! TELL YOUR FAMILY THEY'RE WRONG!!!!!!!! lol.
      The fans screaming "COULSON LIVES!" does not mean that he lives on as a robot, we meant actually, for real, lives. Ungh.
      Do not jinx Coulson by comparing him to Bobby, Jack! Now he's going to die! Bugger it all! They'd better not re-kill him. BETTER NOT.
      We were going to watch that episode last night, the one with the wall, or The Wall, or whatever. We were going to watch it after we watched the horrific SPN. (Uuugh. I'm going to have to email you when I get my feels sorted out. I'm so mad right now.) We even started it! We got about halfway through. AND THE INTERNET SHUT DOWN. We got to the part where Ward starts acting weird and the internet shut down. And that was the end of an already depressing evening.
      I think they'd all get along too. Heck. We should pick up Dean and Sam while we at it, and keep them safe as well, because as it is... nothing will ever be alright. *sob*

      I love getting cookies and double points. That makes me happy. And I need a happy right now. I know. That quote will never be the same again. Everytime that scene comes around I'm going to be thinking, "The Rudy hobbit!" and giggling.

      I think that would be a good tradition. Let's do it. Sleeping people. Lalalalalala!

      Hah! Really? Me too! I have one other friend who understands that reference and calls me an idjit for calling her witch, but with everyone else I tend to write "Witch" and then backspace... and the just say something like, 'Love ya!' but that feels wrong. LOL.

  7. Like i told your sister, I love it when you and your sisters post pics of your family. It gives such a homey and happy feeling. We had a reunion on my mom's birthday but too bad i can't share the pics. My mom doesn't want me to post pics of us.

    1. The kind of posts with family pictures and stuff are my favorite. It just makes me feel like I know the blogger more. So that's why I post them a lot. (I do ask when it's my brother's kids though. I didn't know how he'd feel about having his kids' faces plastered all over the internet. lol.)

      I'm glad someone else feels the same way, though. LOVE HAPPY FAMILY PHOTOS!

      That's sad that you can't post pictures of you. Maybe when you're older she'll let you.

      *grin* Cheers!

  8. Crack the Case must be a homeschooler thing, because my family loves it too!

    1. It's disturbing how fast we crack the cases though. I think we all have criminal minds, because we're like, 'Oh, this is what happened." really fast. lol!

    2. Lol, I'm not that good :D I haven't played it in forever!


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