Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Wednesday.


I don't like Wednesdays.

They make me cranky.

Anyway, I was tagged by Jack! (hurray.) According to her blog, I have no choice, BUT to do this tag.

*smiles through clenched teeth.*

Actually, I enjoy tags, I'm just giving Jack a hard time, because we're friends. And that's what friends DO.

Pretty sure this is yet another Liebster Award. Tell eleven facts, answer eleven questions, make up eleven more questions, nominate eleven bloggers. (That last one never happens though.)

I dare someone to make up a tag that does not involve making up random facts.


Eleven Random Facts about ME.

1.) Tuesdays make me want to go around singing Heeeeat of the moment.

2.) It's already Wednesday and I haven't drawn anything.

3.) I think my laugh sounds like I'm choking on my esophagus.

4.) My shoe size is six and a half. (American. I think I'm like a four in the UK.)

5.) I found out that polyester doesn't bleach. This saddened me.

6.) I compulsively wear this bracelet:

7.) I have comfort jewelry, which I wear when I need to be brave. (Like getting a job, or taking my driver's test.)

Like this necklace:

The above bracelet. And this ring:

8.) No matter what I do, one of my ears is perpetually red.

9.) I have a major potato chip weakness. I will eat the whole bag. By myself. In one sitting.

10.) The smokey eye make-up makes me look like it's been about five years since I last had sleep.

11.) Sometimes I go to youtube and binge on how-to-fight videos. (Who does that!? I'm weird.)

(aren't you proud of me? I did all eleven facts without cheating by doing something like, "I only have eight facts left." or "I'm rubbish at this.")


1. How do you feel about main character deaths?
    I'm not keen on them. I think the main character is the keypoint of a story and should not die. Period.

2. What does TADA! mean to you? 

(I stole Bella's gif because I couldn't find it. Tadaaa.)

3. If I walked up to you and yelled, or whispered, HAIL HYDRA! What would you do?

4. If I gave you a pet duck would you take him for a walk in the park?
    Eeeeeeeeh. Animals and I are not besties. Maybe...?

5. What was the last book you read that had you either crying, laughing, ready to fall out of your seat, forget how to breathe, or all of the above?
    The Runaway King. *Eyeballs Jack.* READ THAT BOOK, GUYS. JUST DO IT. ACTUALLY READ The False Prince first. :)

6. You would come to a sleep over? We could make a tent out of blankets and sleep on couch cushions thrown on the floor.

7. What was the last song you listened to one repeat over and over?

    Prolly Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. I related. Still do. Before that Carry on My Wayward Son.

8. What was the last movie you saw that...gave you the same emotions I asked about with the book?

9. Do you think raindeers are better than people?
    I don't care for either.

10. How do you feel about the giant rats of Somalia?
      I feel like that's a Princess Bride reference. It's not though. Is it?

11. When you were a kid did you used to play Cowboys and Indians? (Germans. I mean Cowboys and Germans.) (PLEASE tell me someone got that reference.)
      I don't understand that reference. But yeah, I played Cowboys and Indians with Amy a lot. Back when cap guns weren't considered offensive and you could show at people without random strangers telling you not to play with  guns.

And now for the questions by ME.

1.) When was the last time you felt like: MIND BLOWN?
2.) What is your view on the general public.
3.) Have you watched Olan Rogers?
4.) Do you collect sporks?
5.) Do you collect something?
6.) Are you getting tired of Frozen's hype?
7.) Les Mis or Phantom of the Opera
8.) Does Walmart give you a headache?
9.) Can you find a gif that expresses the word "booyah"?
10.) Favorite candle smell?
11.) Can you complete this quote? "These are not the _________."

My nominees.

1.) Rachel! (lets get her back into the blogging world. We miss her.)
2.) Claire! (she's new to the blogging world. Give her a happy welcome.)
3.) Miss Melody! (Haiiiiiiii gurl.)

Have fun.

G'night, peoples!

The Frenchiest Fry


  1. hehehehehheeee... i love tags. ;) wait, wait, I love reading tags, not doing tags. Doing tags causes me to think. I don't like thinking.

    And can I just say... I LOVE BECAUSE OF YOU! Its a great song. But the last song I listened to on repeat with my WHOLE family was Ed Sheeran, I See Fire AND Say Something by I-Dunno-Who.

    Anyways, I'm off to go read emails.
    Boring life, yes, yes, I agree. :P

    1. Thinking is a dangerous pass time.

      I love it too! I think it's super sad and relatable. lol. I LOVE I See Fire! (I think Say Something is by Great Big World or something weird like that.)

      At least you get emails. lol.

    2. I agree...

      Yes, something about Worlds?

      Unfortunately, they are just school emails about assignments... :}

  2. I remember cap guns! I had an awesome one! It looked like a real gun too and everything...except guns are illegal in Australia, so it was kind of awkward and I rarely ran around with it (besides when I was shooting my brother. Brothers are awesome for being shot at). x) I'm very proud of your facts!!! YAY. You did well. ;) I totally love the Brave Jewellery. I can't ever remember to put jewellery on... I have a mockingjay, but it's on a super long chain so whenever I wear it I clonk my nephew and niece in the face with it. Then I feel bad. Mockingjyas represent freedom! And then CLONK. Total awkward aunt moment there....

    1. I still love cap guns. Amy had one that looked really real, especially after she took the orange rubber off the front. lol. Guns are illegal in Australia? But guns are awesome! You're missing out.

      I'm proud of my facts too. *bows*

      My brave jewelry is what keeps me going through trying times. lol. (Actually that and coffee, but who's being specific.)

      Hahaha! I can't wear long necklaces. they drive me nuts. They look good and all, but I personally cannot deal with the swinging.

  3. I find it so funny how people always complain about tags. I'm all like, "Man, I wish I had a blog so people would tag me." XD Though I bet I'd get tired of them too because my blog would be so awesome everyone'd want to tag me. ;-D (Yeah right XD)

    Your facts were great. And now I really want to hear you laugh. I have a fascination with laughs. XD And my laugh sometimes sounds like a cross between a hyena, a seal, and a tiny bird being squeezed, and sometimes it sounds like some sort of a honk-chuckle-breathless wheeze. And you have small feet. Or maybe I have just big ones. I wear a size 9 1/2 to 10 depending on what brand it is. Then again, I am 5'11". :-P

    Your comfort jewelry is awwwwwesome! :-D My comfort jewelry consists of a Robin Hood (BBC) tag, a tag that says Kili on one side and Great Heart on the other and my bracelet that has a bead for each of my sponsor/correspondent kids. And if I'm really nervous, my cello necklace goes on too. I just load up. ;-D

    Anyway yeah. XD

    1. I wasn't really complaining, I was giving Jackers a hard time, because I do that a lot. lol. (People like tagging newbies. *nods*)

      Darn straight, my facts were great! Because I'm awesome!!!! lol. My sister thinks my laugh is cute. She is wrong. You can see my laugh on my vlogs... have you not seen my vlogs?

      I do have tiny feet. They look silly, because I'm 5'4" and they're too little. lol. YOU on the other hand have large feet, but you're way taller than me so it's okay.

      I Knooooow it is! I am devoted to it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has comfort jewelry. I was wondering how weird that was. But I feel less weird now. *nods*


    2. Noooooo I have not seen your vlogs. WHERE CAN I FIND THEM?! I saw one of them. But I don't think you laughed in it. And that was embedded on your blog and I don't know where it is. XD

    3. Hahaha! I'm funnier with Amy. here, this one's really long, and goes in and out of focus... frequently. *sigh*

      This one is shorter:

      And this one is newest.

      lol If you watch them all I will love you forever and be impressed at your dedication.


      Also, please feel free to love me forever. I watched them. ALL.

      Your laugh is hysterical and contagious I love it forevah. XDDD

      Also, you and Amy are both so gorgeous!

    5. I DO WATCH ANGELINA BALLERINA AND KIPPER THEY ARE FUNNY. And people say I actually act just like Angelina and that makes me cranky, because I don't think I do.

      Wow. That is dedication. I love you.

      You think so, huh? Awwww. Feel free to like it, I still don't.

      Awww you are nice. *hugs*

  4. I actually made an award once, where you had to give your favourite words rather than facts. Back when I was I new to the blogosphere ... and thought that adding yet another award to the Tag Monster Vortex was a good idea .... hahaha just remembering myself as a blogging newbie. How adorable :')

    1. Oh really? That's way more awesome than eleven facts though. XD

      Do you ever go back and re-read your first posts? I do, and go, "HOW DID I EVER GET FOLLOWERS!?!??! lol.

  5. Ugh, I don't like Wednesdays either ( just sounded that out in my head Wed-nes-day XD) It's halfway through the week and the weekend can't come soon enough at that point :P

    I'm a 6 1/2 too, but only when I'm not wearing any socks with the shoes. Like flats. I have to have a 7 1/2 with tennis shoes because my feet hate being confined. I'd rather be barefoot or in flip flops!

    Animals and I are quite awkward with each other. I'm okay with dogs, but I'm no animal lover. Which is kinda funny because I grew up with a lot of pets ( my sibling's pets mostly). I have two cats but I didn't have to take care of them, so it worked out well :D I did love them though, so I guess that counts for something. Animals were more likeable when I was little.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this! I will certainly have to do this tag sometime soon :)

    1. I always do the Wed-nes-day, because otherwise I spell it wendsday.

      Haaaaa! I am six and a half mostly, sometimes seven with heels, but I have duck feet, so they're short and wide, and it's not nice.
      Barefoot all the way though.

      You should have seen me at the petting zoo. LOLOLOL. Not a happy camper. I like dogs. I like cats... sometimes, I don't like OUR cats. I hate turtles. I hate goats. lol.

      OOOH you can do the tag!!! I didn't know if you did them or I would have nominated you.

    2. I thought sevens fit me for awhile, but when I bought a pair of heels in that size, I quickly discovered that I was wrong! They were too loose. I looked quite interesting while walking in them :D
      I own 2 pairs of heels that I can stand, but only on very special occasions. I like having the freedom to run and heels just don't cut it.

      I meant to say *had* with the cats. I don't have any now. Animals are just too unpredictable...and stinky...and they make messes that I don't want to have to deal with :D Most of the men in my family feel the same way, which I think is funny :D I need to adopt you as a sibling, so I'm not the only female in my family that feels that way!

      Have you ever been on a horse?

      Tag is done! :) Don't worry! I usually don't tag other people for tags because there are so many out there and people may not want to do them *smiles*

    3. The curse of short people: finding footwear that fits. lol. It's weird how different shoes of the same size feel like different sizes. :-/
      Hahah! Oh good! See I don't like wearing heels either, I know I should, because they make me look taller and older, but honestly.... I don't like wearing heels. I like walking fast... and I HATE loud shoes that click or clop when you walk. Unnng.

      hehehe. Yesssss. But I do like dogs. Certain dogs. Too big= nope. Too small = nope, so the dogs we have are nice.
      Awww yes. My whole family likes animals, and I'm just like, NOPE. so yes. Adoption sounds good. lol.

      Couple times a loooong time ago. I was like... 7. It was high.

      Aaah! *dances over to look* I know. I tags can be tricky sometimes. lol.

    4. Yupyup, so true. I'm glad I'm not tall though. I'd rather be too short than too tall, less awkward and all. If heels weren't so awkward and painful, I might like them. I swear I walk like Mr. Tumnus when I walk in heels!
      Now, TALL people wearing heels is just laughable :D

      I like nice sized dogs too! I almost mentioned the same thing in my last comment XD

      Robert used to do horse shows and he really wanted me to go horseback riding on our honeymoon. It was okay...I did not feel like I was in control though! I always liked the idea of it, but I would really have to work at it if I was to do it regularly.

    5. Hehehehe, same here. I would much rather be too short than too tall. Too tall stands out more.
      *snort* I just got a mental image of you walking like Mr. Tumnus and giggled.


      Ooh really? That's cool. Horse shows are cool. I don't like riding them much though. Too big. :)

  6. Oh i forgot those giant rats in The Princess Bride LOL!!

  7. *Dances happily around the desk because she's too lazy to get up and do it outside* Well, fortunately for you it's not Wednesday anymore, IT'S FRIDAAAYYY!!

    I have a feeling that Heat of the Moment is a SPN reference. Aren't Tuesdays bad or something in your fandom? Speaking of which, I watched the "FIGHT THE FAIRIES!!" clip and literally laughed out loud. I think my family is concerned about my mental health.

    "Family size" chip bags are some sort of evil plan to deprive a person of their own personal bag of chips. Or at least that's what I tell myself when I manage to get through a bag on my own.

    *High fives* YES! Someone else who watches fight videos!! Fight scenes in movies are da BEST. I'm trying to learn in case I get attacked or something when I'm off working in Toronto. Maybe I'm a little paranoid...?

    Animals ARE weird. When we got our barn cats, the cats LOVED my Mum, sister, and Dad, but immediately went for my neck when it saw me. Not fun.

    1. It's Saturday!!! lol.

      The Heat of The Moment is an SPN reference. It's funny, because... it takes a while to explain. But yeah, Tuesday is not a good day in the SPN fandom. Dean dies a lot on Tuesday. That;s the one part I let my mom watch, and she laughed too. lol. It's HYSTERICAL, isn't it?

      I know, right? You open a bag and the entire family is suddenly your best friend. lol.

      *high fives back. Fight videos are the best! Fight scenes in movies are usually some of my favorite parts. lol. Amy and I discuss the videos and practice on each other. And it's better to be paranoid than mugged or murdered, right.

      Our cats are deadbeats, and I hate them. lol.

  8. Hehe. So thanks for tagging me! Aaaaand I tried it. Most likely failed it. (I'm still so lost when it comes to...blogs... Lol) But. People now know 11 more facts about me than they did before :D

    1. Hehe, you're welcome.

      No worries, there's no wrong way to blog. Or do tags. *goes to look*

  9. Hi there! I'm new to this, (blogging) but I'm the friend of Hannah Joy's. XD Hopefully there aren't more than one to confuse!

    The Ta-Da gif is one of my favorites. :-D

    1. Heeeey.

      lol don't worry, I was new to this a few years ago too, so don't be shyyyyyy. (in a Smaug voice) I'm pretty good at remembering names, so Hannah and Adalaide: I've got it down. XD

      I KNOW, RIGHT? Isn't it awesome?

    2. *squeamish look on face as you whisper in a Smaug voice* And yes, we go together much like peanut butter and jelly or chocolate and my mouth. XDDD

      All the Loki gifs are beautiful. ;-)

    3. lol. So I'm guessing you two are pretty close then? *snort*

      They are.


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