Thursday, April 23, 2015

Introducing the family

It occurred to me the other day, that I've been blogging for over three years, and while I've talked about my family a lot, I've never actually introduced them.

Yeah, weird, right?

If you're new here,* you've probably gathered that I have a big family, and if you've been around for a while,** you've probably figured that it's mostly made up of girls.

*Waves at you
**Waves at you too.

But basically that's all I've said, so I figured.....

It's time.

So I'm going to introduce you to my family, using gifs.

It's gonna be a good time.

I'm number seven in a family of eleven, I have nine sisters, one brother, eleven nieces, two nephews, a few more on the way, and I've actually lost count of first cousins. (something like a hundred. Right around there.)

I will not be introducing my cousins. Or my nieces and nephews.*

*I do love them, I just don't have that much time on my hands. 

My father: We call him dad. It's very convenient. 

He is Casey. 

Mah Mommy. She's crazy, and she's homeschooled all of us, and she's really just awesome. She's strong too, she's my hero. 

My mother is that lady from Meet the Robinsons, except perhaps a little more toned down.

Mahri* is eccentric. She plays bagpipes, and fences. She knows sorts of history (she's the one you go to for obscure facts) and on occasion writes pretty awesome poetry.

This gif sums her up, I think. She is either Baymax, or the Butler, depending on her mood.

*Actual name is Maria, but whatever.

Joey is cool. He dabbles in hobbies and he makes really good deserts. He also wears geek shirts, which makes me really happy. Oh yeah, and he buys the best pressies*

*reason #4978 why he's more awesome than your brother.

He is Po. No, but literally. He is Po.

Laura is sooooooooooooo organized.* She tells the funniest stories, and she married the tallest man I've ever met.

*you have to be with six kids under seven.

She is Scrat. We don't know why. She makes Scrat-like faces.

Regina's a nut. She's also a sweetheart, and sometimes she's a sassy little stinker. She makes me want to be a nicer person.

She is Rapunzel.

Kat is a cat. She can either be grumpy cat, or an LOLcat, and there is generally no in between. We get a long rather well. 


Amy's my bestest friend and stuff. When we get together there is usually mass hysteria, while I judge people and she tells me to behave.*

*I don't.

She is Sid.

Hello. This is me. I'm a giant geek, and I draw stuff.

I'm hilarious.

Bella is outgoing. And this bewilders me, because the rest of us are introverts. She's the one who can make me fangirl like an idiot, and when it comes to being an obsessive fangirl... oooh, Bella takes the crown. 

She is Ben the Robot, and it's hilarious.

Tiny* is basically Bella's shadow. My relationship with her is either I will kill you if you look at me oooor I will help you hide the body. There is no middle ground.

*Christina's the name. We call her Tiny. I don't even know why anymore.

She is a minion.

Annie is that one kid who is really tough, but she's also really prissy, and it's a weird combo. 

Annie is this gif of Hiccup.

Cinta* lives in her own world and it can be disturbing to watch.**

*Technically she's Jacinta, but that takes a long time to say.
**I'm sure she'll grow out of it.

She is Spike, and she hates it, but it's true.

Chloe and Sam are Joey's girls, but they've morphed into the family. They're princesses and I will kill you if you hurt them.

They are Twilight and Pinkie, respectively.

And that about wraps it up. I'd do the adopted siblings too... (Sammi, Jack, and Angela...) But... I'm not gonna. HA. 

For your consideration, here is a giant family picture that we took for my parent's 35th anniversary, in early September 2013. There's more kids now.

How many siblings do you have?
Did you already know how many people were in my family?
Do you think we all look that much alike? (apparently people can tell at a glance that we're DeLallos... that's weird.)
And finally, which gif is your favorite?


  1. How many siblings do you have? I'm number 1 outta 6.
    Did you already know how many people were in my family? I had a vague idea, I knew you only had one brother, but I thought maybe 5 sisters not 9 lol
    Do you think we all look that much alike? (apparently people can tell at a glance that we're DeLallos... that's weird.) I think it's because you all have dark hair. Your facial features aren't necessarily similar, but your dark hair and the way you all cut it is similar.
    And finally, which gif is your favorite? Kat's gif was definitely my fave.

    1. Weeell you have a pretty pig family tooo.
      Haha, most people only think there's five of us, that's weird lol.
      Kat's is my favorite, too, I think. She's so funny. XD

  2. You've been needing to do this post for like four years. Christinaaa, I see now. I've been wracking my brain for about (however long I've been reading this blog...years) as to what Tiny's full name was. I could have asked, but I guess I just didn't feel like it. :)

    So yes. thank you. I greatly appreciate this post. That's all. Toodle-loo!

    1. I've only been blogging for three! lol. But yeah, it was a long time coming.
      Yes, Christina/Tiny confuses a lot of people. You should have just asked, weirdo. lol.

      Welcome, indeed, XD BAAAIIII

  3. My favorite gif is the Hiccup one, because I can totally see Annie doing that. Just by seeing her picture. XD

    You definitely have a strong familial resemblance to each other.

    I didn't.

    I have a meager four--three brothers and one sister.

    I answer lines of questions backwards sometimes. Thank you for this post; it was fab and it made me laugh.

    (Particularly the first picture with the unbelievable amount of grilled chicken and your dad's innocent look as he holds a questionable beverage in a Star Trek glass. Priceless.)

    1. Hiccup's gif is SO Annie, it's perfect. lol. (Annie is adorable.)

      Yes, so I've heard. -_-

      Go figure.

      Phbbbth that's pitiful. (It's actually not bad, but whatever.)

      I don't care, thank you for answering. XD Did it realy make you laugh!?

      It's not a questionable beverage, it's a highball, and it's delicious lol. But now that you mention the chicken, that is funny. Ehe. And aw yeah, STAR TREK

  4. Oh my goodness there are no words to describe how much I love this post. <3 I LOVE YOU ALL DELALLOS! YOU ARE AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!! *wipes tear* I love big families.

    And I really, really love your family.

    And I really love you.


    And now I know what order you all are in. If I can remember. XD

    SIBLINGS: Not enough. I only have four siblings and I'm plop in da middle. Adopted siblings, though............ ;-) Also, can I count your entire family as adopted siblings so I feel like I am part of a like TRIBE????? ;-D

    I already knew you had nine sisters and one brother (that I steal). And I knew you had nieces and nephews but I didn't have a number on them. And I knew you had a bazillion cousins and I was jelly because I only have four and they're all younger than 13.

    Yeah you all look totally alike. If I ever see a DeLallo on the street I will KNOW. But it's okay because you're all adorable.

    Favorite gif.... Ben and Baymax. XD I can't decide and they both start with Bs so I can say both. ;-D

    BUT MAN THIS POST. *treasures it* Is it creepy how much I love it?

    'Nother question. If Jess and I do a road trip this fall can we come visit????

    Kay I'm done fangirling over your family.

    At least publicly. ;-)

    1. I love big families too. Don't cry. *throws chocolate at you*

      I mostly love my family. (KIDDING I love them a lot.)

      I love you too.

      You know how long it took me to find all those pictures?! AGES.

      Memorize it. DARE YOU lol!

      SIBLINGS! A pitiful family of five. lol. Actually that's good though, that's bigger than most. Adopted siblings work too. But yeah, you can totally adopt us, go for it. XD ARE YOU SAYING WE'RE TRIBE?! okay. XD

      Good for you, knowing how many of us there were. (no you can't steal him. MINE.) Yeah, we have a bunch of nieces and nephew. I don't even know how many second and third cousins we have. o_O But at least you know your cousins, we see ours once every 5 years or so.

      We do? Hmmm. I don't really see it. But thank you, we are adorable. XD

      Yeah, they're funny gifs. Bella is SOOOO Ben.

      nah, I'm not creeped out, I know you.

      YESSSSSSSSSSSS. YES YES. But I will warn you. Our flat has one bedroom. Sooo. As long as you don't mind sleeping on the floor or something. XD

      Okay, liar.

      Baaaaiiii. XD

  5. I KNEW HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE IN YOUR FAMILY. Because I'm a crazy stalker (?) and yeah...probably should shut up now, but BAH. It's early. ANYWAY. You know there's 6 kids in ma family, but I'm the most awesome, clearly, and most of the others are old and weird. It's funny though because my siblings don't even LOOK related. I mean, we definitely do in baby pictures, but all of us just look so so different. Except for the time someone thought Mime and I were twins and I came very close to violence. (AHAHA I did not. But I was not impressed. I'M FOUR YEARS OLDER DARNIT.)

    Anyway this was highly amusing. x) And it's kind of awesome you have so many siblings. IT JUST IS. Amy is epic, clearly, but I suppose you take the crown for pure fabulousness? Yes? yes. I'm going to have 6 nieces/nephews by the end of the year (!!!)

    1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY YOU'RE AWESOME. And not a crazy stalker, you just absorb knowledge.

      I did know that, because I too am a crazy stalker.... and yeah *obviously* you're the most awesome. I mean, duuuuh. But know, I've seen pictures of your siblings, and I think there's definitely a family resemblance between the lot of you. HA Amy gets irritated when people think we're twins too. She's four years older than me. XD

      Ehe, I try, I try. It is kind of awesome, and none of us hate each other, which is novel. Amy really is, I love her. lol. (but yeah, I'm the most fabulous of the family, I'm that awesome.) WWEEEEEEE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Hi Treskie's family! *waves aggressively* Thanks for the introduction! It was a grand idea. I was randomly wondering about your family the other day after you posted that your brother bought that gigantic set of markers for you. Obviously he's awesome (I need a brother that will buy me epic stuff like craft supplies and a car! But alas, I'm the oldest in our family, and the one most expected to GIVE fabulous presents... *weeps*), but I found myself thinking about the rest of your siblings that don't make it onto your blog as often Kat, Amy, and Bella. I had a rough idea that you had lots of sisters, but know I KNOW. My (possibly creepy) curiosity has been satisfied. You do look alike. Very, very much alike. :) My family gets that a lot too - we're apparently a group of tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, clones. ;) I have three younger brothers (20, 16, and 10) and two younger sisters (13 and 7). I love big (and sort of bigish) families - they totally remove the option of boredom. :D

    1. Hiiii Tayler! lol

      I'm glad it went over well, I had some reservations. XD Hahaha, that's funny that you were thinking about it and then BOOM I POSTED. *psychic waves* (He really is. XD) WELL THAT SUCKS THAT YOU'RE THE OLDEST, DO YOU HAVE A BENEVOLENT UNCLE!?

      Haha, yeah, I have favorites that I hang out with the most and post the most often. The others don't get the limelight as much. You're curiosity is not creepy. XD

      I know some of us look more like each other than the others. It's odd.... Well you and .... Trinity? (the one on pinterest) look similar in your pictures. Tall, blond, and blue eyed, YOU GUYS ARE LIKE THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF US! We're short, dark hair, and we all have brown eyes. XD

      Niiice you have a big family too! Big families do remove the option of boredom.... also privacy, but oh well. XD

  7. Wow. You have a big family. Mine is so small. I have two older brothers and a little sister. None of my siblings are married. And I only have 5 cousins.
    No, I didn't know you had such a big family. I knew there were a lot of you, but wow, there are a lot of you.
    And yes, you all look very alike.
    My favorite gif is Kat's. Yours is a very close second.

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. Yeah, we do. XD At least you have more than 3! WOOOOOO! XD Yeah, five cousins isn't a lot... hahaha.

      Not a lot of people realized how big it was. Ehehe you sound shocked.

      I figured we did. XD

      KAT'S GIF IS PERFECT. So is mine. I am that fabulous.

  8. I totally thought I commented on this post but obviously I was wrong.

    Compared to most "OUTGOING" people I am introverted.






    1. Yes, obviously lol.

      No you're not introverted.

      a;slfdkja;lsdkfja;lskdfjalskfdj asme too.



      I KNOW.



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