Friday, April 10, 2015

This is late and I'm ashamed


It's been a freaking long time since I bothered everyone with how annoying I am. Har. I don't even have the excuse of no WiFi anymore.

I'm just lazy.

So how do you feel about a catch up post, yeah? And from now on I shall post more than once a week!

 HAPPY EASTER!!!!! He is Risen! *dances because Lent is over* (Actually, I really like Lent, it's good for me. But I like food and Lent cuts out a lot of food.)

We wanted to make it a really fun Easter, so we older girls went out and got a bunch of candy and plastic eggs and extra Easter baskets, and then we decided to make Ravioli from scratch. We normally buy it and make our own sauce. But this year, we thought we ought to be really Italian and make everything.

So we started preparations on Thursday evening because we all work. We got so much chocolate, and so many fun things to stuff Easter baskets with. (We got a lot because A.) We never get enough chocolate in our baskets to satisfy us, and B.) we had fifteen baskets to fill, okay?)

Kat and me

And we split up. Two of us piled baskets full of yummies and pressies, while the other two started working on ravioli filling. (As an aside, please don't ever say raviolis, in Italian, "i" at the end already makes stuff plural. So ravioli is already plural, and adding an "s" to the end is redundant and annoying. Please don't do that.)

Meats, and onions, and spices and stuff, and then you put it all in a blender and turn it into paste. 

After that, we stopped for the evening, because it takes a long time to stuff that many baskets and make filling. (Also because we didn't particularly feel like working anymore so... yeah.)

The next day we made the dough for the ravioli, and started putting it all together. Let me just say, it takes for freaking ever to make ravioli by hand, guys. We didn't finish until late.

You need to roll it really flat, and then fold it over and roll it out and fold it over and roll it out.... I forget how many times. In the voice of Treebeard: A huuuuge number.

And ravioli dough is very tough so that it doesn't fall apart when you boil it, which makes it difficult to roll out. (By difficult, I mean, IT WAS A GIANT WORKOUT.)

It took so long though, lots of hysteria ensued before the night ended. I think we filled up three or four cookie trays with delicious food.

We went down to Easter Vigil for the first time in ages. (It's kind of like Midnight Mass, but for Easter. It's a bit longer, but so worth it) Because of how far away the church is from where we live, we didn't get home until almost four in the morning.

We girls who've moved out had a small breakfast at Amy and Mahri's house, with coffee and French toast and fruit salad.

A little after noon, everyone met at the parent's house (home base, I like to call it.) for basket finding and dinner.

I think Mother Nature is a bit confused though, because we did not get snow for Christmas but we had some for Easter. (yay)

We had drinks and appetizers and visited.

Amy made this beautiful arrangement for the dinner table...

And we basically had a really relaxed, laid back Easter Sunday.

Bella was right next to the window, which is why she looks like a ghost.

The ravioli was delicious, in case you were wondering. We were a bit nervous because it was the first time we'd ever made it, but I think it was a success.


It was a really beautiful Easter.

So what did you do for Easter? Anything special? Did you try something new? (Do you make the mistake of calling them raviolis?) 

Let me know in the comments, because I'm nosy...



  1. Hey-o! Good to see you around again! Your Easter and ravioli both sound fantassssstiiccc!!! Yum, yum! I love ravioli. I love all those pics too! So cute.

    My Easter was loverly too...had my Uncle/Aunt/cousins who live in a far away state visiting. Had church, which was lovely, and helped out in the nursery for the later service, which was also lovely because I love babies so much. We ate like basically a Thanksgiving dinner! It was delish. Relaxed and laid back. How I like it.

    1. OLLO I SEE YOU CHANGED YOUR PROFILE PIC. ehehe. Of course it was fantastic. WE made it. (phhbbt.)

      Aww your easter sounds amazing! I Love babies too, so the idea of looking after a bunch of them sounds rather blissful.
      Thanksgiving for Easter? *judges you* XD

  2. I never considered calling them raviolis until now, but I will most certainly do so in the future. It'll make up for your country music comment.

    Our Easter was fab and it didn't even snow one snowflake (it usually snows which is lame). I'm sure Hannah will tell you all about it.

    1. Hey, I stand by my country music comment! (But hey, you can say raviolis if you want, it's up to you to sound like a fool.... KIDDING! IT'S WHATEVER!)

      I'm sure she will IF SHE'S EVER ON CHAT AGAIN. I'm glad you had a good Easter.

  3. AWWWW. THIS LOOKS AMAZING. YAY AND HAPPY (well belated) EASTER!! And yum. 0_0 It's been years since I had ravioli and I don't think we've EVER made it from scratch. heeh. We make spaghetti from scratch and the sauce so that's awesome. AND DELICIOUS. Zomg though so much work and then everyone eats it in like one sitting. -_-

    Pfft, I'm sure Bella is actually a ghost.

    1. AWWW IT REALLY WAS QUITE DELICIOUSLY AWESOME. And happy belated Easter to you tooo.

      It's a lot of work to make it from scratch. (And it's really expensive to buy) so we don't have it a lot, usually just for special occasions. BUT IT WAS AMAZING. And we did have a lot of it in one sitting.

      She probably is. I'm gonna have to salt and burn that child.

  4. Ooooh, LILACS! They is preeeeetttty.

    I've been trying to cook more from scratch. Never made ravioli before though. AND I've NEVER called it raviolis, I mean c'mon, I'm Italian for pete's sake! :) It looked (I'm using past tense because I assume it's all gone by now) amazing. Good job :)

    Taking charge of the Easter baskets, huh? Looks like you guys were immersed in Easter goodness! I'm still working on my Easter stash :)

    Amy did a great job with the flower arrangement! It looks bee-utiful.

    Sooo, not to be nosy or anything buuuut the books behind your super awesome Doctor Who mug....are two of them by chance The Flower Fairies Journal and a Nancy Drew journal/guide? Just curious...

    If that doesn't prove my bookworminess then I don't know what does :D

    Glad you had a lovely Easter :)

    1. I love lilacs!

      Cooking from scratch is my most favorite. I love it a lot. (thank you for not calling them raviolis. Drives me nuts, that.) Using past tense is good, because they're definitely gone now lol. (And they were delish)


      Awww thanks, I'll let her know. XD

      Omg, I can't believe you noticed that! And yeah they are! Wow. lol, The flower fairies journal was what made me want to be a fairy hunter.

      It proves it. XD


    2. Me too :) Lilacs aren't blooming yet around here. *sad face* Soon though!

      CANDY IS AWESOME! Though for some reason it always runs out...

      Haha yeah, I'm observant like that :P I also own the Flower Fairies journal so I'm used to seeing it :D I LOVE IT. I love anything by Cicely Mary Barker. It IS a great inspiration for potential fairy hunters!
      The Nancy Drew guide I almost bought awhile back, but I've flipped through it and seen it enough to recognize it. I was obsessed with Nancy Drew books at one point in my life. I still love them :)

      Yeeeeah...I'm totally a book nerd.


      I love the Flower Fairies journal, it's so clever. And yeah, Cicely Mary Barker does some of my favorite fairies. XD
      I liked the Hardy Boys better than Nancy drew though. XD

  5. Hey-dee-howdy-hey!


    I'm Hannah's friend who likes My Little Pony (unless she has some other friend that I don't know about XDDD) and I love your blog soooo very much!

    I don't really know what else to say except that I want some ravioli.... HOME-MADE ARE YOU KIDDING ME WHAT EVEN.

    So yup, you're awesome, and such.


      OH HELLO. did you like my versions of he ponies????? XD XD

      Yeah, you want our ravioli. IT"S THAT GOOD. lol. It was yummeh.

      Thank you. You are too. And such.


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