Wednesday, June 3, 2015


It's been a while since I've done one of these.

Well, what can I say? My life is boring.

And I'm okay with that, because whenever my life starts to get less boring, I get very tired and quite stressed, because A.) less boring usually means more people, and dealing with people exhausts me. And B.) Being exhausted and dealing with people stresses me out.

Boring is so much better.


Le Five Randoms Facts:

1.) It's finally getting sunny and warm here, which means our trees are finally getting leaves, and our lilacs have bloomed. WOOOOOO!

2.) My best friend graduated, and I helped her decorate the cap because I'm awesome that way. (And so modest too.)

3.) We went to Barnes&Noble and I bought this book called 500 Drawing Prompts and it makes me very happy. Supernatural, season 3 was also on sale, so I totally bought that too, because basically Sam and Dean are my most favorite.

While we were driving home from Reno, at 75mph, the back right tire on Jarvis exploded. We didn't just get a flat, the tire blew. I mean smoke and everything, it was very exciting! Luckily there was a guy behind us who was either a retired cop, or a highway patrolman, and he helped us change the tire.

After this, I informed our mechanic that he has got to teach me how to do it myself, because I "know" what to do, but I don't know what to do, you know what I mean?

4.) I've been watching Gilmore Girls. Hurhur. I really like it! It's funny, it's sweet, it's the fasted-paced dialogue I've ever heard, and the sarcasm in it is fabulous. It's pretty clean too, so far, and I'm really enjoying it. I have one or too irritations with it, but overall, it's really fun.

5.) The other day, I was driving along with my sister, and as we passed by the lake, this inadvertent, "Wow." came out. I mean, the lake was so beautiful, and so lovely, I couldn't really help myself. And I just thought how lucky I am to live somewhere like this, where I can drive by something I see almost every day, and it still is so insanely pretty that I can't help but be astonished at how gorgeous it is.

5.) The Ren Faire is in town again this weekend, so we, and a few friends, have decided to go and make a day of it. Because we're the kind of people who don't really plan ahead, one of the friends is coming up today to see if we can slap together some sort of costume. I think we might be doing something Doctor Who-ish (because he's a time-traveler, see.) Or Steampunky, or just generally old. It's all very slap-dash and spur of the moment, but I'm excited. :) There's going to be jousting!  And it's going to make me feel like picking up a sword and stabbing someone! *dances*

Aaaand that is all my news at the moment. Like I said, my life is boring.

And I'm in a drawing funk. *Angry Treskie noises*

Alright, I'm out. Bai!


  1. Lifey posts are fun! :D You call you car Jarvis? THAT IS AWWEEEESSSOOOMMMMEEE. Like, no kidding; my family just refer to our cars by the size, "Big, small, and tiny." Like, my family will be going out for errands and then when I ask which car we're using, my family says, "The small one!" It's very unrealistic.

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. There's JOUSTING in your Ren Faire? No fair! :P

    1. Ehehehe, thank you. ;) We do, because he's gold and shiny and fabulous. lol. XD With the other cars, we basically just call them their names, the van, the suburban.... That's awesome the way you refer to your cars though. I LIKE.


    2. YOUR CAR IS GOLD, SHINY AND FABULOUS???? ASDKAFIOEAFOEA. <--- *insert gibberish here* Hehe. ^.^
      The cars my family has are pretty much all gray.... thus the reason for size name calling. (I'm so glad that you like the size name calling XDDD).



      mmm I don't. lol It looks frightening. XD

  2. I like these sorts of posts. They should happen more often. *nod nod*

    1. I like them too, but see, I use up all my news in them, and then I need to wait for news to build up again. lol.

  3. AHHHHH the Ren Faire. XD That was a fun outing. Like, it's only fun if you have friends who will do dumb stuff with you and be dumb and lovely and wonderful. XD But I enjoyed because of all of the above reasons.

    Anyway, wow. JARVIS BLEW UP. :-O poor baby. At least it's an easy fix. And at least you had that nice man to help you. I'm right with you--I know how to do it, but I don't know know. XD

    Headed off to High School Camp for the weekend! So excited. :-D

    1. AAAAAAAAAAAAH IS RIGHT. Because Renaissance. (SQUEE I SPELLED IT RIGHT THE FIRST TRY WOO) ehm. Yeah, well, it's going to be all of us older girls and probably three friends, so it'll be a group full of pirate ladies and steampunk ladies. And Bella and Tiny might possibly go as Merlin and Arthur. XD

      YEAH HE TOTALLY DID, I THINK ULTRON GOT TO HIM. God always makes sure there's a nice man to help us. We've had cars die in the middle of the road and it's like BOOM nice guy appears. I believe the nice guys are the guardian angels, but I have no proof. lol.

      WOOT! Let me know how it goes!

  4. Your life sounds pretty exciting actually. Man, that tire is DESTROYED.
    I think I'll have to start watching Gilmore Girls due to all these recommendations. Especially since you like Supernatural too, so I can trust that your taste in tv shows might suit mine too. xD

    1. That's all the news in my life for this week, last week, and next week. My life is deadly dull. lol. :)

      Yeah, it's fun. Sometimes the Gilmore ladies irritate me because of their choices but whatever. XD Eheeee, Supernatural. *cough* GG isn't like that, but it's still good. XD

  5. Oh my gosh!! I am so relived you and your family are safe! That must have been scary when the tire popped.! And I love Gilmore Girls too! I have all the seasons, but the thing is, I hate that they swear a lot. It's like the writer must be atheist because the characters do that a lot. There will be some inappropriate scenes if you haven't seen them already. I usually just fast forward it to skip it.

    Here is a drawing prompt: draw a girl kicking someone's butt.
    LOL!! Just kidding! Have a great day Treskie. :)

    1. Yeah, me too, could have been worse. XD

      Yeah I know, they do swear a bit, which is frustrating, but my mind blocks it so I forget about it lol. Thanks for the heads up on the scenes, though. I shall keep my fast forward button ready. XD

      Yeeaaah, no. lol.
      You too. XD

    2. :O Thanks to God you and your family are safe.

      You are so welcome! Yeah, it frustrates me too when they do that.


      Thanks. :)

  6. That lake picture! It's magnificent!

    Last minute trips are the best! The Ren Faire sounds like so much fun. Sometimes the Scarborough Fair comes close to us. I always hear about it, but I've never gotten the chance to go. One day though.

    1. INNIT PURTY!??

      They are. lol Ren Faires really are super fun, especially when you're going with fun people. OOH what's the Scarborough Faire?? LIKE THE SONG? You should go.

  7. I agree, though, boring is GOOD. Boring is not stressful. And boring is calm and somewhat controlled. *nods like a crazy psychotic control freak* SO YEAH. I HEAR YA. But that tyre blowing is a bit intense. WOOOO. I don't know how to change a tyre...or fill the petrol or like, um, anything. I can drive it THAT BE ABOUT IT. *cringes* I'm really shocking tbh. My head is in the clouds thinking up dragon stories instead but aaaanyway. That lake is beautiful.

    1. Boring is my most favoritest of all things lol. YES I LOVE FEELING IN CONTROL! THE BEST!

      Lol it amuses me that in Australia you spell Tire like Tyre. What's with that? WOOOO SO EXCITING THOUGH! lol. .... Okay, so I can at least fill mah car up with gas. Shame on you, not knowing that lol. XD I didn't learn until I had to do it for my job, so there's that. lol.
      It is, be jealous.

  8. That tire is the scariest thing I've ever seen!!! I'm not sure what I would've done in that situation.... sounds you handled it very calmly. Also the fact that you had someone right behind you to help fix it definitely helps! :D
    I echo Morning; I love life posts! And even though you say it's boring, I happen to find your update very entertaining, burst tires and all!

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings

    1. It was scary! lol. Luckily there were a couple of us there, so we were able to share the stress. XD Right? I love how God takes care of us. XD

      Hahaha, okay, I'll try to do more life posts. (my lift IS boring though, that's all the news for a good three weeks, so....) Haha, okay. BAAII.


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