Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Faire

So the Ren Faire was a success, I think. Oh you know, it was a little bit corny, and a little bit silly, but we had fun, so I still say success.

We showed up in large groups, because there's a lot of us, and almost everyone in the family came, including a few friends, so.... lots of girls, man.

I didn't take very many pictures because I know my cellphone camera leaves a lot to be desired, quality-wise. (I was also really busy and forgot rather frequently.)

I was a pirate, because because pirates costumes are easy to throw together. Amy put this scarf in my hair last minute and I think it completed my look. BOOM TISS.

I should have stood with my left side to the camera. You could have seen my epic sash better.

So we meandered around and looked at the little shops that were set up.... we tried on hats:

And masks:

At one point Queen Elizabeth I and her court came regally by. But, since we like Mary Queen of Scots, and since Elizabeth totally stole the crown from her, we declined to bow. We're rebellious that way.

We played with swords.

We found the Doctor. 

He was extremely nice and let lots of people pose with him. (Even though he was probably busy saving the world from the robots of Sherwood or something.)

This really nice glassblower blew a tiny wineglass for us, because we asked. Trina bought it because it was adorable and tiny. I purchased a bud vase, and it makes me very happy.

There was jousting, which was fun. But the announcer was annoying, so it dampened the fun somewhat.

We took shameless selfies. 

And bought freshly squeezed lemonade, because it was hot and we were thirsty. 
We don't know what scared Cinta, but she is alarmed.

We listened to a bard tell a story about how Jack O'Lanterns came to be. He's quite a good story teller, and he inserted some Firefly references which I snortled over.

We found the Doctor's TARDIS, and since you couldn't get much cooler than that, we decided to call it a day!

It was really nice, and I'm pretty sure I got a mild case of sunstroke, but whatever. Overall, much enjoyment was had by all.

Mkay, I must go, I have things to do and probably stress over.

Treskie out.


  1. That is so cool! I love the scarf in your hair. It goes very nicely with the pirate theme. :)

    The swords sound awesome! I love swords. :) The storytelling too.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I liked the scarf too, it was fun. XD

      Swords are the best, especially when they've seen battle and haven't broken. XD

  2. The TARDIS made my day. XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. It make ours too. Because TARDIS. lol.


  3. Agh! So good. I adore your costume. STYLIN'! All of you look great. And looks like it was so much fun! I only wish I could have been there....

    1. Thanksssssssss! The costumes were very last minute, we pretty much used what we had. XD Thank you! lol, I shall spread the word. You would have liked it, it was corny and fun, and Renaissance-y.

  4. I love your outfit, and the scarf on your hair adds a great touch to the theme. I'm so glad you and your family had fun...except for the sunstroke. I didn't know that in Renessaince times they had blow torches... :P

    Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you! hahaha, I thought so. lol. (I was being sarcastic when I mentioned sunstroke, I didn't get it that bad, lol.) ANd shhhhhhh, we don't mention the blow torch. *whispers* it ruins the facade.

      you're welcome!

    2. Hahhahahaha, no worries **zips lips** :)

  5. Aw so cool! Looks super fun! Thanks for sharing. I love how your blog is designed and personalised. How did you do that? Someone I know just started a blog and we are trying to change the look of it:P Btw awesome about the glassblowing!!

    1. It was! hahaha. You're welcome.

      Ehh, I played around with the settings in blogger, and made my own header on picmonkey. Go to blogger home, and next to the orange "new post" button, there should be a drop down menu. Click on it, and then hit the template option. (That brings you do a different page.) There should be a picture of your friend's blog with the title "Live on blog" underneath it, it says "Customize" click that. It'll bring up a new page called "blogger template designer" and if you click on the "Advanced" option, that let's you play around with colors and fonts and designs, so... go nuts! That help? Baaaai.

  6. SO MUCH FUN AND CUTENESS AND EPIC SELFIES. Also swords and pirates are awesome, that is all.

    1. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHT? ('cept only one epic selfie XD) And yeah they totally are. Do they have Ren Faires in AU?

  7. Replies
    1. Jack knew that you'd be safer in the car, where the evil queen couldn't get you.

  8. Thank you! Yes totally seems like it will help!!:)


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