Saturday, May 28, 2016

Picture Saturday-- May {3} + Inside Out

Three things:

1.) I'm going to to a life-since-March post sometimes next week.

2.) I watched Inside Out FINALLY! It was so good! I cried and smacked Amanda and it was great fun.

3.) I sunburned the crap out of my shoulder. And tomorrow, a big group of us are going to the lake to hang out and do fun things like read and draw and bask in the awesomeness of the outdoors. It's going to be delicious.

Anyway, again, I lacked the muse this week a bit, so I don't have a lot to post, but what I did draw, I like.

So yeah.

1.) The brown toned paper makes me want to draw couples, AND I DON'T KNOW WHY.

2.) I have like 4 sketches in my grey toned sketch book that I'm not posting yet, BUT THEY'RE MOSTLY AVENGERS FANART. And I'll finish them next week. Until then, here, have some Sadness.

3.) Also, Joy, cause REASONS.


5.) Random doodle at singing class.

6.) Amy's singing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again for one of her solos and it sounds gooood.

7.) Sometimes Kate drinks coffee and judges the boys.

SO that's what I drew.

Mad skillz. lol.

Question Time!
Overall best? 
Favorite colored?
Favorite black and white?
Do you prefer Joy or Sadness?

Alrighty, ladies!
I love you all. 


  1. "so I don't have a lot to post, but what I did draw, I like."
    I draws what I likes, and I likes what I drew....I'm sorry, I just had to sing that.
    I don't care if you have just a few, I like them too.

    Overall best? -#7. Coffee and judging people. Heh heh.
    Favorite colored? -#4.
    Favorite black and white? -Aside from #7, #1 (or is that black, white, and brown?)
    Do you prefer Joy or Sadness?- I haven't seen this one either. (You were expecting that answer, weren't you?) But this is one of the few films I do want to see! From the little bits I know, I think I relate to Sadness (my nickname IS blue, after all). But I understand the importance of Joy. (Ecclesiastes 3:4)

    1. Hahahaha oh my gosh, Blue lol.

      Cause coffee time is the best time to judge lol.
      That one's mine too.
      (I think that one counts as black and white....)
      I actually was lol. Actually, the movie does a really good job showing how without sadness you can't experience true joy and that is just such a good message, ya feel me? But yeah, I think Pixar kind of outdid themselves with that one...

  2. I love "Random doodle at singing class" guy! He's super adorbs...

    Also, Sadness!!! She's awesome. Every time my sister draws or paints her, I do a little jig. ;) I'm loving the grey-toned paper, and I can't wait to see your Avengers fanart!

    1. Hahaha my mom said the exact same thing!

      Poor li'l Sadness. I relate to her soo much. lol. I love the grey tone. White shows up so pretty on it. :)

  3. Aw! Inside Out! I like that movie. have you seen The Good Dinosaur? :)

    1. Me too! Eeeh no. Sometimes I fall behind on the new movies lol.

    2. You should see it. It's really cute. Finding Dory is coming out next month I believe. :) Don't worry, I never know when most of the new movies come out either, but I do stay up to date with Pixar. Heheh.

    3. I'm planning to! (I KNOW, FINDING DORY LOOKS SO CUTE.)

      I'm that way with the Marvel movies... Ugh, I wish movie tickets weren't so pricey. lol.

    4. I know, right?! It's like I'm no legally an adult until I'm eighteen, but by the time you're twelve you're an adult to the movie theaters! That just seems a bit unfair...

  4. OH MY GOOOSH THESE ARE ALL SO ADORABLE. I think my favorite would have to be either #1 or #7...Kate's judgmental expression is my favorite thing. :D ALSO. SADNESS AND JOY ARE SO GOSH DARN CUTE.

    1. G'AAAAAAAAAAAAW THANK YOU. XD (I Think #1 is my favorite cause their faces are good, and his posture is on point lol.)
      My younger sisters were like, "TERESA THAT JUDGY FACE IS YOUR GO-TO DRAWING EXPRESSION. And I was like... "Lies! Oh wait."


  5. Ugh. Your drawings are soooo good. Can you please draw my life?

    And also, I sunburned my neck really bad. Owieeee. I feel your pain.

    Overall best? I really like that first Sadness one. :-)

    Favorite colored? Sadness, obvi.

    Favorite black and white? The one of Kate is adorable.

    Do you prefer Joy or Sadness? In the movie or in real life? XD I do relate to Sadness to a degree. But both togetherrrr. <3

    1. lol Fanks! (That's overwhelming, to draw someone's life, though. LIKE ARGH!)

      It's so bad though, like people touch my shoulder and I'm like, "NO TOUCHY. I HAVE OUCH."

      I quite adore Sadness. lol.

      Kate herself is totes adorbs. I aspire to be Kate. lol.


  6. I didn't quite like 'inside out' like most people but I really the various personalities, though I can't say I like them all that much either but I do like their looks, they're just so adorable, especially Joy and Sadness and strangely I can't seem to remember any other characters...

    great drawings of Sadness, I guess I gravitate toward anything that is blue...

    have a lovely day.

    1. Oh I get that. I had the same feeling with Frozen. It was good, but it wasn't GOOD, and I was expecting way more because of all the hype so.... Yeah. The various personalities had such bright looks I wanted to draw THEM ALL. lol.

      Same.... Thank you XD

      You too!

  7. I think my favorite is #7. Her face! XD YES!

    Also, the POTO one. Yay!

    My fav color one though is the first one of Sadness. I've not seen the movie, but I think I'd probably like Sadness too.

    Really, really love that Dano gif. I know I already said sometime. But Dano is the best.

    1. Her "JUDGING YOU" face? lol.


      You should. I don't think it's AS GOOD as people make it out to be, but it's Pixar, so it's golden.... and it has a really good message of not being able to experience true happiness without a little sadness, and I think that's lovely. But yeah. BING BONG.

      Dano really is the best. He's so frikken Jersey. I think I gravitate towards personalities like that lol.

  8. Aw, the Sadness drawing is so cute, I want to give it a hug XD really nice as usual! the colors look really pretty.

    1. I love Sadness lol. SHE LOOKS HUGGABLE! lol. Thank you so much!

  9. Hi, Treskie. I'm a stranger to you, and have been following your blog for awhile through the Old Reader. I may have found you through Marlene Schuler's blog, A Touch of Whimsy, or her other blog Charlie and Me. Anyways, it was a very long time ago, so I don't really remember. I found her, though a homeschool writing website I'm part of, as she is a member there.

    Anyways, just wanted to drop by. Today I was just attempting to draw, and just thought of how graceful and expressive all your characters are. I love your picture Saturdays, and think it is really cool how you take time to diligently keep producing pictures. I dance ballet, and have always tried to draw the ballet fingers and leaps and attitudes (you should google that to see the move I mean), but I have always FAILED. But I always admire accurate ballet drawings, and just wanted to ask if you could draw some. :)
    Okay, I know it might be strange since I'm a total stranger, but even if you never get to it (or don't want to) I just wanted to tell you your drawings are beautiful. Love especially the poofy hair and dresses you can draw, and the story behind the pictures. You seem like an inspiring lady!

    1. Hey, Megan! No worries if you've never really said anything before, I treat everyone like we've been best friend forever on here. SO HAI AND WELCOME. (Also, I love Marlene, she's gold)

      Aw you like to draw? That's awesome! (Don't feel bad if you can't get your art to flow, that's one of the hardest things to master, and it's taken me *years* to get to the point where they don't look like mannequins.) But ooooooh I love drawing ballet, and I'll absolutely see what I can do. *Casually googles leaps and attitudes* OOOH IS THAT WHAT THAT POSITION IS CALLED?? COOL.

      But wow, thank you for liking my drawings, it makes me so happy when people like my art. XD Thanks for coming by!

  10. Inside Out is *really* good. I felt that Brave and Cars 2 just weren't up to the usual Pixar depth in storytelling, but Inside Out definitely was.

    #1--Love the pose and expressions and details! Such a cute couple. (The guy looks as though he's telling a story about a time he refused to ask for directions and ended up on an accidental city sightseeing trip. :-) )

    #2-SADNESS LOOKS AWESOME! Wait, that sounded weird. :-) Nice colors and details--the grey paper really suits that character. Favorite colored!

    #3--Awesome depiction of Joy as well! The curly text adds a nice touch.

    #4--I like the angle of the face for some reason, the fact that she's looking directly at the viewer.

    #5--Wow, that doodle turned out well! I like the curly hair.

    #6--Love the curls here and the long, flow-y fabric. (And how neat that your sister has a Phantom song for her solo!)

    #7--Love Kate's pose. And expression. And bare feet. And coffee cup. Really, the whole picture. That is definitely your best--and my favorite black-and-white.

    Hmm, Joy or Sadness...sadness does help you learn compassion, but you also don't want to behave like Eeyore all the time. And Joy can be a huge help to you and others, but I remember, upon my first viewing of the film, thinking, "Okay, Joy needs a reality check." :-) I can't really prefer one above the other.

    Did you have fun on your lake outing? It sounds like fun!

    1. I didn't really think either of the Cars movies were that great... But I did like Brave a lot, and I dunno, it could just be that I know Scotland, and I've been to Scotland, and it was so perfectly *Scottish* that I was like, "AW YISS." But i've always understood why people thought it wasn't that great.... (Although, I did appreciate how it showed that Merida, even though she was the heroine, was not right and she definitely got her come-uppance for being such a brat.)

      1.) Kay that couple made me so happy. They look so natural and comfortable and it delighted me. (AND even though I wasn't thinking accidental sightseeing trip, I was envisioning him telling an embarrassing story about himself lol.)

      2.) POOR LITTLE SADNESS AND HER SAD, SAD EYES. (But no, I knew what you meant, so not weird lol.)

      3.) Joy reminds me of my sister, and so she had to be all flamboyant.

      4.) *Dances* I wanted her to be looking at the viewer and THAT'S REALLY HARD TO DO, so yaaaaaaaay.

      5.) My mom was like, "Oh yes, wouldn't you like to date someone like that?" lol.. my mom is odd lol.

      6.) Christine is so easy for me to draw at this point. lol.

      7.) SO funny story, people are like, "OMG HANDS ARE SO HARD AAAAH" and... I've never thought they were that difficult, but WHAT THE HECK, how do barefeet even work, what's all that nonsense with toes? lol. So yeah, super tricky, and I was just happy that the feet looked like feet and not hands lol. But wow, thank you!

      Yeah, exactly, I loved how they showed that it's impossible to be happy all the time, and it's actually okay to be sad, and I was really upset when Joy got her reality check and started crying and then Bing Bong died and it was really sadddd.

      HA.HA.HA. lol It actually was fun, but there was a complication.... like one of us got really lost... and it was almost at the point where we were thinking of having to call search and rescue. BUT WE FOUND HER SO THAT WAS FUN. And then we watched Thor 2, which was also fun lol. XD


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