Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ordinary Life Adventures: Life since March

Is anyone else baffled by the fact that it's June?


I've been promising a life update post for ages now, and since this week was a bust, drawing wise, I'm going to take this time to edit pictures and actually keep that promise.

Let's see, since my last update...

I did some more visiting with my lovely sister and her family. Ugh, their kids are the cutest.

"Quick, make a funny face!"

Because when your niece wants to try on all the sunglasses, you let her, cause it's freaking adorable....

Sometimes the best things in the world are the silly little moments that aren't that special, but turn out to be the ones that mean the most, like.... when Jessica, my li'l Mono-Mono, wore her birthday crown upside down and helped make her own birthday cake....

Or when she was so delighted by her birthday balloon that she kept bouncing it up-and-down and giggling.

Or just.... all of these.

I know what you're thinking, and her nose was just itchy.

I drove all the way up to California from Montana with them, and it was great fun, despite almost sliding into a police officer and getting back pains from sitting too long. (Also, tickle fights with the driver is monstrous fun because the passenger (me), automatically has the advantage, and I love that.)

Maria and Tim are best buds and took loads of opportunities to show it.

My brother got married to the best of girls, and it's the first wedding I've been to where I actually had fun. I danced (twice!), and the crowd of us that sat at the same table were all a blast to be around, and it was kind of golden, that day.

Chloe and Sammi Toink were absolutely enchanted by baby Dominic and have decided that they want a baby brother ASAP.

Sometimes we teach our nieces and nephews a few things that could come in  handy later.

And other times we walk to the beach and frolic...

Sometimes we go out for sushi, and marvel at how much we like it.

Anyone else go to Civil War and marvel* at how well they portrayed both sides of the argument? Even if I'd wanted to, I couldn't have chosen a side, (and since I was aggressively Team Get Along, it was doubly hard.) and right now, I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE BROS AGAIN.

*See what I did there?

We went on a hike up by Fallen Leaf Lake and it was glorious. (Apart from a few... hiccups. *Looks accusingly at someone*)


Toink picked me flowers and it was the sweetest thing of ever.

It's been a tricky couple of weeks for me. We've got some stuff going on that's kind of overwhelming and I wasn't up to drawing. Which is unfortunate, because I have lots of inspiration for it, I'm just tired and unmotivated.

I've been getting in some sick hours at work, which is good, cause I'm kinda feeling broke-ish.

We went shooting again, which is most agreeable after a bad week, and I'm seriously considering buying a glock 19, cause it's fits my tiny hands, and it's good for concealed carry, and I want that. lol.

Sometimes the only thing that makes me feel better is listening to Il Volo sing.

Other times it's ice cream.

I'm going to be 21 in like two weeks, and this delights me. 

I feel like I was going to say something super poetic, or super funny, but I can't remember which, so here's a picture of Amy and I after successfully setting up a wedding.

Question Time!
What's the best thing that's happened to you since March?
Do you like sushi?
Do you normally have fun at weddings?
How are you even doing?

Love you all!



  1. Best thing since March...I TURNED 18 THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED. XD

    Idk if I like sushi, I've never had it because I'm allergic to most of the things in it hehe. But I wish I could eat sounds good.

    I LOVE WEDDINGS. WEDDINGS ARE AWESOME!!! One of my childhood friends just got married (on my b-day lol) and it was so much fun and so bittersweet and weddings gah....but your brother's wedding looked sooooo awesome and lovely. :D


    1. WOW HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND CONGRATULATIONS! You can get jury summonses now! lol.

      Haha, my sister has that same problem. (It's really good....)

      If all weddings were like my brother's then I would love them all. lol. But yeah, the only tears at Joe's wedding were happy ones, because everyone loves Jess lol.


  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! All the little kids are adorable!

    As for the questions...
    1) Not much has really been happening for me, so nothing really!
    2) I have actually never had sushi, so I cannot say.
    3) I have only been to three weddings in my whole life. The first and second ones I went to when I was really young, so I don't really remember them very well. But I went to one about a year ago and it was a ton of fun.
    4) I am doing pretty well, thanks for asking! :)

    Happy early birthday!

    1. It was. (I know, aren't they the cutest. Big families, man. Best.)

      1.) Aw... is that good or bad??
      2.) I hadn't really tried it until last year, and my brother knows the best kinds to order, so now I love it.
      3.) I've been to a few. Mostly they're stressful...
      4.) Good, good, glad to hear it!

      Thank you!

  3. All of the nieces and nephews and glorious people! They are so adorable! I love how you all get along to so well. You must have a great time together. :)

    I'm sorry things are kind of rough lately. You know you're feeling down when you don't have motivation to do even the things you like doing. I hope it gets better! Going shooting is awesome! And sushi is the best too. :D

    I rarely have fun at weddings too. They're just crowded and crazy. All of the people and the cheesy songs. I'm always happy for the married couple though. I just don't want to stay for half the reception. XD

    I guess the biggest thing with me is transferring colleges which means moving out of the house soon. Which is good, just big.

    Fun post!

    1. *Dances everywhere* Actually yeah, we're really blessed by the fact that we're all super close and we don't that 'between siblings' drama. WHICH IS SO NICE. But yeah, we have a great time.

      Yeah, I think it's starting to get better, but it's been a long couple of weeks. XD SHOOTING IS DELICIOUSLY LOUD. And sushi is just... *mouth waters*

      Right? It's like... So many people that you don't know, and there's so much socializing. Joe's reception had an end time at 6, which I think is a good idea, because it wraps up things nicely and you don't have to wait for everyone to leave lol.

      OOH THAT SOUNDS SCARY AND EXCITING. are you scared and excited??


  4. Awww, so much Small Human CUTENESS here!! *flails* The baby is adorable ahhhhh. :') And this looks FUN (although the overwhelming/stressful part of recently does not sound fun :( *sends you chocolate*) I DO LIKE SUSHI. But not, like, a lot. But provided it's fishless sushi, I won't say no. 😂

    1. UGH SMALL HUMANS ARE THE BEST. The baby is so baby and makes such baby like sounds. *dies*

      Thank you for the chocolate. It is greatly appreciated.

      I DIDN'T LIKE IT EITHER. (But apparently I was eating the wrong stuff before and now I like it lol)

  5. Lovely pictures, with all the kidlings, beaches- and is that a fragment of an old cabin?

    What's the best thing that's happened to you since March? - New job, I suppose. My cousins' plays (one in Lion King and one in Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat).
    Do you like sushi?- love sushi!
    Do you normally have fun at weddings?- they're nice...but not my idea of fun.
    How are you even doing?- Nothing new to report, ma'am.

    1. Thank you! lol... Actually it's the ruins of a great big house. The fireplace was front and back and we could see the outline of the whole framework. It must have been huge and gorgeous in its glory days.

      Mmm new jobs are good. Do you like it? Ooh plays are also good.


      Me too, usually it's like, "I'll go because I love you, but I'm leaving as soon as it's socially acceptable, and if I'm feeling overwhelmed, I might leave earlier than that."

      That's good.... Is that good?

    2. Yes, it's a good thing. It's fairly quiet around here. (I say as I wipe ash off my glasses and shake embers out of my hair)

  6. Treskieeeeeeee. Haiiii. I love your life posts because you have the cutest nieces and nephews everrrr. Crying for days.

    What's the best thing that's happened to you since March? High School Camp was this last weekend. Ugh. So good.

    Do you like sushi? Never tried it.

    Do you normally have fun at weddings? No. Jessika's probably would have been fun if I didn't bawl throughout the whole thing.

    How are you even doing? I AM DOING GOOD! God is good.

    1. HANNAAAAAAAH. Haha really? G'aaaaaaw. (Actually I knew that about my nieces and nephews. Such cute.)

      OOOOH do tell!

      Mmmm i wouldn't recommend trying it unless you go with someone who knows what to get and what to avoid. lol.

      Awww I know that feeling. *sends hugs*

      YAAAAAAAAAY. And yes, yes He really is.

  7. Your nieces and nephews are adorable!!!!! I only have one little nephew and another one on the way.:)
    I love sushi too!!
    I love weddings and get all excited about them, but then I am sad when they're over. :(
    I am doing pretty well. I have only two weeks of school left! Yah! SATs coming up! Oh and there's a black bear cub eating birdseed just in our yard, literally only a few feet away from the house! So cute! I took a bunch of pictures and a video of it. :)
    The best thing since March...maybe the fact the I got to play on a Steinway grand, and got told by a professional music teacher that I could probably do music school!!!
    So now you know my crazy dream! To get accepted to Juilliard and some how have enough money to pay for it. That or be a missionary in Syria. I'm not sure which is crazier. So yeah...
    Well, bye my friend!

    1. Aww thank you! (I say as if I helped make them...) haha well don't feel too bad, my sisters have been married for 10+ years lol.


      Oh really? That's awesome! Most of the time, weddings stress me out a little lol.

      OH GOOD FOR YOU I love seeing the light at the end of the school year. (Haha ordinary wilderness problems. We get bears in our garbage too, and it's like, "yeah whatever.")

      WHOA. You got to play a Steinway grand AND told you were good enough for music school? That's INSANE, Nova, wow! Congratulations! That's awesome! (Psshh what are dreams for if not to be a little crazy. Those are amazing dreams, and you should go for them.)


    2. Yeah my eldest sister has only been married for two and half years and my second eldest just celebrated her fifth anniversary. Not very long...

      Heheh. I haven't had to do much at the weddings I've gone to, so there wasn't much reason for me to stress. :)

      Oh yeah, we've had the bears attack our garbage and then sort it into piles! This bear though was right outside the front window! He came again yesterday and then was here again today, so my dad decided it was a safety hazard and yelled at him. The bear was barely (ha! no pun intended) intimidated though, so we have to be careful when we go outside for now. Oh well!

      Thank you! I'm really excited. This coming school year will be kinda big. SATs, prepping for applying to colleges, and auditions. Unfortunately, my parents are kinda worried that I'll run into financial trouble, and I guess music isn't all that impressive after having engineers and computer scientists for sisters. :( But frankly, I don't really want to do any of the things that my siblings have done!

      Anyhow...heheh. Yeah my dreams have always been crazy. I don't think I've ever had a tame one. :)

    3. Nah, they're still little lol. :)

      Oh, well there is that, that probably helps. XD

      Yeah, last year, we got three cubs and their mother invading our garbage, so we called everyone in, because we don't want angry momma bears attacking people. lol!

      Meh, I'm kind of under the opinion that as long as you're making enough to live on, and you're doing what you love, then you've got it made. Music isn't as lucrative as science, but whatever, if it's more important to you, and you're passionate about it, you should go for it. XD

      Good for you!!

  8. Oh wow, it was great seeing your family adventures. These photographs are heart throbbing. Thanks a lot for sharing photos here. We have also been looking for some outdoor venues in LA for our weekend family party. Could you suggest any good party spot?

  9. Aw good, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

    Erm,... I don't live in LA, or anywhere near it, really... so I'm probably the last person to ask. Haha, but good luck!


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