Saturday, July 22, 2017

Picture Sunday || July {1}

I mean at least it's only been three weeks this time.

I swear I will do a lifey post soon! As it is, I've just been really tired lately.

*Blows bangs off forehead* 

BUT GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME, SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING WAS SO GOOD! Better than Andrew Garfield's by like 500%. You gotta go see it. There's a couple parts I very much want to draw, because.. yes

That being said, you guys want to see some art?

I've been a sketchy sort of mood, so there isn't much color. The case of the blahs is strong with me. 

1.) Anyway! Look at this cute couple, he's enamored and she's oblivious.

2.) I've been on something of a musicals kick lately. Please observe more Phantom fanart because Treskie has no life. 

3.) I attempted to get Christine's look of wonder/fear/curiosity, and ended up with deadpan. WOOOO!

4.) BUT THIS ONE TURNED OUT SUPER WELL. My mind went, "This picture, I like it!"

5.) Speaking of musicals, I've been listening to the Symphonic version of Les Mis. (You know, the proper one, with Anthony Warlow and Michael Ball.) That's a good musical, it's fun to sing along to. 

But anyway, I was listening to it, and there's that part where Eponine goes, "I like the way you grow your hair.." and, Marius, the magnificently unaware, responds with, "LOL You're so funny, you're like my sister."

And I got this mental image of Eponine looking into the camera like she's in The Office, and cracked up. 

6.) This is somewhat belated, but I was feeling exceptionally pro 2nd Amendment this last 4th of July. 

7.) Sometimes Kate and Tristan actually act like a real couple.

8.) And Kate reacts sadly. This particular picture is horribly disproportionate and dramatic. Such drama, Kate.

9.) BUT THEY ARE MY OTP. They're always gonna be fine. (Please disregard the sad fact that Kate's head is weirdly shaped and bigger than Tristan's, please and thank you.)

10.) Birthdays were on my mind this month. So I had Kate turn 20, and the boys made her a cake. It was probably Tyler's idea and it's likely he also baked it. Max likes to belt the birthday song, even though he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, and Tristan professes that he's only there for the cake. (But he totally got Kate some awesome present.)

friendly reminder that one of the boys is gonna die....

I've been really wanting to just have a night where I sing for people. Nothing special. A microphone would be nice. But I want to sing for people again. *Eyeballs singing class at the college*

So yeah, that's what I've been drawing these last couple weeks. 

I'm sure one of these day I'm gonna get myself together and be the blogger I used to be!

Until then, please be patient with me, keep me in your prayers, and I will post a life update soon. I'm aiming for sometime this week. :)

Question Time!
Best Tristan and Gang?
Favorite overall? 
Best fanart?
Have you seen Spiderman yet? Thoughts?

I love you all, and I'll talk you really soon. 
God bless


  1. Sorry, but as much as I enjoyed Spiderman Homecoming, Andrew Garfield was the best Spiderman ever. Homecoming was good, but not as good as I was hoping. The best part was the after, after credit scene with Captain America :). It was awesome, and terrible, and hilarious :).

    1. Lol... oooh welllll... agree to disagree. I had some issues with some of Andrew's Spiderman's life choices lol.

      BUT YEAH THAT CREDITS SCENE was literally Marvel telling us they know they have us in the palm of their hands. lol.

  2. I haven't seen the new spiderman as I have not been watching movies much but I might watch it later on, frankly, I'm not a big fan.

    sweet drawings you have here, #5 - I like the look on her face, #10 - a rather nice group though who's going to die? the singing piece looks great.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yeah, the MCU isn't for everyone, it just suits my taste a lot. You might like Spiderman though :)

      Thank you! (Yeah, her face turned out so... shy and quiet looking I was quit proud.) lol.
      They're such a good group of friends. Ooooh I can't tell. Spoilers. :)

      You too!

  3. I am totally amazed at how well you art! The one with Christine singing is FANTASTIC! Keep it up you pro! So much talent in one so small!

    1. *Grins sideways at you*
      Awwwww you so sweet, Gina. Thank you!! :)

  4. Ooh! I like #1, #5, and all the ones with Tristan and Kate. :)
    (I can't help it! Couples just make me so happy!)

    Haven't seen Spiderman yet, but I hope to. :)

  5. Hahaha couples are my favorite thing t draw.



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