Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Which I Tell You Strange Things. (All inspiration goes to my little sister Annie, who came up with the idea.)

       “Strange?” you say in bewilderment, “Such as?”
        Well…..I warned you.
        Are you ready?
        Here it comes!

        It really is astounding what I didn’t know about the Tooth Fairy.

        “……Yeah,” you say, after a moment’s pause, “that is strange.”

        For example, did you know that when the Tooth Fairy is alerted to the fact that a human child has lost one of its precious Pearly Whites, she doesn’t actually fly to the child’s house? Oh no, she enchants the dollar bill (which she leaves under the child’s pillow in exchange for the tooth) into a magic carpet. This way her wings won’t get tired as she flies the long way back to Fairyland. (this inspired me so much that I drew a picture of it.)
        Did you know that was how the Tooth Fairy arrived at your house? Me neither.

        Did you further know that upon exchanging the child’s tooth with a dollar bill, she slips the tooth into a tiny pouch and takes it back to Fairyland?
        I know what you’re thinking, “What do the fairies use the teeth for?” Right?
        The rest of the fairies change the baby teeth into more dollar bills. (did you know that that was how money came about?)
        Now you’re probably wondering, “Well, why do the fairies change the teeth into dollar bills?”
        I asked Annie. After a moment’s thought, she said, “Because the fairies like making little kids happy by giving them money.”

        I find that absolutely adorable.

        As such, having been inspired...I drew a picture of the Tooth Fairy as she flies to some lucky child's house. I have grown ridiculously attached to this picture.

            Step One: Sketching it out and accidentally forgetting to take pictures until drawing was completely sketched.

        Step Two: Begin coloring in. By the way, I have discovered that Americans have really pretty money. Lovely stuff. Nice shade of green. Ridiculously hard to copy. I dare you, just try to draw a one dollar bill. It's not easy. Growl! AND to make matters worse, I do not own a colored pencil which is the same color green as money. Just F.Y.I. :)
Close up of the dollar bill. I know it's not exactly.... counterfeit material,  but hey...

        Step Three: Complete sketch and become absurdly proud it.




  1. That is awesome. Seriously. You should turn it into a picutre book. I love it. (I *Love* it.) Way to go.


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