Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Pictures Of Which I've Grown Absurdly Fond

First off, here are 5 things I’ve decided to divulge about myself.

      1.) I used to get so irritated when the blogs I liked to follow were not regularly updated. I will never do so again, I didn’t realize how many days can slip by before you remember to post something. **grin!**

      2.) I’m considering new ideas for blog posts. Hints, anyone?

      3.) Sylvester Stallone is hilarious in Oscar

      4.) I find spiders some of the most terrifying specimens of life on the planet.
      5.) It’s disturbing how distressed I was over a Mob boss dying in a TV show.
                         I was greatly distressed.
                                    I cried.

      Now, several people I know have had new babies. (Congrats, all you peoples!) So I was inspired and drew a sketch of a mommy and a baby.

I think the baby is slightly…off. But I really liked the way the picture on the whole turned out. :)

I intended to be bold and make the shirt red. But I picked up the wrong colored pencil, so it's more of a brick color. (it was a horrid orange before I fixed it with brown shading. Whew!)

Jean is a very hard material to draw. I just can't get the texture (not to mention the color) right! Oh well. It's blue. It's supposed to be jean. Tell your friends. :)

     I’ve sort of been in a fantasy mood lately, I think it’s probably related to playing Wizard101. As such, I have thought of two characters for a book, which, as yet, has no plot and two main characters. (okay, three, but I haven’t drawn her yet.) Give me a chance, I’ll work on it and get back to you! It’s just an idea right now.

      Anyway, I drew pictures of two of the main characters. I even used the awesome set of graphite pencils which I got for Christmas last year. I know I should use them more, but I fear the idea of using so many pencils on one picture intimidates me. Sad, eh?

     I confess, I didn’t name the sketches until after the pictures were finished. I considered naming this one Rowan something, but decided that she looked more like a Russian.

 So she’s Natalia.


 She wasn’t supposed to turn out so evil looking. But she did. I think I’ll make her an assassin or something. lol

 This one turned out cuter. I thought she looked like a Monica. Don’t you? I like the way her hair turned out. **Pats self on the back** :-)


I realize that the knife which she is holding wouldn't do her any good in an actual battle. But I hadn't intended to make this a work of art when I sketched it out, so.... I figure it's just a ceremonial thing...for a ceremony...which she will apparently go to. :)

That’s it for now, peoples!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sorry, I deleted that last comment because I wanted to say, not only:

    "Nice, Treskie! I like the coloured picture you did. Fantastical!"

    but I also wanted to add, "Tag! You're it! Come over to my blog and see what you have to do to continue the game of Blog Tag. "

  3. Great job, Treski!Nice pictures...and see? It *is* hard to post regularly! :-)

  4. Those drawings are beautiful! I know if I tried I wouldn't be able to be that good at drawing, but you are starting to inspire me to try more than a stick figure person! :P

    1. wow, really? This was.... *scrolls up*... wow this was so long ago. lol!

      Aw you have no idea how flattered I am by the fact that seeing my art makes you want to art. That literally just made me grin so hard. XD Thank you!


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