Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back From Vacation--And I've Been Tagged Again!

Hello all!

     Five Random Facts:

1.) It's a very sad story when a vacation ends. Sniff.

2.) Big families will almost inevitably make dinner conversations hilarious.

3.) When you're with the right people, being locked out of your car when it's 46 degrees outside, (not to mention  that it was dark and we were all hungry.) is not that big of a deal. It didn't even matter that we had to sit in my brother's car while we waited an hour for AAA to come and jimmy the lock. It was actually quite fun. :-)

4.) When one is used to playing badminton, switching to tennis can be a difficult transition. With badminton, you hit the birdie hard and up. With tennis if you do that, the ball goes flying out of the court and across the street where it'll probably bounce off the hood of someone's car. (Believe me, I know. Don't worry, the car was fine.) This is doubly embarrassing when one's brother is very good at tennis. lol.

5.)  Ip Man and Ip Man 2 are probably my favorite martial arts movies. Awesome. I totally recommend them. It makes me want to....learn martial arts. But seeing as that's never going to happen, I'll just do some Wii Boxing. (Wii boxing rocks. It can't be healthy for me to love knocking people out on there. So addictive! Plus, it's probably weird that I would like it, seeing as I'm a girl.... and a fairly girly girl compared to my sisters. lol. Still though, it's SUPER fun.)

Okay! Now for the game of tag. Katrina over at The World Crafter's Inkspot tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme.

The rules are:
1.) Go to page 77 of your current manuscript.
2.) Go to line 7
3.) Copy down the next 7 lines, paragraphs, or sentences and post them as they're written.
4.) Tag seven authors
5.) Let them know.

Okay, I'm doing the seven sentences from my story....which has no title yet.

     My head hurts

     Tess’s eyes fluttered open, blinking against the glare of a light. She didn’t remember what had happened until she tried to move her hand and found that she couldn’t. Then everything came back in a flash. The attack, the sweet smell… 
     Tess discovered that it was hard to scream around a gag. 
     “Hello,” said a voice behind her.

     That's all. It's scary for me to even post part of my story here! I'm going to break the rules a bit, because I don't know that many authors. Sorry.

     I'm tagging Amy over at Old Fashioned Girl
     Shealynne at Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe
     I would tag Katrina but she tagged me so I doubt that would work.
     I'll just leave it as is, whoever reads this, consider yourself tagged and leave your answer as a comment. :) Okay?


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