Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

     There's almost nothing nicer than a feast day in Lent. St. Patrick's Day is a feast day, which means I get to slack off a little on my Lenten penances.
     This is awesome.
     Somewhat less awesome was waking up to this:


           And this:


     Yeah. Outside and shoveling very wet, very heavy snow before eight in the morning was not my idea of a real fine time. But it made everything look pretty

     I really got into the spirit of St. Patrick's day this year. Usually I wear green and that's about it. This year I did do some fun things:

     I did my hair in a special hairstyle, using my green flexi8 :

     I also got a bit obsessed with the whole "hair" thing and did all of my little sister's hair in intricate and cute hairstyles. In the process I managed to spill an entire bottle of nail polish remover, effectively smelling up the entire house. **Grins sheepishly** Let's just say that I was not a popular person for a while.

     After that, I made lager shandies for Katrina and myself and we had some fun crackers along with them. There's nothing quite so effective lager shandies to keep you in the St. Patrick's Day spirit. :-)

I have to admit. I was dubious about drinking it when it was such a remarkable shade of green. But as long as I didn't look at it while I drank, I was okay. 


     Having thus indulged in lager shandies, we began to feast. Call me bias, but I'm pretty sure we have some of the best corned beef and cabbage ever. I mean...

Just look at it! 

     When that was done, I whipped up a quick batch of shortbread and my little sister made coffee, and we settled down to enjoy ourselves.

 While we enjoyed ourselves, I drew a picture of St. Patrick. 
     I'm rather proud of it. But poor St. Patrick has a rather...odd face. :) Sorry, I can't seem to resist pointing out the defects of my drawings. 

               We've effectively closed the day by watching The Quiet Man 
                      So that's it. Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! 
                                             God Bless. 


  1. LOL! Love all the pics, Treskie. Doesn't that look yummy? Darn it, I'm hungry again.

  2. I love all the pictures too... except the green shandies. Those make me shudder to look at them. :-)

  3. Thanks, pepes, I enjoyed picture taking!

    Mahri, the lager shandies still tasted fine, even though they were... very green. :)


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