Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Out of Sight, Out of Time"

                               OPERATIONS REPORT

     On the thirtieth of March, 2012, Teresa DeLallo (hereafter referred to as Operative DeLallo) engaged in book shopping at Barnes&Noble with fellow operatives KDLallo, IDeLallo, CDaLallo, ADeLallo, and JDeLallo. At approximately 10:30am, Operative KDeLallo brought a book to Operative DeLallo's attention. The latter gripped aforementioned book in an excited death grip, and upon leaving the bookstore, carried the book out legally in a B&N bag. 
     By 5pm, Operative DeLallo was a third of the way through the book. 
     On March thirty-first, at approximately 11:15am, she was attempting to finish the last ten chapters. By 11:20am, she was cranky with Operative Mom because she would not leave the former in peace. At 11:30, Operative DeLallo was even crankier for the same reason. 
     At almost exactly 12:45pm, Operative DeLallo successfully finished the book. Her actions left her in such a state of mind that she felt it necessary to blog about it in the same form of writing that the main character (Operative Cameron Morgan) would use. 


PRO: You finally get to read it.

CON: You were expecting the series to end....because the fifth book of a series would seem a good place to conclude the story...and it didn't. At all.

PRO: You get to read more about Zack Goode (*faints*)

CON: You need to wait at least another year before the next book comes out.

CON: That's an incredibly long time.

PRO: You get the thrill of knowing that there is another book coming.

CON: It's still a long time.

PRO: The book inspires you to start writing your own stories again.

     In other words, people, it's time to read Out of Sight, Out of Mind. I mean...wouldn't you feel bad for Cammie if she has amnesia? And because the Circle of Cavan is still trying to kill her? Wouldn't you want to know how she figures out what happened to her dad? And wouldn't you want her to get along with Bex again? Plus...Zack is cool. I'm so glad I bought it!


  1. Sounds good, Operative DeLallo. I may have to steal - er, BORROW it from you and read it. :)

  2. Way-hey! That was a wonderful post, Treski! I am so excited about that book...I had no idea she'd finally written it. :-) Yay. Very well written post though...I really liked it.

  3. Operative KDeLallo, how about we trade? I read Alex Rider and you can peruse my mine. :-]

    AMY! You is so sweet! I was filled with creativity after reading that book, so I had to blog about it. Thanks for the nice, nice comment. :)


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