Monday, April 2, 2012

We went to a movie..........we had a marvelous time!


                                       Don't you judge me.
     I went and watched The Hunger Games with my older sister. It was strange. But not as disturbing as I was expecting it to be. (I find that THIS clip describes the premise fairly well, however. The words can be tweaked so that it's very fitting. "It was a brutal time when brother butchered brother. When kids hacked bits off other kids. When young men with dirty great long swords disemboweled little kids, who's swords were not quite as long...." See? Very similar!)
     When I first walked out of the theater, I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about the movie. I had very mixed feelings about it: it was really well filmed, know...there was also the kids killing each other aspect of it. And my first decision was, "Well it was good, but I wouldn't buy it." But the longer I think about it, the more I liked it. Everyone acted really well and apparently Katniss wasn't nearly as selfish in the movie as she was in the books. (I haven't read them yet, they seem to be permanently checked out at the library.) They downplayed the violence admirably and I even cried when **SPOILER ALERT** Rue died. **END SPOILER ALERT**
     I quite liked the action and I might even break down and watch it again when it comes out on DVD. But I think it definitely deserved the PG-13 rating it got. I couldn't recommend it to very many people just because it's pretty upsetting...but I understand why it's such a hit. =)

                 This was my favorite character:

She was my second favorite character.

 These two  were my least favorite characters. I was not sad when they **spoilers again!** died. (Even though Cato [left] was really cute in Seeker.)

This was the hottest character. He was only in the move a grand total of about fifteen minutes.

Wait.... Thor has a real younger brother? This is awesome!

This was the slimiest character. His beard/goatee/thingy made him look like a mix between the devil and Count Dracula. Take it from me: BAD COMBINATION!

This was the evilest character. (In my humble opinion...)

    This was the funniest character. I liked him. :)

     So yeah. If you want to watch it, go ahead. It is good, just...weird. I really liked the actors and actresses. They were all very talented and I was pretty impressed. =)

     Oh yeah. Two more things: I loved Katniss's side-braid hair style...and I'm seriously wanting a mocking jay pin.

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