Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year Ago Today--April 27th

Exactly one year ago today...

     Mahri, Kat, Amy, and I went and explored Edinburgh Castle. Why can't California have castles? I want one!

          Okay. It was awesome. Think about it. I was inside that. 

From left, Me, Amy, and Kat.
       Kat, Amy, and I all brought notebooks with us so we record the experience in our own words. No, they were not diaries, they were journals, and I will be most displeased if you refer to them as diaries. Periodically, when we had a moment, we would park ourselves down and scribble away in them. Maria found this to be very amusing and took a picture of it. Yeah....that us. Isn't we adorable? lol...

Pretty, yeah?

It was really frustrating, because a lot of the especially cool stuff was so old that we weren't allowed to take pictures of it. Like the War Memorial. That was a really solemn place that left me feeling very quiet... It was beautiful.

Or these, the Honors.  (Honours if you're using the British spelling...I think :)

There were some seriously awesome wax works....

We got pictures of cannons... I LOVE CANNONS! Like, it's kind of worrying how much I love cannons. They're cool. It's insane how happy they made me.


    We impressed a security guard by knowing who John Paul Jones was. (he was the founder of the American Navy for all you ignoramuses out there...he was also Scottish.) And then we asked said security guard to get a picture of us. He obliged.

We explored the museum inside the castle....

This was what was left of a door in the dungeons. An American prisoner had apparently been kept there during the American Revolution, because he drew a picture of a boat with an American flag on it. I even circled it for you, see?

I felt a lot like Riley from National Treasure when I looked at this. "Is it a....billion dollar pipe?"

We took a picture in a prison cell. Don't ask.

We inspected the barracks from the POW's during WWII, and pretended to eat the fake food set out at the table. =)

We headed into St. Margaret's Chapel.

This was St. Margaret's missal:

Amy really loved all the red telephone booths. So on our way home, we made her stop and pose.

We got fish-n-chips from Giuliano's and took it to the flat to enjoy. I love authentic fish-n-chips!

Random Fact: In Scotland, instead of saying goodbye, people say "cheers".


  1. Wheeee! What fun we had. :-)

  2. I miss the telephone booths! Waaaaah!

    Oh, and Giulianno's fish and chips were FABULOUS. Go back to Scotland just for those.


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