Monday, April 30, 2012

One Year Ago Today-- April 30th

Exactly one year ago today…..

     We were examining Rosslyn Chapel. Oh, it was GORGEOUS, it was!
     It’s still in working order. And it used to be a Catholic church, but the Protestants stole it from us. Rude!

     When I’m rich and famous, I’m going to have a private chapel as beautiful as Rosslyn. I have a weakness for stained glass windows.  We had another issue with the camera and laptop deleting some of our pictures. So we have hardly any of Rosslyn Chapel. Sniff.


            The only picture of Rosslyn Chapel we have with people in it.

     We went to a used bookstore. It had so many old books in it, it was crazy. There didn't seem to be a system, but there were so many books that they were stacked up on top of each other on the shelves, in piles and towers on the floor, scattered behind the front counter....everywhere. Like if you took a book out from somewhere, several more were liable to fall down and make noise.
     It was dusty.
     It was awesome. =)

     My sister Amy found a scary red book titled "SATAN" which she brought over to Jim, and said politely, "This might interest you..." He wasn't amused. lol.


 We stopped for lunch and sat right by that window.


     We stopped for petrol and Amy and I took a moment to use the ladies' room, and on our way out, these two guys were heading into the men's room...the younger one was about forty on a good day... and they cat called us. Really, really loudly. It echoed around the gas station. And I was so red as we walked out. LOL. :)

RANDOM FACT: Someone in Scotland died all his sheep's coats pink because he thought the countryside was boring. True story. I saw the sheep.


  1. You and your pink sheep. But oh, that restaurant was lovely. :)

  2. Haha, I'd forgotten about the pink sheep until I re-read my journal.

  3. Cool!
    P.S.Thank you for following my blog!

  4. OOh, I LOVE bookshops like that! There was one like that in St Andrews (I mentioned it in a post that went live literally 3 minutes ago) and I just wanted to take a bed and a fridge into it and live there ...

    As for the sheep, I think it's *slightly* more likely that he wanted to be able to identify them from other farmers' sheep - most people spray their sheep - but if you really want to have this one ... then I'm SURE he did it to brighten up the fields.

    1. They are freaking awesome, aren't they!??! It's like another world almost. I haven't been on much, but I'll try to check out your post soon. :D

      Hehehe. I'm sure you're right. Jim has a tendency to exaggerate just a wee likkle bit.


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