Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Year Ago Yesterday-- May 1st

Heheh. We had internet problems yesterday, so that's why I didn't post. One year ago today was so awesome that is has to have a post all it's own. So I do two posts today. :)

Exactly on year ago yesterday...

     It was a Sunday. So we really didn't do much exploring of Scotland because it's a day of rest. We had a leisurely  morning, and around eleven-thirty/twelve, we walked to the Catholic Church in Edinburgh for Mass.

Then Jim took us to the Jekyll and Hyde pub. The name itself should state enough facts.

We walked through that creepy hallway......

We sat there.

They had the door to the restrooms (they refer to them bluntly as the 'toilets') disguised as a bookshelf. It was cool. =) Find the door, I dare you.


     We took a seaside walk...

                            And we took several group shots....

We walked in a park:

                                   And then we played in an arcade.

                                       And then we went home.

                                             It was pleasantly laid back.


  1. For all its faults, Jekyll and Hyde served some wicked-good lager shandies.

  2. Pahahaha, "they refer to them bluntly as the 'toilets'"!! That made me smile ... us British people are pretty blunt, I guess. Whereas you lot like to pretend that you go to the loo to have a rest .... :'D

    Loving these posts, by the way! :D I shall hopefully read the rest later/tomorrow/the very near future!

    1. Hehe, it was just a bit of a shock at the time, because we DO only call them restrooms. We are sooooo tactful.

      I'm glad you like the posts!! It's fun re-reading them, actually.


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