Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Woot woot!

Happy belated Easter to everyone. =) I hope it good?

This is what I wore on Easter... and I have to admit, wearing a "prom-ish" dress does wonders for making a girl feel pretty:

Isn't it cute? AND it was only five bucks. Beat that.

     I now know how to do four and five strand braids. And they are awesome. And (surprisingly) super simple actually, I got it on my first try. THIS is a really well done tutorial. I think that the five strands make the braid special and really pretty....but I'm not sure how how well it'll suit for really thick hair, because it makes your hair look thicker.

                           Thanks to Poodle for the use of her hair

 I'm currently infatuated with these guys: Or...more accurately, the middle guy. So back off.... he's mine. LOL

                        Oh yes. I  need to buy their CD. Seriously. :)

    There. I have posted. And that's it for now. 'Till next time then! God bless. 

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