Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Much Randomness.... Mostly film related.


1.) I like Jane Austen and Dickens much better movie-ized.

2.) One day I will stop being afraid of people.
     Stop laughing! I will, I tell you! I will! Just not today. People are terrifying, okay?

3.) I'm a bit of a sucker for a guy with a British or Australian accent.

4.) I must post a few pictures of our new beagle puppeh. Her name is Daisy.

5.) We are going to watch The Help tonight. Hmmm. I confess to being a little dubious. But I will give it a fighting chance.

   Okay, so, my sister has made me quite obsessed with this show...

Squeeeak! Richard Armitage!

Why did they cast him as Thorin in The Hobbit!?  Tragic! Anyone who knows anything about The Hobbit will understand why.

I liked him even when he made brooding expressions like this...

I think his character, John Thornton was a little misunderstood, poor fellow.

He's got a such great smile!

Ahem... Time to move on? Yeah, probably best.

I'm really looking forward to Brave. Like really, really looking forward to it. It's kind of absurd how excited I am. It's animated!

That girl has great hair.

I love red hair.
And Scottish accents.
Red hair and Scottish accents are in the same film! Wooooot!

There are some things which just leave me drooling in anticipation. Brave is one of them.

But what leaves me drooling even more is:


                                     BOURNE LEGACY!!!

Because I love the Bourne action.... and because I so love Jeremy Renner. Really love. **Grins sheepishly**

Jeremy is awesome.

Very awesome.

Alrighty! I think that's about it... I'll do a review post about The Help asap.

I think I might need to work on not using so many ellipses. Heh.

God bless, pepes!



  1. Where did Matt Damon go? I'm rubbish at keeping up with movie news!

    I don't know if you've read The Help, but we saw snippets of it on the film channel on our holiday and my wife was annoyed by how much had been changed. So the film might be more enjoyable if you haven't read the book (I'm just reading it now), but I'll leave the judgement up to you!

    1. Matt Damon only signed on for three Bourne movies, but "Bourne Legacy" isn't about Jason Bourne, it's about one of the other men who were in the Treadstone Program. :)

      I haven't read The Help, no... It's irritating when they change a book so much for a movie isn't it?

  2. Treskie,

    The Help was good. I mostly just cared about their amazing 1960's costumes though. :D

    Lovely blog! I shall have to look at it more! :) First: I believe that Richard Armitage will MAKE the character of Thorin. (He's such a should I say it.........spoiled son of a king who doesn't like to do anything dangerous himself unless it entails getting his precious diamond, so he just sends Bilbo instead) Is that what you meant about Thorin? :D *grin* I hated him in the book! But as I said, I think RA will make me actually.....*gulp*....LIKE Thorin!!! *gasp*

    It's true.... (Seen the BBC Robin Hood?) *nods head* RA is very cool in that. Yup.

    Second: I LOVE HAWKEYE!!! And I have never seen any of the Bourne movies, but I do want to see this one. :) Because, well, Hawkeye *cough* I mean Jeremy Renner is in it. :D


    1. Anna-

      I quite liked The Help, actually. Celia was my favorite., I liked Thorin in the book. And Richard Armitage will defo be awesome as that character. But he...Dies! I don't WANT to watch RA DIE! I will cry and cry! (And yeah, he's probably the best actor in Robin Hood. **sigh**)

      Hawkeye, Captain America, and Iron Man are my *favorite* avengers. Squeeee! Ooh yes. Jeremy Renner is also in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal too, and he is probably my favorite character in that one. (the close runner-upper being Simon Pegg as Agent Benji Dunn)
      You haven't seen ANY of the Bourne movies? Well.... You probably should before you watch Bourne Legacy. Matt Damon is awesomeness in them. The first one has a pretty long kissing scene, but the other ones are completely clean--I think. The Bourne series are my all time favorite action movies evah!

      Oh, yay! I'm so glad you like my blog. And thanks so much for following. :)


    2. oooh yes! Forgot about Thorin dieing! *sniff* *sniff* I'll probably be crying like a baby in the theaters! :'( As you can see, I didn't care for him in the book. *nods* yup. Ah! I tell everyone that my favorite Avengers were Hawkeye and Loki. It's true. I am a died-in-wool Loki fan. I also like Capt. America. :D

      He's in Mission Impossible, also? hmm...I've only seen half of the first MI.....shall have to finish the first one and see that one for sure. :) He's cool.

      NO! I haven't seen any Bourne movies. Sad, I know. I want to though. Ah, thanks for the heads-up! I will have to check out the IMDb "parental guidance" page to see if I can see the whole thing. :-/



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