Saturday, July 28, 2012

And then.... Fun! Lots of fun!

Yeah..... What the post's title said.

You know those days where everything goes perfectly? **nods** That was today.

My sister Amy decided that we needed to get out of the house. So we packed a picnic lunch, and drove with the Mother and the Wee Sisters to.... Here!

And um.... it was awesome. There was, as you can see, a creek, which was so cold our ankles ached until we numbed up. Welcome to mountain life, people: the land of loads of snow and frozen ankles. =) 

We were absolutely, completely alone, and seeing as I am borderline agoraphobic, that just about suited me fine. 

We took way too many pictures. Like.....way. 

Annie kicks water so adorably. Just sayin'.

The creek had lots of little islands. (I know they have an official name, but you know what? Official names are overrated.)

This is me, the great explorer. Exploring. See what I discovered? Aren't I amazing? :)

*Treskie trills songs from Oklahoma!* "There's a bright golden haze on the meadooooow....ooooooh what a beautiful mooooorning....!"

I don't usually goof around and take retarded pictures of strange poses. But I'm beginning to see the appeal. We are spies. We do spy things... Like wear super cool spy sunglasses. Do not try this at home.

Incidentally, I was wearing my Psych outfit:

This is what I thought I looked like: 

This is what I really looked like:

Then we built a house. A small, elf sized house. It looked more like one of those tropical island huts. My mom referred to it as a Gilligan's Island hut. 

I thought it looked more like the shack in Father Goose:

And I went around saying, "ALL of them, Frank!" In my best Cary Grant imitation. Heheh

All in all I'd vote that the day just about reached the 'pink of perfection'. It was so nice and relaxing. And I only got a tad sunburned. Hardly noticeable. *cough, cough*

And that's about as much as I have to offer for the evening. **waves**

God bless!



  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun. I haven't done something like that for ages. :) Partly because it's freezing here. Well, as freezing as this part of Australia can get, but all the same, I'M cold. :)

    I love the picture of you as an explorer! Great pose. :)

  2. Haha, I like the explorer pic too! Adventures are so much fun!!!! And creeks are wonderful for offering adventure!!! :D Oh for the perfect days....

  3. Mime-- Oh yeah, you're on the opposite side of the globe from me! Weird thought. :-)

    Pure Grace-- Can I just call you Grace, or is that a little presumptuous? X-) Perfect days come rarely, and I tend to bask in their awesomeness while they last. lol...

    Thanks you guys! Now I feel the urge to sketch the explorer pose.... **heads off for pencil and paper...**

  4. Yeah, this day was total Awsomeness. I am serious. It was one of those "Commercial" days. When they show happy family's enjoying glistening water with idiotic smiles. Yep, that was us. :) I love Perfect Days Don't you? There aren't many like them any more. Fun fun fun post.

    Bella D.

  5. Frozen rivers, yeah, I know all about that. They are fun though. Oh and yes, spies are cool. If I wasn't an author I would become one. I still would, if I get the chance.

    And your sunglasses are so spyish.

    Yes, and about my luck, you are likely right. My life is like that, a lot. *Smirk*

  6. lol acting like a spy is fun. You lurk about in dark corners and pretend you know what you're doing. And of course, glasses help. :)


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