Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tagged! :)

Miss Jack over at However Improbable has given me the "Thanks for being you" blog award. Aww. Thanks bunches, dear.

Sooooo. I think I have all the rules understood...ish.

1.) Thank the person who gave it to you. (Done.)
2.) Post eleven facts about yourself.
3.) Answer eleven questions I will make up for you and make up eleven of your own. (Heh..)
4.) Tell seven more things about yourself.

Kay. I'm just combing things. 17 things about myself.... I dunno if I'll be able to make it. We shall see.

1.) It takes a lot of kids to make me go: Big family! I mean... Coming from a family of eleven kids, six seems kind of piddly. (No offence, you people from those kind of families!)

2.) I want to learn how to box really well so that I can defend myself should the need arise.

3.) I hate dentists. I get scared.

4.) I really want to see Toy Soldiers with Sean Astin.

5.) I have never had my hair professionally styled. I hear bad stories about bad experiences with bad hairdressers and I say, "NOT WORTH IT!"

6.) I believe that when all else fails you should call Jason Bourne or Aaron Cross.

7.) I have broken both arms. In the same summer. (one in June, one in September) And I find that REALLY unfair because I was literally a Miss Prissy when I was small. I didn't do anything dangerous... I was just the outfielder for the neighborhood baseball team which converged in our back yard. And there was a pair of roller skates.

8.) I want to buy all of the Gallagher Girls books.

9.) I want Ally Carter to write another Heist Society book.

10.) I want to meet Josh Groban

11) And Hayley Westenra

12.) And Skandar Keynes.

13.) And Hugh Jackman

14.) and Jeremy Renner.

15.) And the Avengers. All of them. (Preferably when the Hulk is not Hulking.)

16.) I cannot WAIT for Bourne Legacy! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

17.) I want to be a children's book illustrator, but freak out at the thought.


So, Jack's questions are:

 1.) What is the first book you ever remember reading by yourself?
      A Laura Ingalls picture book. I really stumbled over 'pumpkin'.

 2.) What is your biggest fear?
     Oh. Eh. Um. I really don't want to go to Hell. But a physical fear... em. I hate crowds. So much.

 3.) Who is your favouritest actor?
     Awww man! I have a lot of favorite actors. I shall divide in to groups.
     Old time actors: I love Jimmy Stewart and James Cagney.
     Modern actors: Hugh Jackman, Jeremy Renner Christian Bale....Not necessarily in that order.

 4.) Would you eat fish fingers and custard?
      Fish have fingers? Let me think. No.

 5.)  Do you think being lady like is a lost art?
      Yeah. Well..... yeah. I mean girls now don't really act like ladies. And we shall leave it at that. But I also believe that one can get too lady like. Learning how to defend yourself should not be considered unladylike, (I don't think champion boxing for women is a good idea.) I think girls should know how to be a lady but we should not get to the point where we never do anything fun. *nods agreeably*

 6.) Do you walk in the rain?
     When we get it, yeah. lol

 7.) Do you get rows with the chip and pin machine?
     I have no idea.

 8.) Do you change your personality in the hopes that people will like you?
     Are you kidding? Heheh. If they don't like me, I usually don't like them, and wouldn't want to be friends in the first place.

 9.) Have you ever tried Spock's Vulcan Sleeping trick on people?
     No, but I've pretended to.

10.) What are your thoughts on Kitties?
       you mean like felines? I prefer dogs.

11.) Who makes you smile the most?
      My best friend. Hilarious person. Awesome.

Okay! And now my questions for the people I tag.

1.) Favorite book?
2.) Opinion on fantasy? (No bashing J. R. R. Tolkien, KAY?)
3.) Coffee or Tea?
4.) Ice cream: Vanilla or chocolate?
5.) Do you think baseball is awesome or boring? ( I love baseball.)
6.) Do you call this a soccer ball or football?

7.) Do you like action, romance, comedy, or drama? (You can pick more that one...)
8.) When you go out in public, do you tend to dress up a little bit or do you not care?
9.) Who's a better hero, Sir Percy Blakeney or Captain America
10.) Favorite movie/s?
11.) State, in five words or less, your life story. (merherherherher.)

AND now! **drum roll** I tag:

and Pure Grace


  1. WOW! Thanks! I will get on this right away!! It looks really fun. <3 Thanks soooo much (again)!

    1. lol you're welcome. :) Can't wait to see your answers!

  2. ELEVEN KIDS???!!! Yikes! I thought my family was bigger than average (six of us. Measily, I know.) :) Eleven... elven is big. :)

    I've never gotten my hair cut by a professional, either. I like it long. But in summer it gets annoying. But hey. Mum cuts it just fine with the good old scissors. ;) Who needs hair dressers?

    1. Yep! Eleven. :) (Don't ask how many cousins...even *I* don't know. A lot.) LOL! Oh sorry! Six isn't *measly* it's just not.... eleven. :)

      I like my hair long too. It used to be past my waist but I keep it at a steady mid-back now. No one needs hairdressers! lol... But hey, if you want to learn some new styles, my sister Amy http://www.amandadelallo.blogspot.com/ does some pretty awesome hair tutorials. :)

      God Bless!

  3. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! :) I followed you back. :)

    I've never had my hair professionally styled, either. And SKANDAR! :D

    1. Thanks for following, it made my day! (I know, Skandar is awesome, isn't he?)

  4. When you meet Josh Groban and Jeremy Renner I want to tag along. And the Avengers. 8-D

    Thanks for your comment on the picture! Glad you liked it!

    1. When I meet them, I will make sure and let you know so you can come. :)

  5. Thanks, Treskie. Now I have a blog post for Wednesday!


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