Friday, August 3, 2012

On inspirations and upcoming crafties.

   Poof! I'm here! Now what were your other two wishes? (Don't ask me where I learned that, I'm not sure.)

   Something about the word inspiration makes me want to say "Lightbuuulb" in the same way Megamind does.

   Things Which Inspire Yours Truly:

   For me, it's mostly songs that make me go, "lightbuullllb!" and usually, it's just one line of the song, or the refrain that really speaks out. It's crazy how many times I listen to a song and think, "Dang, I need to draw this." A lot of the time, also, this happens when the song makes me cry. (Yeah, I'm that kind of person: Sad song? *Cries*. Sad movie? *Cries*. Happy endings? *Cries*.)

Pictures inspire me. I see pictures and go, "ooooh. I love. I copy."

(Or I just get depressed and think, "Disaster! I will never be that good! I will never draw again!")

   People inspire me. Weird people, especially. Well.... maybe weird is too harsh a word? Odd. Odd people inspire.

   Clothes also; Usually period clothing in movies. Or just...cute ones.

      Cool sayings. W. Clement Stone said, "Always aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. **sigh** Isn't that awesome?

                         Reach for the moon, people! Do it! NOW!

My dreams daunt me. I think they're big enough. =)


And finally: Movies. I love movies. Especially when the leads are people you can really look up to and want to imitate.

And now: Upcoming Crafties!

For a while, I've been in the mood to be creative. So I had my mom pick me up a big apple box when she went shopping today, and I will start making a big cardboard dollhouse. I can't give you exact dates for when I will be putting it up, but I can almost guarantee that I'll get it up before I start school (my last year!) in September.

There will also be dolls for said dollhouse.

   I am currently trying to break out of my mold with drawing. I draw people all the time.

....and sometimes trees. But that is about it.

 I need to work on landscapes, animals, houses, and cars.

So I checked out a library book on how to draw cars.

To semi quote Pixar's Up,  Cars are hard! (But I have to admit, the Land Rover Discovery I attempted this morning looks pretty darn accurate. Just saying.)

And no, that's not it. But that's what it looks like.

One day I will own a maroon Discovery.

Or a green Range Rover. **nods knowingly**

And that's it. I have officially used up my blogging creativity for the day.

God bless!



  1. I will be excited to see the Land Rover pic. And I think "Liiiightbuuuuulb!" was actually DESPICABLE ME, not MEGAMIND. I wrong...(unlikely).

    I expect PICTURES when the dollhouse is done. Okay? Okay!

    1. Oops. I think you're right. I hate that. lol Awkward.

      Okay! Pictures will be put up! Sheesh. ;)


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