Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dentists. Need I say more?

Due to a tooth issue back in November, I found myself, sitting in nervous agitation in the waiting room of a dentist's office this morning.

Few things can measure up to the dread one feels while waiting to have a root canal.

After what seems like ages someone pokes her head through the door and says your name. You  get up and follow her down the longest, grayest hallway in the history of the world, wondering if this is how it feels being led to your execution.

Anyone else get that feeling? Or is it just me?

Anyway, it actually ended up okay, but according to my sister, when I'm numb and swollen, I look just like Sean Astin. Erm. Why thank you.... I think.

Heh. SO I decided to share a highly funny video because I discovered that I agree with everything he says.


And I have to go back again in two weeks.

Ain't life grand?

God bless!



  1. LOL. So, have you decided to leave boxing stands alone now?

    1. Nah. I'll just learn to block better.....

      and I'll stay away from metal poles. **nods**

  2. least it went okay. Poor Treski! Bill Cosby is so funny!


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