Saturday, August 11, 2012

Picture Saturday-- Land Rover!

Meet my future car.
Its name is Karl.
Love it.

(I told you I was going to try working on things other than couples.)

The color is a bit washed out on here. Grrrrrrrrrr. It's much more maroon in real life. Heh...

God bless!



  1. Karl, eh? He turned out very well.

    1. Thanks. And yes, I will name it Karl. So there!

  2. Land Rovers are cool, but my brothers won't let me get one. (They work on cars for a living and are very picky about which kind they will let their sister drive, which I think is rather sweet.)

    Nice picture! You are a very good artist.

    1. lol your brothers sound nice. But.... It was a car mechanic who got me infatuated with Land Rovers in the first place and he says they're really reliable, just a little unfriendly with gas. (He does prefer Range Rovers, but I'd be happy with either one.) :)

      Thanks! I like getting nice feedback.:)

  3. I think the resemblance between Merlin and Sherlock is more noticeable as one watches the shows. That is how I discover most look alikes. I think it is more expressions then actual looks.

    I've only as yet seen the original series in Star Trek but I am certain it too will be my favourite. And yes, I know what you mean about the characters. I too will watch something corney if I love the characters. And I love the ones is Star Trek and if I do watch the other series I know I will miss Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and Chekov. No one can ever replace the original cast.

    No, I didn't know that about Kirk's shirts! That is funny. I'm not surprised. His were the only that ripped. Spock got into fights and never had that problem 8-D I keep telling Kirk he needs to get the same kinds of shirts as Spock.

    I love sixty shows, even if the plots could be dorky. They are such fun 8-D

    Oh, I love Scotty 8-D He is one of my favourites too. And Chekov. Chekov is so reckless sometimes. Like a little boy, just having to do SOMETHING! He is cool. And Scotty, well, he's Scottish...and he is funny. And he can always save the Enterprise, even if it is "impossible." "I'm giving her all she's got, captain!" "It isn't enough!"
    I didn't know he was Canadian! Wow! He sounds very Scottish to me. I'm going to listen closer to his accent from now on just for fun 8-D I wonder if all Canadians can pull such a good Scottish accent? If so, I'm meeting one.

    You're not missing out on much by skipping the movie. My cousins and brothers had me watch it. I disliked Kirk in it, but I liked the friendship bits and I knew if I liked it in the new movie (I've seen remakes of old shows and the old shows are always SO much better) I knew I'd love it even more in the show. So, it is thanks to the movie I am watching Star Trek, so I can thank it for that.
    Yes, Uhura and Spock had a fling. It was so weird. I hadn't even seen the show and I was thinking, "He's Vulcan, he wouldn't be kissing a girl all the time!"
    I wonder if Spock would ever have fancied one of those logical robots from I, Mudd....
    Oh! Scotty though! Scotty was the best part of the movie! Simon Pegg was brilliant! If you do watch a clip, see if you can find the one when he first comes on board. It is SO funny! Well...all the bits with him are funny. He's the only one who came slightly close to the character from the shows. "I like it here! It's exciting!" Yeah, he's a good Scotty.

    I don't mind long comments 8-D

    My fsmily too does that with red shirts. We also like to say, "Oh! He's wearing a red shirt and Kirk just called him by his first name! He has no last name! He's dead!" My dad also has a long joke about Helmsmen because he has no name but he doesn't wear a red shirt but gold, though there is always a new Helmsman until Chekov comes along.
    Amd. I suppose, technically, Scotty did die once...though he was then repaired. "The Unit Scotty has ceased to function. You wish me to repair him? He was full of faults." "Yes! I wish you to repair him!"



  4. This is so classic and lovely! :D :D

    1. Thanks! Cars are HARD to draw. They have SO MUCH which needs detail! :)

      God bless!



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