Friday, August 17, 2012


Many things will happen in this post.

Exciting things.


SO! Apologies for not posting the past week..... Life.... Happens. And gets in the way of the blogger. (me.)  :)

First off:

               The Bourne Legacy was seriously, amazingly awesome!

I loved it.

I will admit that when I first heard about it, I was a little nervous... I mean, how do you make a Jason Bourne movie without Jason Bourne?

Answer: You hire Jeremy Renner.

I think a lot of the die hard Bourne fans are dubious about it because the story was so unique, and they were worried that Bourne Legacy would just be a clone of the other three movies. It wasn't. They managed to make the characters completely different. The only thing Aaron Cross had in common with Jason Bourne was that he was part of the Treadstone project and he had sort of gone rogue. It was a little slower than the rest of the Bourne movies, but the action (I thought) was just as good.

                                How can you not love this man?

I liked how Aaron Cross had a slightly more vulnerable side to him. He could be hard, he could fight, he could kill, but there was something a little more boyish to him than to Jason.

            I hated Edward Norton's character. The man had problems.

            This was my favorite part. He was so sweet there. **sigh**

I was glad the romanced worked. There are some movies where it seems like there's a romance just because a movie must have romance. This one just happened and I approved.

The only part I was disappointed in was the chase scene. It was awesome, it was cool... but it was a tiny bit over the top. It reminded me more of a Die Hard chase scene than a Bourne one. It wasn't really necessary and it felt like they only put it in because Bourne Movies Always Have An Epic Chase Scene.

SO yeah. It's a really awesome film. I agree that it wasn't quite as good as the original Bourne trilogy, but... Jeremy Renner made it equal to them in my eyes. He's a fantastic actor and I'm definitely going to buy it when it comes out on DVD. (Let's hope that the rumors are true and in the next one Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne team up. Can you imagine the epic-ness?)

I was going to post the Piano Guys doing their Bourne cover, but decided against it because everyone posts that with their Bourne Legacy review.

I'm stealing the video my sister did on her blog instead. 



I finished watching the first season of Doctor Who.

My little sister is officially against David Tennant. She'd become very, very fond of Christopher Eccleston's Doctor and is under the opinion that David's is not right. She said, "He's not the Doctor! He needs to shave his head!"

Okay then.

I think the same thing goes for Doctor Who as goes with the original Star Treks: You have to go with it and use your imagination or you won't enjoy it.

I fear I am falling into the "Doctor Who Infatuation" pit.

I may have to draw the Tardis.


I love my doggehs.

              This is Sam. He's my bestest pally. He is the best dog ever.

Daisy.... Will never have puppies.

Daisy does not like the Cone of Shame.


How can they possibly make us wait until May 1st 2015 to make the Avengers assemble again??? Why would they do that to their most awesome fans? Why? Why!?


I think I am done blogging for today. I can't say when my next post will be, we have a fantastic BBQ planned for Sunday, and family visiting all next week. We shall have to see when I have free time next. :)

I need to stop using the word "fantastic"... people are going think I'm Doctor Who obsessed. **cough**

God bless, pepes!



  1. Ahh! You saw it!! yay, you liked it! :D I saw the Bourne Legacy last week....? I loved it. I think I like it just as much as the first three. Before I went to see it I told myself to think of it as a seperate story. Nothing to do with Jason. I think that was one of the reasons I loved it so much. Well, that and it's Hawkeye - I MEAN Jeremy Renner! *grin*

    Good ol' Doctor Who. *nods* I've only seen about three episodes with Christopher Eccleston, but I liked the ones I saw. My favorite of all three is the current one - the Eleventh played by Matt Smith. *sigh* He so cool. Not to mention I love the two companions in them.

    Also, I have to say that I need to buy the song "Extreme Ways". I'm a bit addicted to it. Okay, that's a little strong of a word for it, but I like it, okay? :)

    How's life? Good, I hope?


    1. Yeah, I like it just as much too. Jeremy Renner rocked it as Aaron Cross! :D

      Heh... As I've *only* seen the ones with Christopher Eccleston, I'd have to say he's my favorite doctor for the time being... I need to give David Tennant and Matt Smith a chance though.

      I KNOW! It's funny that the way I'm introduced to a song changes the way I feel about it. Extreme Ways is awesome, and isn't that music video COOL?

      And yes, life is good, Deo Gratias. Thanks for asking!

      And thanks for commenting, it makes my day when someone likes my posts. :)

      God bless!


  2. Treskie,
    yes. He did rock it as Aaron Cross. :D

    I have to say, I didn't care for the new-and-improved Extreme Ways that was in "Legacy". :( They changed it. I didn't like the girl singing along with him. :-/

    Yes! I only saw a tiny bit of the music video, so I need to go and finish it! :D


  3. Random note: Did you know that in the books Marie never died and they got married and had a few KIDS?!?!?!?! *shakes head* Much better. :D

  4. ANOTHER random note: Did you also think it was very, very strange that the girl in Bourne Legacy DIDN'T cut her hair and die it?? Hehe! It's practically a well-known-fact, that if you meet up with Jason Bourne (or an "asset"...aka...assassin), you have to be willing to cut your hair and die it. *grin*

    1. I know... me neither. Why do they have to add the weird girls?

      I think I vaguely heard that. I thought it worked better that she died, it gave him something too strive for...

      I did notice that she didn't change the way she looked... Now we know why the bad guys caught up with them so fast! :)

  5. Aaron Cross is super awesome! I can't wait till the second one. :D
    Yeah. I finally admit that I do like the Doctor. I didn't at first. Well...I liked the *Doctor* but I wasn't thrilled about the show. But they do become a bit addictive. I did become very attached to Christopher Eccleston.

    1. Aaron Cross, Amy! Aaaroon Crooossss! Me neither. **boing boing boing**

      they ARE addictive! We may be the only people EVER to like Christopher Eccleston better than David Tennant! :)

  6. Have you seen David Tennant yet? After the Ninth Doctor it is hard to imagine anyone better then him. But Ten...he's one of the best. I think anyhow, I love both though a TON.

    YES! 2015 is WAY to long for the next Avengers. I think the rings will be in it though, and the red faced Alien dude, and I hope Loki is good.

    I want to see the new Bourne movie for one reason only. Yeah...Jeremy Renner.

    I am glad you like Tony's picture 8-D (He can never impress a girl to save his life, so having this many girls complementing him is huge for him.)

    1. No, I haven't seen David Tennant yet... I want to, but I need to wait for our friends to loan us the next season..series...whatever. :) I want to like Ten. I'm going to TRY to like Ten. I WILL like Ten. .......I'll let you know.

      Bourne Legacy is definitely worth the time and money. :) Jeremy Renner.... Yeah. Go watch it.

      Hey, I tend to like the kind of guys that can never impress a girl! (I'm the one who would have totally dated Captain America/Steve Rogers BEFORE he was an Avenger.) I'd rather that than a show off. lol

      God bless!


  7. 1) the epicness of a Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross movie is UNLIMITED! and yeah, *bourne Legacy* was awesomeness!!!!!!! 2)Dr. Who? I like! though the new doctor? hmmmmm.... I'll have to get used to him and then give him a chance :) please draw the tartis, that would be Fantastic. Lastly: thanks for posting SUCH a fun post.I epecially liked your indignation to the date of the next Avenger movie. I feel it too >:(

  8. bourne's always awsome!! love him!


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