Thursday, August 23, 2012

“How be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules.”

Dear Readers,

   Things have been very busy the past few days, what with the big barbecue on Sunday and family visiting, I simply have not had time to blog!

   There's an awesome game I'd like to teach you how to play. It's called the Letter Game, and it is most agreeable. It's super simple and you only need two players. (Or more, if you feel the urge.) The objective is to eventually write an entire story consisting entirely of letters between characters. The rules are very simple:
   1.) Each player creates a character of their choice to write about/become.
   2.) Pick one of the players to write the first letter. This person gets to set the atmosphere, time period and make a reason for why the characters are writing to each other in the first place. (Did one of them move away, go visiting distant relations, leave to London for a Season?) He or she also gets to decide if the story is on Earth or in a different world, if there is magic, if the characters are humans, elves, aliens, fairies...etc.
   3.) Once the first letter has been written the other player must reply as his or her character, and so on.
   4.) Players should not plan the plot ahead of time, and each needs to work the others' plot into their own
   5.) Players must not ever discuss the plot with each other! The story is written basically spur of the moment. The letters must play off the one before them, and the stories really ought to mesh.

   I think those are all the rules. =)

   This game is loads of fun, not to mention a great writing exercise. (It tends to call out my best writing.) You get caught in a perfect balance between having fun and showing off to your playmate.

   I was first introduced to this when I read this book a few years back.

From the back cover: 

"A great deal is happening in London this season.
For starters, there's the witch who tried to poison Kate at Sir Hilary's induction into the Royal College of Wizards. (Since when does hot chocolate burn a hole straight through one's dress?!)
Then there's Dorothea. Is it a spell that's made her the toast of the town--or could it possibly have something to do with the charm-bag under Oliver's bed?
And speaking of Oliver, just how long can Cecelia and Kate make excuses for him? Ever since he was turned into a tree, he hasn't bothered to tell anyone where he is!
The girls might think it all a magical nightmare . . . if only they weren't having so much fun!"

I am so very much in love with this book, people! It's clever and hilarious, and it has the perfect amount of magic incorporated into it. The characters really come alive. (And oh, the leading males are just... fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.)
So yes. If you want to play, find a partner and create your own letter game. But be prepared for sudden plot twists... You never know what your friend has in store: he or she just might do something unexpected and fascinating.

If the rules were a bit haphazard and unclear, shoot me a comment and I'll try to explain better.

God bless!

Until next time,

your devoted blogger,


P.S. The quote from the title is from Socery and Cecilia: or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot


  1. fun fun post peskie :D to all you readers; she's right. it's a blast.... try it out and see


  2. Ooh can I play??? :D

    By the way...I'm in the process of working on the design for the new writing blog. I've made it so that only certain people can read it...but I'm going to need your email address for that. You can either give it to me in a post to my blog (I won't publish it) or you can email me at

    1. Yeah! Anyone can play really. ;) Just need to find a partner. It's loads of fun.

      Oh, that's fine. My email is

      God bless!



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