Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clips of random proportions!

So, I am in a funk.

A funk I tell you!

A writing funk.

Er.... Excuse me while I go to look up what the word "funk" actually means.

Oh. Well, according to, "funk" is actually a state of depression or fear. Hmm. So maybe I'm not in a writing funk. I'm not depressed or afraid to write. I just don't feel like writing. Which is sad, because I'm seriously considering doing Nano this year. Ho hum.

So instead of writing, I'm going to share some of my recent youtube finds.

A polish flashmob singing One Day More. They're actually pretty amazing. :)

These guys are hilarious.

One of my favorite scenes from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It's been really stuck in my head recently. 

I really do feel terrible about laughing at this poor model. But seriously? I find people falling hilarious. 

I LOVE this song! 

I think Scotty is awesome and has a fantastic voice. 

And oh. I just remembered that Mimi also gave me the Liebster Blog award, but since I already got that, I'm just going to answer her questions.

1. If the floor randomly gave way beneath you, would you scream?
    Oh yes. Defo. I'm a very vocal person. 

2. Why are people obsessed with randomness?
    *Looks sheepishly at blog title* Ummmm. Because randomness is awesome and interesting. So there! (I am not obsessed with it. I just happen to think that random and cool is better than not random and boring.)

3. Are you an arty person, or academic?
    Artsy definitely. I do well academically too though. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but hey. It's not bragging if it's true right? Right? Heh. 

4. If your friends jumped off a cliff, would your first instinct be "Hey, look! That's my friend!" Or "Hey, look! That's my friend!" (You can differentiate for yourself.)
    I refuse to envision my friends jumping off cliffs. I mean really. :)

4. Would you prefer to be short of tall?
    Short. I already am and I'm comfortable with that. 

5. Have you ever experienced hail?
    Oh yes. Frequently. Well...... not frequently frequently, but we usually get hail when we get rain. 

6. What is the strangest thing you've ever done? (Includes instances of fighting a horse with a frying pan.)
    Urrrrmmmmm. *think... think... think....* I used to sing really really over the top opera while playing badminton. I'd hit the birdie and then clasp my hands and sing, "OOOOOOOOOOOH MIIIOOOO BABIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINOOOOOOOOOOO CAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO!" Whack-the-birdie "MIIII piace e bellllllOOOOOOOO Beeeeeellllllloooooooo!"
 I usually stopped when people started staring. 

7. Do fish have feelings?
    'Scuse me, I need to go fetch Intellectual Me. *Treskie carries on a muttered conversation with herself* Intellectual Me says fish probably have feelings of the senses variety but are incapable of any human-like emotions. 

8. When was the last time you surprised someone?
    um. I need to do that again. It's been too long.

9. What was the last good book you read?
    Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter. 

10. If someone gave you a million dollars, what would you spend it on first? (Be honest.)
     So many choices! I probably would have to consult with my sisters and friends first. I mean.... the possibilities would be amazing. :) 

11. If the internet had a global breakdown, how severe would your mental breakdown be?

That is all for tonight. :)

God bless!



  1. Oh, I loved Out of Sight Out of Time. That was my favourite GG book. Have you read the Heist Society ones?

    1. It was my favorite too. I think Ally Carter does a brilliant job capturing teenage characters without making them obnoxious.

      And yes! I actually like the Heist Society series a little more than the GG.... just a little more serious, and I like Hale. :)

  2. You are crazy. ::) (That's an eye-rolling emoticon, in case you was wonderin'.)

    1. Heh..... Meaning... Crazy is good?

      Oh, I thought ::) was.... I didn't even know what that was. lol.

  3. *SQUEAL!* Oh, I LOVE Would You Go With Me!!!! Josh Turner's voice is sooo cool in that song, and it is such a nice song!!! *Dances about happily* Most people I talk to haven't even heard of that song, which is tragic.

    I am sorry though, to hear of your writing, not funk but funk. I've been in those too and they aren't fun. The days your characters go on holiday without you, which is very wude. I hope you get out of it soon, and in time to do NaNo. (Not many are doing it this year it seems. I'm starting to feel lonely.)
    Maybe your characters are with one of mine. He got mad when I called him cute and went away and hasn't come back yet.



    1. Oh that IS tragic that most people you know haven't heard of that song. It's awesome! And his voice is so deep, which is different from a lot of popular country music.

      I know.... it does seem like fewer people are doing it this year. I've never actually participated before and the only thing that's stop me this time is the horror of the idea that I may not be able to reach 50,000 words. That would be awkward for me. So yeah. I'm still debating. *bites nails* Oh well. If I see your character I'll tell him to shape up and go back. Kay? :)

      God bless!

  4. L.O.L!!!!! Dude! That video of the lady on the runway falling made me laugh SO hard!! hahahahaha!! xD
    Waaaall...I hope you're outta your "funk" soon. :) <3
    this was a fun post. ^_^

    1. I KNOW! I spewed coffee all over my room the first time I saw it. Her ankles were all wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. :D

      Me too. x

    2. Pfahahahaha!!! ikr!? That's what really slayed me. I'm laughing all over again. :D

    3. heheh, I'm glad it brought you such joy. XD I LOVE things that make me laugh. :)

  5. YES. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers<3 aahha. In Maine over the summer, we saw a sign for a lumberjack show so we went and it totally reminded me of the kind of setting from seven brides for seven brothers. haha it was awesome:) Also, scotty mcreery and josh turner<3

    1. I love that movie, it's fun! ;) But the part where all the guys are chopping wood and doing ballet might make me laugh more than it should. hehe.

      Yay for the deep-voiced country guys!

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