Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stories in the Mind linkup

So, Pure Grace, over at Stories in the Mind is hosting a linkup for writers. :)

And in the spirit of NaNo, I decided "why not?"

While I am not as dedicated a writer as some other people I follow, I do enjoy writing and I think the linkup is cool.

This week's prompt is: Memories.

Here I go! Eeek! I get so nervous posting my work for people to read.

Word Count: 183

     Thoughts swirled in my head, round and round. I remembered my life before everything changed. I thought how it had been so beautiful and warm not even five years ago, before the Great Fever wiped out over half the community, and those I’d loved had fallen to its vicious grip. I thought about having to leave the cozy cottage Father had built for he and Mum when they were first married. I thought of the dirt falling on my brother’s coffin and my mother’s cloak of mourning being whipped back and forth in the wind. I thought of how, instead of being welcomed into my Uncle and Aunt’s home, we’d been taken in because it was their duty as relatives to care for us in times of hardship. I wondered how Mum’s sister had turned into such an old biddy when Mum had grown to be…. Mum.
      I closed my eyes wearily, the burning feeling of unshed tears making them hot and red. My hand lay listlessly against the rough wood of the wall. I wondered if I was cursed to be unhappy.

There! I did it!

Join the Once Upon a Time... linkup:

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~If there is a prompt, make sure your section fits the requirements.

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~And voila, you are done! Don't forget to visit the other blogs and drop a line.

And go check out Stories in the Mind, it's a really fun blog and so much fun to read. 


  1. What a great snippet!!!! I really liked it! So sad and such powerful memories. Thank you for linking up!!! Looking forward to hearing more of this book! What's it called? Is the main character a boy or a girl?

    1. Aww, thanks! I'm really not sure about my writing... I'm one of those people who goes back to re-read my stuff and thinks, "Ha, well that made no sense. This book stinks" and then proceed to discard it as rubbish. lol!

      The main character is a girl, her name is Monika... I'm still working on the title, I'm awful at titles. :D

  2. Oh!!! You should post more about your writing. I'm thinking it's historical fiction or fantasy from that snippet. I'd quite like to know more. :)

    1. Hee! I don't know if I will, I'm self-conscious about my writing. :) It is fantasy, it's my first go at that genre, I usually just write true-to-life fiction.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Great beginning. <3 I love it, and i love that you picked something historical and serious too.

    1. Thanks. :) We'll see how it goes... I don't usually write historical fantasy OR too serious, so this is most out of the ordinary. XD

  4. LOVE it! But I know how it feels to be self conscious about your writing. I am too! I nearly died of nervous apprehension the first time I my writing on our blog.

    This is great! I DO want to see more of your book too!!


    1. Aw, sweet. :D Gah.... It made me so nervous, I don't know if I'll be able to psych myself up to posting anymore of it. I'll think about it.

      It's awesome to know that people other my little sister think it's pretty good. *phew!*

  5. Very lovely! Thank you for sharing, I very much enjoyed it. You are quite a good author.

    Thank you for your very kind comment, it brightened my day. I am very glad that you enjoy my blog. It is encouraging to hear such things.

    Oh yes! A blog with a lot of comments is very scary. It is like they are very popular, and then I come upon it and, like you, am not sure what to say.

    I hope you enjoy my book. (I know it was fun to write, so hopefully it will be fun to read.)

    Thank you! Loved your comment very much. It was a very nice one!

    1. Thanks, Jack! :)

      I'm sure I shall like your book much. Seraphina came in at the library and once I get my word count back up this weekend I shall sit myself down and read it.

      I'm glad my comment made you happy. It was all true. :)x

  6. Poor Monica... Her life is so sad! She needs a Dominic *Smiles*

    God Bless

  7. Very nice word count! But, it is a pity about the block. Were you able to get around it?

    1. I did. I discussed the plot in great detail with my sister and she helped me get around it. Huzzah for big sistahs! :D


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