Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Down the little road to Bethlehem..........

Hello, you awesome peoples!

It is exactly one week until Christmas!


So, things have finally started to slow down around here, so I've actually been able to do some catching up in my schoolwork, and even do a bit of drawing.

Oh, and we went and watched The Hobbit, finally!


It was brilliant. Loved it. (They did add a few things, like the Pale Orc, but I found it worked really well.)

Thorin is a brilliant dwarf..... Thorin and Kili were my absolute favorite dwarves.

I think I have a thing for brunettes. *wink*

Go watch it. It's worth it. It's amazing. And the action was very faithful to the Lord of the Rings style. 

Anyway, this post was not meant to be a fangirly thing, so I'm going to move on. 

I guest posted over at the lovely Stories in the Mind!!!! I'm so 'cited about it! :)

Also, a belated Picture Saturday, because I have been awful about it lately. 

The colors are actually a bit lighter, and the paper isn't warped like that, but grrrrrr. Oh well.

 I'm quite fond of the way Our Lady and Baby Jesus turned out.

The rhyme is from Little Road to Bethlehem, by Hayley Westenra

And now I'm going to go watch The Christmas Carol with the family.

Fred is my favorite character. He's so nice, even when Scrooge was a jerk. *sigh*

Goodbye! God bless!
And Merry Christmas!


  1. I loved the Hobbit too!!! It was amazing. And Thorin and Kili were my favorite too!!!!!!! And everyone must love Bilbo. The witty banter was awesome!
    I liked to picture!!! It was pretty!!! And thanks for your guest post!!! I loved it!

    1. Haha! To be honest, if someone didn't like the Hobbit, I feel quite sure I would never trust their opinion again. :) BRAVE little Bilbo has made it to my favorites list.

      Thanks! I was quite proud of the picture.... And I'm so glad you liked the post, I was a bit nervous about that. lol. :)

  2. Heeeey! My favorite dwarves were Thorin and Kili as well! All though I admit, I am partial because I adore Richard Armitage from North & South and the BBC Robin Hood! :)

    1. Yep. Best dwarves.... Oh, I may have been a bit biased about Thorin also, I LOVED him in North & South, and though I've only seen a few episodes of the BBC Robin Hood, I liked Guy better than Robin. :)

  3. I love your card, Treskie. So sweet. :D
    Yep, the Hobbit was awesome! Biiiiilboooo!

    1. Thanks, Panda! :D

      Don't forget Thorin and Kiliiiiii!!!!!

  4. That's a beautiful drawing! I love Mary's arm and sleeve! :D
    And I've not seen The Hobbit yet (grrr) but I was reading an article about it in the Radio Times earlier and there was a large picture of Kili...nom...omnomNOMnomnom...:D :D

    1. Thanks! I was really quite proud of the veil, actually. lol...

      Ooooooh you really must. LOVED IT.... AND OH! KILI!!! I know. He's lovely, isn't he? lol...


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