Saturday, December 15, 2012




Christmas is coming up so fast. December is just whizzing by, and I feel like I'm missing it. It's like I'm rushing about madly trying to get everything done on time, and the days are just not long enough to:

I have also had another case of blogger's block. Which I hate. 

This means that my poor bloggy has been severely neglected. I mean.... there hasn't been a Picture Saturday in AGES! But I guess maybe that's a good thing? Christmas isn't really a time for spending hours on the computer. Hehehe. But hey ho. I want to post at least once a week, because I really love blogging. =)


1.) I believe Christmas trees are like seeing magic

2.) Every year at this time, I either get my sister to read aloud The Father Christmas Letters by J. R. R. Tolkien or read it myself. I love Tolkien's portrayal of Father Christmas and Polar Bear. 

3.) Tomorrow I'm planning on going out with Amy and Kat and getting some pine branches - or boughs, if you want to be all old fashioned - and make wreathes with them. Christmas decorations which smell like pine are the best. I may also have a photo shoot. Photo shoots are cool. (said in my Doctor Eleven voice)

4.) My sisters and I will most likely be going caroling when we're all feeling better. (we're currently quite ill with nasty colds, *hack hack*) We all sing, and it's been ages since we went caroling, so I'm quite excited to be doing it again. 

5.) Prolly going to go to The Hobbit tomorrow. I wanted to see it yesterday and the day before, but stuff kept coming up. Sadness! I can't wait to see Martin Freeman as Bilbo, or Richard Armitage as Thorin! Squeeeee!

I will leave you now, with a few Christmas songs. I'm very sorry for the shortness and haphazardness of these past few posts. I promise to do a well thought out one soon. :) 

Best female version of this song... her notes are so pure!

This is not one of the best flash mobs I've seen, but the end is brilliant and makes me cry. =)

And now I leave you all. 
I am going now. 



  1. YAY CHRISTMAAAAAS! I LOVE trees but we've STILL not put ours up :(
    By the way Treskie m'dear, I've nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I don't know if you do awards, but if so:

    1. Aw, why haven't you yet???? Christmas is ALMOST HEREEE!

      Oh, thankee! I'll do it as soon as I have time. :)

  2. Aw, nice blog post. I was sad to see 0 Lovely Comments, so I thought I'd make this the FIRST Lovely Comment. I will try to make it lovelier by singing, "JINGLE BEEEEEELLLS, JINGLE BEEEEEELLLS, JINGLE AAAAAAAAALL THE WAAAAAAAY!!"...



    All right. Very reverently, and VERY lovely...

    "Oh come let us adore Him.
    Oh come let us adore Him.
    Oh come let us adore Him...
    Christ, the Lord."

    1. aw, shucks, you're sweet. :) (Jingle ALL the way! *with hand up in the air)

      You impersonating the Soprano in that version I couldn't find??


  3. How did the branches go? I'd do the old fashioned term but I don't know how to spell it.

    Martin Freeman makes a brilliant Bilbo! He looks very Hobbity. And Thorin was VERY cool!

    I feel rather evil, for making you cry over Lisbeth's death, but since that was the effect I was going for I guess I shouldn't feel too evil...*Rubs hands together*

    I'm still in a state of shock over my publishing. I've been staring at my book and thumbing through it, trying to convince myself it is real. It turned out very nicely, I am pleased with the format.

    I hope your December slows down soon so you can enjoy the holiday properly!

    1. Hehehe, oh, the branches went brilliantly, we now have lovely wreaths decorating the house. I'll have to get some pictures up, or get Amy to do it. ;)

      Haha, we went to the Hobbit on Sunday and it was everything I'd been hoping for. (though I thought perhaps Radagast was a bit too "Narnia-ish" for Tolkien.) Gaaah! Martin Freeman nailed it. NAILED it. Thorin is perfect, and we all fell in love with he and Kili. I am going to SOB in the last movie. *sniff*

      Ooooh, so you WANTED to make me cry? You ARE evil! I love Isadore, though, so I guess you're forgiven. :)

      Thanks! Things are actually starting to slow down now, so I'm just now catching up on my crafts and thingies.

  4. Agree with all of it :D That vid makes me tear up every time
    God Bless

  5. PS - Your guest post on "Stories in Mind" was hillarious. I loved it. But I shall never attempt NaNo. Ok, maybe one day when I'm wise. But not just yet. *wink*

    1. Me too. :) Thanks, I was proud of it,.... and you're doing the kids' nano next year.


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