Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Unexpected Blog Party!!

Nessima is hosting an Unexpected Blog Party in anticipation for The Hobbit. And because I don't have time to think up a fantabulistically awesome Christmas post until Thursday-ish, I will participate... And also I'm sort of..... THRILLED about the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......!!!!! Think I used enough exclamation points?

Okay. Here I go.

1.) How did you first hear about LOTR and the Hobbit
    Always known about it.  Always. My whole family are fans.

2.) How many times have you read LOTR/The Hobbit? Or have you yet to read it at all?
     I've read The Hobbit about four times, but I haven't read The Lord of the Rings....*flinches under the horrified stares of fellow bloggers* I'm planning to read them, but they are very high fantasy and I need to be in the mood. =)

3.) Would you name your child as a character after it?
     Erm..... Prol'ly not. I love the names and everything, but the probability of me naming a girl Eowyn or a boy Aragorn is not good. I'd be more likely to use 'em as nicknames. Lalalalalalalala.

4. What are your thoughts on Tom Bombadil? Do you think he should have been in the movie?    As I said, I have not read LOTR. *cough* But from what I heard, he was a happy, happy man, but not a necessary contribution to the plot.

5. Do you have a favorite piece of poetry from any of Tolkien's books?

All that is gold does not glitter
,Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

6. Have you read any of Tolkien's work besides LOTR and/or The Hobbit?
    Yes, Farmer Giles of Ham is a very fun book. =)

7. Can you write in Tengwar?    Ooooh. Nope. Going to try to learn however:

8. Were you at all disappointed that Prince Imrahil wasn't in the movie?

9. What would happen if you and Denethor were put face to face?
    Oh there would be violence going down. But first I would teach him how to eat grape tomatoes.

Really? Who eats like that!?

10. Would you rather reside in Edoras or Minas Tirith?
     Edoras. I love Edoras.

11. What do you think of Eomer's armour?

12. What do you think of Boromir?
I think he was awesome. So maybe he was weak and he fell. But he is still awesome. In the end he did the right thing.


13. Which is your favourite LOTR couple: Sam & Rosie, Aragorn & Arwen, or Faramir & Eowyn?
     Faramir and Eowyn. They're just so sweet, and they needed each other so much....

14. Did you shed any tears when Theoden died?
     Yes. Every time I watch the movie. Lots of tears. Lots. Copious ones. *sniff*

15. Which is the most terrifying of the following: orcs nabbing you in your sleep, giant spiders crawling out of tunnels and forests, Nazgul standing right over where you're hiding, or a ghost army that doesn't like you very much?
     Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk! What are you trying to do, give me nightmares? Sheesh. Anway, I'd have to say either the giant spiders or the Nazgul.

16. How would you enjoy life as a hobbit? Would it be preferable to being something like, say an elf? Or a Ranger?
     Ooh, I'd enjoy life as a hobbit so much. So peaceful, so happy, so nice... Granted, elves are more beautiful, and Rangers are much more cool, but I'd live longer as a hobbit. :)

Until The Hobbit comes out, I bid you all a very fond farewell.



  1. Best Post EVER! I cannot wait for this movie. Sooooooo excited!

    1. Thanks, Donna! ME NEITHER!! Soon! Soon! Soon!!

  2. I.LOVE.THIS. Do you mind if I answer those questions for my thursday blog posting? I love the Hobbit, i LOOOVE lord of the rings. And i'd like to fill this out too if i can. :D

    1. Oh, that's fine, go for it! Just make sure to link back to Nessima (you can find the link up at the top of the post) Can't wait to see your answers! *boing boing boing*

  3. YES! Please teach Denithor how to eat grape tomatoes! We would all be grateful! I'm going to find that farmer book. It looks like fun.
    Living as a Hobbit would be fun! I've always been a Ranger, but if I wasn't I would be a Hobbit. *Grin*

    1. lol kewl. You should read Farmer Giles, it's very cute. I forgot to mention the Father Christmas Letters which Tolkien writes as well. You should check that one out also, it's very good to get you into the Christmas mood. :D

      I would love to be a Ranger, but I'm fairly sure I'd die if I tried. :)

  4. We are going as a group on opening night! I am soooo hyped!!!! When are you going to see it?
    Also, are you interested in doing a blog post for Stories in the Mind now? It would be for next Tuesday! Let me know!!!! :D

    1. As soon as possible. If the theatre decides to be nice and do a midnight showing we're defo going to that, but if not, the matinee. SO EXCITED!!!! Martin Freeman is going to be fantastic. :)

      I think I would be interested in doing a post.... Where you looking for something in particular or just anything about writing?

  5. Yay! I'm not the only one who hasn't read all the Lord of the Rings! (I've listened to the Hobbit and read the Fellowship.) I would have read the other two, but... like you said it's REALLY High Fantasy, and I'm not that big on the writing style.

    I agree with you about the tomatoes. That scene made me so mad I wanted to brain him with his own tomato plate. :) (We call them cherry tomatoes in Australia... I didn't know we had name differences for tomatoes...) :)

    1. Yes, with Tolkien, you definitely have to be in the MOOD or you sit there going, "Uh huh. Well, it's beautiful, but I have no idea what he's talking about." lol.

      WHO EATS THOSE THINGS LIKE THAT?!? I mean really. Ew. Oh, we call them cherry tomatoes too. They're divided into two groups, the really, really small one, which are the cherry kind, and the slightly larger ones, which a the grape kind. ..... At least I think that's how it goes, it does in my family. :)

  6. I never really got what the big deal was about The Hobbit or any of the other Lord of the Rings movies. I watched the Lord of the Rings when I was younger and I was totally confused and it was such a long movie and it didn't make any sense at all to me, but I think that was because I was so young. But know I am totally turned off of that whole series! All the power to you if you like it, but it's just not my thing. My cousin Tom who's in college was talking to me about the movie and I was just like, "Um, ok..... no offense but I don't really care :P"
    He and my other cousin are going to the midnight premiere this Friday.
    Maybe I would like it more if I read it again now, but I don't really have the desire to.... can you convince me? :P
    Ok enough of me talking. Bye.

    1. Well, to each his own, I guess. You should give the movies another chance at least. Find a weekend and have a marathon, you need to watch them all at once. The books are really deep, so I don't know how much you'll like them. They're amazing, and beautiful but really high fantasy, and you seem more inclined to read the Percy Jackson series. (which are AWESOME, but defo not Tolkien-esque.


    2. Maybe I'll give the movies another chance when I have extra time, we'll see :)

  7. Martin!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing The Hobbit because our lovely Martin Freeman will be there and- HEY, WAIT A MINUTE. Martin, you should be ON SET, SHOUTING at the bbc to get them to air Sherlock series 3 BEFORE 2014. Get to it. Time for playing around in silly ears later.

    1. *snicker snicker snicker* Oh, I LOVE Martin Freeman. He's such a good actor, and he's going to be the bestest hobbit. <3 Oh, my GOSH, they're SERIOUSLY going to wait until 2014!?!!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    2. Oh, dear. I'm so sorry you had to find out like this D': If ... If I'd known you st-still hadn't been t-told ... *sobs in a corner*

      (By the way, BENEDCIT CUMBERBATCH. That is all.)

    3. GAH! I hate it when I have to wait a long time for things. :(

      I KNOW!!!!!!!

  8. Yay! Somebody else who's read it less times than me! But seriously, go read. Go find out who Imrahil is. Immerse yourself in it's loveliness. It's long loveliness, but loveliness nonetheless. And yes, someone needs to teach Denethor how to eat cherry tomatoes. Or just chuck them at his face.

    Thanks for doing the tag.

    1. Haha! I really do need to read them. I'm just really busy with school and otherness which takes a long time. I want to find a week or so and read them all at once, because I know myself with high fantasy, and if I stop reading them, it will take me another few months before I'm in the mood again. :)

      Grrrrr. Denethor.

      Thanks for the follow. So 'citing!!

  9. Hi! I saw Soph's answers and meandered on over to here...loved your answers! =D Such a neat thing to find.
    I think I HAVE read farmer Giles now that I think of it..but it was a long time ago, when I was 10ish. I should definitly read it again though! =D


    P.s. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has lots of labels; I always worried they looked to imposing but liked 'em to much to take any more off!

    1. Hey, Jenny! Thanks for stopping by. Oh, yes, Farmer Giles is awesome. But if you're looking for Christmas-y Tolkien, go for the Father Christmas Letters, they're so cute and clever.

      Hahah, I know, I use a ton of labels, but hey, most of my posts have intermingling things to them, and I like to link them all together. :)


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