Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas Day and otherness.....

Hippy Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

A couple random things you may not have known about Saint Nicholas: 

1.) He was... real. 
2.) He delivered a blow to the face of the heretic Arius during the First Council of Nicaea. 
3.) He had barely grazed five feet in height. 
4.) He was a Catholic bishop. 
5.) His nose was broken. 
6.) He is also known as Father Christmas.

Be honest.... that makes Santa Claus way cooler now, doesn't it?!! *Smirk*

There is a tradition that we celebrate, in which the dear wee Saint visits good children's homes and leaves surprises in their shoes. (I'm fairly sure this is where the whole presents-in-stockings thing came around during Christmas time.... *nods knowingly*) 

I am now in possession of a mood ring. 

And chocolates. 

Father Christmas is lovely person. :)

Something about this picture is just so lovely, isn't it? 

We decorated the Christmas tree today. It looks flipping fantastical, if I do say so myself. (We did have some epic problems with the lights. Grrrrr. They were blinking.... and we didn't want them to blink. And then half the lights we'd already strung on the tree went out. *facepalm*) But gaaaaaah! I so much love Christmas that it's worth having to fix bad lights!!! SO. MUCH. LOVE. 

I reached the Eleventh Doctor. 

I quite love him, he's brilliant. And, um, he's quickly rising to second favorite. =)

My sister Kat finally started watching Doctor Who as well. 

She likes it. 

I may have addicted her. 

Unfortunately, we already gave the first four seasons back to the people who loaned them to us, so she jumped right in to Eleven. I sang the theme song for her and um... I may have ruined it for her. DoooooWEEEooooooooh! WEEEEoooooWAAAH!

She's making a clay TARDIS. It's so cool!

So, I know I have been absolutely awful when it comes to commenting on everyone's blogs. And I am so very, so very, very, so very, very, very, so very, very, very, very sorry. :) But we have company up visiting, and I always feel a little awkward saying, "Ciao, people! I'm off to spend an hour or so viewing the blogger world... Tralalalally! Fend for yourselves!" Therefore, until they go, my commenting will still be rare. I am reading all the posts though! :)

For your enjoyment........

My absolute favorite version of O Holy Night. None other can compare in my eyes. It's by Josh Groban. 

And the cutest Little Drummer Boy by Tennessee Ernie Ford.... (that last part, 'then he smiled at me'... adorable.)

And now that I have rambled most distressingly I will bid you all a very fond goodnight. x


  1. This might sound odd...but it seems that nearly all the blogs I follow are your sisters. (How many sisters are there? I know of three, now four, right off.) Do you have brothers, or is it a house full of girls, which sounds grand!

    11 is a fun Doctor. He isn't as high up for me, because I still love 9 and 10 the most, and I like Tom Baker already even though I've not really met him, but 11 is still wonderful. He is a lot more quirky, which is fun.

    I know!!!!!!! (About Kiggs I mean.) He is soooooo cool!! He is one of my top favourite book heroes now.
    Aye! There will be a second book. It will be out this summer, if I remember right. I am very eager for it.

    I hope you have fun with your company!! And the lights. *Grin*


    1. Ooooooh. Well, yes. I do have loads of sisters, but as it is, only four of us have blogs. Bella the Anonymous is also one, but she's not old enough for a blog of her own yet. :) There's eleven of us in all and only one is a boy. I wish there were more fellows in the family, but nope. There are a lot of girls instead. *winky*

      I love ALL the Doctors! Nine is still my favorite, and Ten and Eleven are battling it out for second. Maybe they'll end in a tie, I still don't know yet. :)

      Yep, Kiggs is a sweetie. lol... Have you read the Sherwood Ring, by Elisabeth Marie Pope? Or how about Lark, by Sally Watson. The guys in those books are definitely very,very high on my ranking in favorite literary heroes. If you haven't they're definitely worth the read, you can even love the girls in those books, which is rare. :D

      Well that settles it. I'm just going to have to put it on hold at the library when it's published.

      Oh we are having fun... and we beat the lights into submission, so everything is just about perfect. :)

  2. I must ask...Who's your fisrt favorite? I'm pretty fond of Matt Smith too. :D And the fondness for him grows more every time I see him. :D He's so quirky. I'll never love any doctor like I love Ten, though. *sniffle* I miss him. <3
    um. Groban is chocolate. <3 And that O Holy Night is just gorgeous. <3
    fun post.

    1. My first favorite is Nine. I don't know what it was about him, but I really loved Nine. Too bad his season wasn't on par with the others. *sniffle* :)

      Oh, Eleven.... I was sold the minute he said, "Beans are evil. Bad, bad beans." It was just so funny. Ten was brilliant, and I need to get my sister to watch him before she decides Eleven is her favorite. SHE CAN'T PICK A FAVORITE WITHOUT SEEING THE OTHERS!!!!!

      That O Holy Night saved Christmas for me a few years back. :) Groban is the bestest. :)

  3. St. Nick visited our house as well, leaving a box of Celestial Seasonings tea AND a pack of fruit Mentos! I was so surprised... and pleased! :D Glad to hear that there are others who are blessed by visits from such a wonderful saint! :D

    Oh, I've been doing a lot of 'studying' on the fourth century, especially the Council of Nicea. So that was a cool little addition to my knowledge. :D

    1. He comes every year. It's so much fun to watch my little sisters (and this year, my nieces as well) look so surprised and excited to find pressies in their shoes. :)

      Haha, I know! St. Nicholas was brilliant! :D

  4. St. Nicholas Day is so much fun. And yeah, St. Nicholas is AMAZING!

    Doctor Eleven is SO Cool Like. A truly great doctor. I'm surprised at how much I like him :)

    "There is one thing you NEVER put in a trap, if you have any hopes of survival, any hopes of continuing your existence there is one thing you never, ever put in a trap. ME."

    Me *yeah, he is cool. I'm officially attached.* Nine is still my favorite though. I think he always will be...

    That "Evil Face" *GIGGLE*

    "WooWEEEoooooWEEoooWWhhoooooo" LOL. DW's theme song will never be the same.

    God Bless

  5. O Holy Night is my favourite Chrimble song ever, I think (: Lovely post, as usual.

    1. Thanks, Rose. :) x O Holy Night IS one of the best. Period. :)


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