Thursday, February 21, 2013

I bring you good tidings of great joy.....

SO! Guess what!! Guess what!! Guess what!!

My sister, Amy:

^^^ that one ^^^ 

is doing a giveaway, over here! Which I find to be rather brilliant because it's nice and easy to enter.... and she makes the loveliest jewelry and hair pretties. 

So yersh. Go enter. Make her day. :)

I'm still on an Eagle high.... It's surprising how many people I know had seen it and were like, "Oh yeah! I saw that! I thought it was good!" And me..... well I'm like, "You  saw  that  movie  and  you  never  TOLD  me about it!? How  are  we  even  friends??

I have not watched Doctor Who in about two weeks. I've taken to drawing the Doctor in my spare time. I need to do a better one over the weekend.( I don't much care for his face or jacket.) 

That's all!



  1. I entered 8-D She does make VERY pretty things. I was admiring the hair clips she did, very talented.

    I don't get the Moriarty look, because I've not seen The Eagle. *Grin*

    I won't rant too much on the end of season six since I'm not sure how much you know about it, but it is mean of them. Not BBC mean, but a REALLY close second.

    Well, at least my watching so many seasons in so short a time is impressive. I thought it would be cause for me to be taken to the insanty place to be looked at. (I watched about half a season a night. So whatever half of 16 is. And on weekends I watch more since I stay up later on Friday nights.)

    And I agree with you and Kat. Sherlock wins for worse cliff hangers. It kind of fits him though, an attention steeler. "I know you are watching a lot of shows with cliff hangers...but look at me! I'm going to jump off a building and make you wait two years to see how I live! NOW try and forget about me." Maybe it isn't even the writers doing it, maybe it is him. *Glances at him*

    1. Well, the Moriarty look.... is just how I feel when people say they've seen it. lol

      It's okay, I'm pretty sure I know all there is to know. I watched the whole ending scene before realizing that it was a cliffhanger for the last season.

      Hehehe, I wish I could do that with some of the TV shows we watch. I need to catch up on some, like White Collar and Once Upon a Time. Unfortunately, I can't until... maybe summer. hahaha.

      Sherlock does seem the sort to do that, doesn't he? *shakes fist* MOFFAAAAAAAT!

  2. Your drawings are fantastic!!!! That first gif gave me the giggles. i loves it. and this whole post too. ^_^

    i adore his jacket..and face. i never thought the latter possible. strange.

    1. lol same here. That gif cracks me up every time.

      Really? Well... thank you! Wait though... you don't like Matt's face??? :-O

  3. Haha!!! It is an awesome movie!!!! I'm going to go check out that giveaway!!! :D

    1. You should! It's fun!

      And yes. Awesome, awesome movie.

  4. Aw, his face and jacket are well enough. He *looks* like the Doctor, even without the fez and the sonic screwdriver as hints.

    1. REALLY? Cool. :) I want to work on a better one this weekend. Mah Doctah.


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