Monday, February 18, 2013

In which I babble and gush.

Hello, hello, hello!!

First off! Amy posted my letter. It's here.

Secondly!! Have you ever watched a movie that leaves you feeling like you've had about three energy drinks and a bag of skittles? When you watch the movie at the perfect time for your mood and the absurd love you feel for it comes bubbling up in skittish energy? And you run around shadowboxing and squealing the name of your favorite character over and over again?

Please tell me Amy and I are not the only ones.

Because we watched The Eagle last night.

AND I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!! *Shadowboxes.* It was so awesome! The battle scenes were awesome. The characters were awesome. The scenery was awesome. The movie  was awesome. I liked one character the teensiest bit more than the other one. But I like small people.



Yeah. Lots of love for that movie. A kind of embarrassing amount of love since it's not really a girl movie, (a bit violent) but there you go. (It also had some of the most beautiful filmography I've ever seen. And it's in set in Britain....) *sheepish grin.*

Thirdly!! Both Kat and Alyianna tagged me!

Isn't it funny, how you can go for months without a single tag and then BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!! You're hit with eight or so in a single week. Ha!

Kat got bored with the tag that was going around, so she made her own. She's like that.


*Answer the questions
*Tell four very random things about yourself
*Nominate if you feel like it. (or essentially that.)

Kat's questions:

1.) What sort of a book would you describe yourself to be? (i.e., are you a fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian, etc?)     Um.... I'm on of those fictions that has a mix of fantasy, some snappy dialogue, and touch of insanity.

2.) What would be likelier to do? Order a coffee with a British accent, or pretend to be deaf when someone talks to you?
     Order a coffee with a British accent. Under the name River.

 3.) A total stranger comes up to you. Do you (a.) react instantly and punch him in the face before he has a chance to introduce himself? (b.) step back and wait to see if he is hostile before punching? or (c.) go all coward and run away, screaming like a banshee?
     It really depends on the situation!! Like say, for example, that a thuggish man with cauliflower ears and a bashed nose was nearing my proximity with a snappy gait I would definitely punch him in the face and run. However, if he happened to look nice and non-threatening, B would be my reaction.

4.) Would you prefer to be sick with the stomach 'flu or a shockingly bad case of strep throat?     You're killing me here. I haven't had strep that I can remember, so I'm going with that. Because I just had the flu. I would rather have faced the Silence.

5.) If YOU could be a superhero, what type would you like to be?
     Well I wouldn't be Tap Man. I'd be more the silent and deadly type. With a gun.

6.) Someone yells "Obey!" What's the first thing you think of?
     I think of Daleks screaming, "OBEY!" at each other. In harmony.

And for the four very random facts:

1.) I think the way arms are shaped is weird.
2.) I can seriously love violent action movies as long as they have a good ending.
3.) I can do the "Live long and prosper" sign with both hands.

4.) I hate (with a capital H) trying new things. New activities, new situations, new roads... Hate.

Okay!! And now I move on to Alyianna's...... Shine On award!

*Link back to the person who nominated you: Done
*Post the badge on your blog: Done
*Answer the questions posed.
*Nominate five bloggers who shine a light on your day and notify them.
*Issue some questions you'd like them to answer


1.) Who are your five favourite authors and why?
In no particular order:
     Ally Carter: because her books are hilarious. Because she can write good heroins who are tough and clever, but not obnoxious. And because her guy character tend to be really, really cool.
     Owen Francis Dudley: because he writes the best Catholic books in the history of the world
     Anthony Horowitz: Because his book are awesome.
     J.R.R. Tolkien: No explanation necessary
     Rick Riordan- because.... I like his books. Do I really need a reason? Okay. Percy. And Jason. But mostly Percy.
2.) If you had one day left to live, what would you do? (Oh, and it does matter how long your answer to this. A schedule for the whole day would work, too. xD But I doubt any of you will want to spend that much time on it. ;P)
     Pray. Receive the Sacraments. And.... I don't know.... spend it with my family. It would stink to have to plan your own last day to live though. Just sayin' :)

3.) What are your top twenty favourite foods? :P
     ..................................... It's Lent,  people! ALL the food sounds good right now!

4.) Which of these would you rather do?
- save the world with Percy Jackson
- spend a day riding horses and shooting targets with Merida (that red-headed princess in Brave)
- travel Middle Earth with Gandalf (you're not going to spend much time in any place, though)

     Um...... CHOICES! I hate making choices. All of them. There. Now I don't have to choose.

5.) Which of these would you rather do? 
 - work in the house with Cinderella but get to go the ball with her and end up marrying Cinderella's prince's brother
- time travel with the Doctor (I haven't watched that show...yet.)
- spend a day at home alone getting to do whatever you want to do

     Waal. Either travel with the Doctor:

OR spend a day at home alone. I love the simple stay-at-home days, where you can just relax and work on your hobbies. (but I must admit. I did not know that Cinderella ended up with a brother-in-law. That's pretty cool. But nah. I would never want to marry into royalty.)

And now, you nominees, here are my questions to you:

1.) Avengers or Batman?
2.) What is your favorite kind of dog?
3.) Bourne or Bond? (I actually have never seen a single James Bond movie. But he has a cool name.)
4.) Do you have any desire to learn how to use a gun? Sword? Bow and arrow?
5.) When watching a movie in a different language, would you rather subtitles or have it dubbed over?

And now, I will nominate. You ladies and pick which award you want. Or you can do both. Or whatever. It's up to you. :)
Cait and Mime


  1. DUDE! i got *soo* excited when I saw that you were gushing about The Eagle!! gah. I *AH-DORE* that movie. :D and Jamie Bell. Well. He's like. amazing and beautiful and I love lots of his movies. ^_^
    my reaction to the first list of answers/random facts was. Omigosh, best GIF *ever*. lol, Daleks... and i totally agree about action movies! :D
    my reaction to the second list was.. you are wise for choosing going with the Doctor! ;)
    This was a super fun post, I really enjoyed it!!

    1. YAYAY! ANOTHER EAGLE FAN!!!!!!!!! *cyber hug* That movie is SO AWESOME! And yes, Jamie Bell is a brilliant actor. Have you seen Man On A Ledge? Really, really good. (an off scene that you can see coming and one quick awkward part that's hard to fast forward, but other than that.... it's so good. It was my first introduction to Jamie Bell other than Tintin, and I liked his character more than Sam Worthington's)

      I know! I love that GIF! It's hilarious!

      Of course I would go with the Doctor. Who wouldn't?

      I'm glad you liked it, Noni! :D

      God bless

  2. Gah! You're not kidding when you said "BOOM BOOM BOM!" Looks like I have a lot of homework to do now, lol. Thanks so much for nominating me, you are so sweet! :)

    1. Hehehe. You're welcome. (Though I couldn't tell if you were genuinely pleased or not. :D)

    2. I am. :) Just not feeling too well, that's all.

    3. Oh I see. :) Feel better soon, then. Yeah?

    4. Thanks. I feel a little better today. So I will post the award on my blog. Thank you so much, Treskie! **hugs

  3. The Eagle of the Ninth is a movie?! You're kidding! What timing! I'm just about to read that! Like for an extra reader for my schoolwork. No way. :) That's cool.

    And I can do the Star Trek sign thing with both hands, too. I do it for fun, to look weird, even though I haven't acutally watched a full episode or the movie. I felt like a true nerd while watching a little bit, but... don't spear me... I'm not a big fan. ;)

    1. You should check it out, it's brilliant. :)

      Yeah, Star Trek isn't for everyone. I wouldn't recommend the movie, they changed the characters too much, but the original series is my favorite. Very corny, but the characters are good. lol. :)

  4. Girl-movie squirrel-movie. Haha I hate when people judge you for watching a so called "boy-movie"! It looks good, though, I've never heard of it!

    1. Hehehe. I do watch quite a few 'boy' movies. :D

      I'm actually not surprised that you'd never heard of it. It wasn't that popular, but I don't know why. IT's SO GOOD!

  5. I have never seen the eagel...... but I do like some pretty violent movies. Have you ever seen Gadiator? It is like my favorite. Or Patriot. Or Kingdom of Heaven. :)

    1. My sister has seen Gladiator, and she likes it. I want to see it now, because I'm in a Roman mood.... I've seen Patriot though. I liked it a lot. The Eagle's violence isn't quite as gory though, which I liked better. :D

  6. dude! I totally want to see that movie. Noni has gushed about it for a while and I've never gotten around to seeing it. And yes. Those are my favorite movies. the ones where you feel like you've had three energy drinks and a bag of skittles....Marvel movies kinda do that to me. ;) And Pirates of the Caribbean.
    On the first set of questions: 3) haha!! I adore that GIF! <3 and 5) *loved* the psych reference! xD
    Second: 3) That killed me!! So funnay. ^_^ <3
    Thanks for the tag!! I still have Katrina's to do so I'll prolly mush them into one post sometime this week. :D <3 <3

    1. GO watch it!! NOW!! hahaha. Well next time you and Noni get together you should. That would be fun. :) Marvel movies do that to me too! I really love that feeling. XD

      That part of that episode had me in hysterics, I was like, "I KNEW I loved Rory!"

      Oh yay! I was wondering if anyone would get my Psych reference. :)

      hahahaha. Thanks. Lent is really hard sometimes. ;)

      And yeah, that's totally okay if you mush them together. Her questions are better than mine anyway.

  7. "Have you ever watched a movie that leaves you feeling like you've had about three energy drinks and a bag of skittles?"

    ^^^ THIS LINE. I've never heard it described like that but I totally get that feeling!!! I haven't seen the Eagle but it looks like i have to...hahaha. Thanks for this lovely post, i always enjoy reading the answers to people's questions. :)

    1. Hehe, thanks, Soph. I was trying to figure out a way to describe it so everyone knew what I was talking about. I guess I managed it. *pats self on back* You really should watch it. It's..... like the epitome of epic.

  8. Jamie Bell?! I have to find that movie. He is one of the coolest actors ever...okay, I likely just think this because he played Tintin and is a huge Tintin geek. But still....

    I'm with you, Percy is slightly cooler then Jason. *Grin*

    And aye, how do you spell accadently?

    1. Well he's a very good actor and he's so CUTE! Haha. He seems really nice in real life too, which I like. So yeah. Violent mood? Watch the Eagle.

      Percy's just awesome, is what he is. The older he gets the cooler he gets. ;)

      Accidentally. (Add the 'i' instead of a because that's what gets you the ax sound. :D You're welcome. Hahaha!)

    2. He does seem nice in real life. I stalked his interviews before Tintin came out. He was SO funny in them because during the quizes they did he took them so seriously, wherein some of the other actors didn't mind that they had no clue what the answers were and just guessed. (That must have been a fun movie to work on.)

      Oh, i. Okay, that kind of makes sense. *Eyes the word* Thanks! I'm gooing to have to remember that one.

      Oh I forgot characters die in the Redwall books!!! I remember some of them dying now, it was depressing.

      Where are you at in Psych? The one where he and Jules go on holiday?

    3. Oh, Brian Jacques couldn't get through a single book without killing one of my favorite characters! Did you ever read Mariel of Redwall? The HARES!!! *sniff*

      Actually, we only just started the sixth season of Psych, and you mentioned that that episode's near the end. And um... since it's Lent, we try not to watch a lot of movies and things, so.... I'll have to wait until after Easter to finish the season. Which stinks. :D

    4. Oh yes!!! I loved Mariel of Redwall! I actually forgot the Hares. I need to re-read it, I kind of remember it now. Didn't he kill her father as well?

      Oh, so you haven't finished Psych. I thought you had. Okay, then I will warn you, because I would have felt better with a warning. Think BBC cliff hanger...maybe not as bad, but a close second.

      Agreed about people saying Authors don't do anything. I've had this said to me too many times to count. Usually in the middle of editing and I look at them and silently go, "Get out of here before I stab you with my pencil."

    5. No, her father lasted through it. :)

      I'm so scared of that cliffhanger! I saw a clip on youtube about a year back, when I was still on the second season....

      Hahaha! My sister does that look too. Over her glasses. It's unnerving. :)

  9. I'd rather have subtitles. Those voices they dub over foreign films that so OBVIOUSLY don't match the real words, and usually sound high and false, drive me up a wall faster than if I was attempting to escape Stalag Luft III.

    1. LOL me too! And you don't even NOTICE subtitles after a while. :D

  10. I freakin' LOVE Jamie Bell in the Eagle. Like, from the very first moment you see his little self in that nasty old arena, I was like, "Gaaaaah!" *Ahem.* That movie will be re-watched many, many times. :D

    I loved it when Rory punched the Doctor. Rory is cool. *Smirk*


    1. ESCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! He is a very cute wee manny. lol.

      *Rory punching* "SHE IS TO ME!" and I'm like, *melt*

  11. Oooooh! The Eagle! We loves it precious, we loves it! Not as much as we should have, though. We blameses that on the book being made of stuff too awesome for awesome and us having read it before watching the movie. But Jamie Bell as Esca and Channing Tatum as Marcus...we shall sit here and make funny sounds induced by their magnificence. Especially Esca's. We just want to hug him. It is kinda sad that they left Cottia out of the movie. We liked her. But she probably would have made it slightly cluttered. So whatever and humbug.

    Oh, you know what's good movie? Taken. And Taken 2. Watched that last night. It was quite wonderful. Although, extremely violent. It kinda made The Eagle look like a walk through a sunny park. More or less. But's it's good. And we have officially come to the conclusion that action movies that are generally considered "guy movies" are superior to the "girly movies". It's just a pity we were born into a family who thinks otherwise. Bah humbug.

    We likes your questions. So we shall answer them right her. Right now. In this very moment.

    1.) Avengers or Batman? AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!! *ahem* Yes, we quite enjoy The Avengers. We likes Batman, too, but we have only seen Batman Begins. So, we shall someday watch the others and love them too.
    2.) What is your favorite kind of dog? Labs. Retrievers. Irish Wolfhounds. Big ones. Ones that you can't pick up and don't go get eaten by wild animals in the first week you have them.
    3.) Bourne or Bond? (I actually have never seen a single James Bond movie. But he has a cool name.) We watched a James Bond movie once. Diamonds Are Forever. And it was weird. And slightly pathetic. Long with apparently no plot. Just a bunch of naked people. Yeah, We're not a huge fan. So Bourne. Because a) we are of the opinion it doesn't ake a whole lot to be better than Bond, and b) Bourne is more awesome anyway.
    4.) Do you have any desire to learn how to use a gun? Sword? Bow and arrow? We should love to become proficient in all of those. Especially after watching Taken. *adds "learn how to shoot a gun" to the to-do list*
    5.) When watching a movie in a different language, would you rather subtitles or have it dubbed over? Subtitles. Because dubbing feels fake and we use subtitles anyway. Even on English-speaking movies. We're strange like that.

    Well, I do believe that's the longest comment I've ever left. Joyousness. And I left it Gollum style. *gollum gollum*

    Lucky you.


    1. We are very impressed by your use of Gollum's dialect. We noticed it right off.

      :D And now.... I DIDN"T KNOW THERE WAS A BOOK!!!! lol. I didn't think the movie needed a girl... It was so nice not to have to worry about bad scenes, you know? But OOOH ESCA!!!! I love him. He's currently my desktop picture. He's such a good wee person.

      I want to see the Taken movies. I've heard they were really good and that the second is better than the first. I just need to find a time when I don't have to watch them by myself. Don't think I would deal well with them on my own. LOL. ;) It's okay about their violence. I like it. hahaha. And yeah. Generally boy movies are better.... but then again there are times when I want a girl movie.... But those occasions are few and very far between. :)

      YAY! For the Avengers! I love them so much. Which one's your favorite?

      I like big dogs too. Or bigger, at least. Don't care much for Great Danes. LOVE german shepherds.

      that's the general impression I got of Bond as well. I've seen bits and pieces over the years, but yeah. Bourne all the way. He's so friggen AWESOME!!!!!!

      Same here. I would take classes if I wasn't so shy. :D

      Subtitles are way better. Have you seen Ip Man? It's in Chinese, but it's the true story of the man who taugh Bruce Lee how to fight. It's set in WWII.... there's a lot of fighting and action. I can't remember if there's a bad scene or not. I don't think so. You should look it up. It's subtitled. It's awesome. I love the little Ip Man. LOL.

      Thanks for commenting! I like long comments! Do you DO tags on your blog? I haven't seen one, so I wasn't sure. lol...

    2. Favourite Avenger? Iron man. Well, and Hawkeye. Not to mention Black Widow. Brucey, too. And Thor. And Capsicle. And Jarvis, of course. Am I allowed to add Loki? Anyways...

      I do do tags. On occasion. There's about 10 I'm supposed to be doing right now. Heh.

      But yeah. Go read the book. Go watch Taken. And I'll go look up Ip Man.

    3. Loki doesn't TECHNICALLY count as an Avenger. But I love him too, so yeah. Go ahead. lol. ;)

      I shall read the book when I have time. I shall watch Taken when Lent is over. You must let me know when you watch Ip Man. Kay!? :)

  12. Hahahahaha every time I see an American say "British accent" it makes me smile, a) because Americans are silly (no racism meant) and b) because British accents done't exist. I don't have much else to say, except that I'm not wildly incensed by that film on account of it has Channing Tatum in it...I mean, ick...

    1. LOL why are American's silly?? And British accents do exist. It just encompasses ALLLL the accents in Britain. I think, at least.

      Well.... yeah. Channing Tatum's been in some bad movies... but he's a really good actor and he has a lot of soul in that movie. Besides, if you like Jamie Bell at all you will love this movie. :D


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