Thursday, February 14, 2013

So much love......


And Happy Valentine's Day!

I would have drawn a cute picture, but unfortunately I've been horrifically ill the last couple of days. (And I do mean horrifically. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.) Today is my comeback, I think. But I am wiped out. You know: get up, brush hair, take an hour nap? Yeah. It's been that kind of day. Sigh.

On to happier subjects! It is Valentine's Day! Which means.... uh.... You know, I had  a thought there... I seem to have forgotten it. Hmmm.

So anyway, let's talk romance. I know, I  know  that this is basically the same kind of post everyone else is doing, but hey ho.

I'm going list five types of things that put me in the Valentine's mood.

1.) MUSIC! Music is definitely one of the things that can put me in a sappy mood in seconds. Don't know why. It's weird. But here are a few of my favorite love songs:

Josh Groban- You Are Loved. Face it, people. Those are some of the best lyrics you have ever heard!

Hayley Westenra- My Heart Belongs to You.

Josh Groban- For Always. (The song doesn't start until 1:43-ish. But it was the only version of him singing it solo that I could find, and it's better solo. :)

And now I insert a random country song, because.... I just really love it.
John Michael Montgomery- I Can Love You Like That

Probably the best love song from Disney ever...

And one more Josh songs, just because it's Josh and he's my favorite. =)

2.) PICTURES! Pictures also have the sappy effect on me. My Pinterest board is laden with silly pictures. :)

3.) MOVIES! Or more specifically, movie couples. :)

    1.) Return to me. Adorable. Probably one of my favorite romances of all time. (A couple of off color conversations but nothing too horrid.)

    2.) Cinderella Man-- Okaaay. Not technically a romance. More of a boxing movie. Bit violent. But the relationship between Jimmy and Mae is very cute and realistic. 

     3.) Kate and Leopold - Hugh Jackman. 'Nuff said. 

4.) Doctor Who's Amy and Rory

4.) BOOKS!!

     1.) Lark by Sally Watson. Seriously, seriously cute book. I haven't met anyone who hasn't loved it yet. :)

     2.) The Sherwood Ring. You want romance? Go for it. 

     3.) Sorcery and Cecilia- or the enchanted chocolate pot. Hilarious. Cute. Awesome. 

5.) QUOTES! Quotes have a weird effect on me. Just sayin'.


And there you go. I hope the length of this post did not frighten you away.

As for me, I am not in love or even seeing anybody on the horizon to  love. But that's okay, you know. I'm only a likkle person still, and I have some time. I'm not ready to be married. But one day.... right? :)

So today this is me.

God bless and Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I'm going to go take a nap.


  1. I LOVED the UP picture! That was adorable! I cry throughout that movie every time..... Happy Valentines and I hope you feel better soon!

    1. I love that picture too! And yes, I cry too. Every. Time.

      Thank you!..... I am feeling better now. :)

  2. Awesome Post, Peskie. Loved it!

  3. Ill?? Oh my! :( I'm glad you're getting better!
    Kate and leopold....I love that movie so stinking much. xD <3 <3
    Josh Groban, those pictures, those quotes...^_^ This is such a pretty post!!

    1. lol I am glad I'm getting better too. Thanks for the good feels. lol. :)

      ME TOO! It's SO CUTE! Hugh Jackman is a sweetie in it. :)

  4. Treski ~ I've always considered Cinderella Man to be a perfect love story. Hardly any romantic scenes in it, and yet Jim and May are so completely in love that you can feel it every time they look at each other. And they would both do *anything* for their kids... A romantic boxing movie... what more could you ask?

    1. Yeah. It's one of my favorites. :) And yes, to everything.

      What more could I ask for? Eh... a male descendant? For me?

  5. Ugh, being ill sucks. But I'm very glad you're back on your feet! I like these kinds of posts: it's nice to peep into the heart and soul of your blogging chums and see what makes them tick, and besides the what-makes-me-happy posts always, well, make me happy. I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day!

    1. It certainly does. :D But hey, I am better now, so life is good again. lol.

      I don't do these kinds of posts very often because I feel like they drag on a bit. I was half asleep through most of it! BUT knowing that SOMEONE likes them makes me happy so... YAY!

      It ended up being a pretty peaceful V day. Which was nice. How was yours?

  6. Ooh, I loved this. Josh Groban<3 Yes. and any disney song ever = yes<3 The pictures were sweet<3 and HUGH JACKMAN. i've never seen that movie...but HUGH JACKMAN. <3 haha. Lastly, I love the mumford and sons quote and winnie the pooh. Two of my favorite things:)

    1. Hehehe. I love Josh. Have you heard his new CD? One of my favorites indeed.

      YES! HUGH JACKMAN!!!!! Haha. Well you MUST watch it. It's the cutest movie ever. Well.... one of them. Really, you should see if you can get it, it's well worth it. :)

      Mumford & Sons do tend to come up with some pretty awesome quotes, don't they? And Pooh... I think Pooh might actually be aimed at the wrong age group. Big kids tend to like it more. LOL. :)


  7. I think Amy and Rory are amazing too. I loved that whole post. better than mine which was sort of a "Hello... goodbye."

  8. I freak in' LOVE Amy and Rory! Best companions EVER!!!

    I too celebrated Valentine's Day Han-style. Sorrows. But there you go. :-)

  9. I love that most of the sappy songs you like are Josh Groban's. And that you mentioned Hidden Away. That is one of my top favourites by him.

    I hope you get comepletely better soon!!

    I could ask the one handed hermit to come and teach you the sword if you like. And the elf to teach you how to use the bow.

    I took your advice and watched Psych after my sad scene, and had a pancake. It helped, in that I delayed it and spent all of today sulking. Which means I need more Psych, and if I had it, another pancake.

    1. His sappy songs tend to have a bit more soul than the average songs these days. And yeah. Hidden Away is one of his best. That look he gives the girl at the end of the video was PERFECT! :)

      Oh good, I'm glad it helped. :) Which season are you on now?

      I am now completely better, which has perked my mood considerably. :D


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