Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"I am totes adorbs for realsies!"

The title. Don't ask. It's just a quote that's been stuck in my head all  day. 


I'm back!!

Yes, yes, yes. 

Been a while. *ahem.*

Rough week, okay!? Stuff happened. So... blogging might be down a bit. We'll see. (I promise to get the 'braid' tutorial up soon. Just need to figure out if I want to film it or just take lots of pictures of the process. What would you rather?) I also really need to write my next letter for the Game. So.... yeah. 

I'll update you, shall I?

Two words. Tardis cookies. Yeah, okay, they're pretty light. The dye refused to go darker. 

 I did the math and realized that if I kept up the pace I'm going in school, I won't be out until the middle of... July. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! So I'm doubling up in everything. (Hence the lack of blogging.) I did four weeks of Apologetics today. Can I have a clap on the back, please!?

My sister's boss then asked for house-sitters while he was gone. 

epic beds.....

And okay..... when this is the view from your back porch.....


I made the mistake of watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries..... They are so funny! Like seriously? I watched all the episodes in less than three days. *cough ahem* I REGRET NOTHING! I love them. They can get pretty inappropriate sometimes.... Lydia could do with some serious disciplinary action. But overall...

I frikken love Darcy.

Iidiscovered this video: Can I just say, "awesome!" Unfortunately, Holding Out For a Hero, is kind of my theme song. The lyrics are totally and completely me. 

And this video. It puts a whooole new meaning on Somebody that I used to know. So many feels!

Also this video. It has been a very, very long time since I laughed this hard. It's less than a minute long. Watch it now. Guaranteed to cheer you up.

And this picture: Don't even get me started on how much I love it. lol!

I found out that Ally Carter, who writes Heist Society and The Gallagher Girls has written a novella combing the two. *Freakout fangirl moment* 

And I finally have the last two books of the Artemis Fowl series on hold at the library. Why does the last book always come in before the second-to-last!? 

Again, I apologize for lack of posting and commenting.

And the weirdness and randomness of this post.

And the lateness of the hour.



  1. LOVE the Lizzie Bennet Diaries!!! It's totes adorbs. ;D Yeah, my bestie and I have been talking like. Because it's fun.

    1. Hehehe. Me too. I never liked Wickham. :D

    2. Wickham is a jerk, whether in a period or modern setting.

      Oh, and I read the first Heist Society book - LOVED IT!! Totally reading the rest of the series. :)

    3. Yep. And was it just me or is he not as good looking as they make him out to be?

      Oooh! The second book is better, I think. I like Hale more. :D

  2. I need to finish Heist Society. I read the first one, and started the second, but it was exam time and I was scrambled. I ended up with a massive library fine, and so I didn't go to the library for quite a while... (I never paid, actually.) ;) Ah, dear. I want to read Double Crossed! I mean, anything Gallagher Girls? Awesome.

    1. Yeah, I want to read the newest one, Perfect Scoundrels. And Double Crossed sound *epic*. :D Zach and Hale.... and Kat and Cammie... in one book. Whoa.

    2. I don't think Cammie's in Double Crossed. I think it's about Macey (not my favourite character, but still great.) ;) I read Ally Carter's blog, I think it's what happened while Cammie was AWOL. Bah! Sooo exciting!

  3. Hhahaha I love your posts! They're so entertainng. And adorbs for realsies tots. (I switched it up on purpose XD lol) I really need to start watching dr.who now that i can get the episodes for free on amazon!

    1. hehe, thanks, Soph. :D Ooh yes, you should watch DW. I must warn you that for `the first couple of seasons, the effects are really, really awful. Like... sixties movies awful. But the Doctor is funneh, so yeah. :D

  4. Lol, I thought the last pic was of Pee Wee Herman. :P

    1. Hehe, I have no idea who that is. Who is he? She? It?

  5. JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got me there. Like really. really. got me.
    *sigh*, he's beautiful.
    Ok, done gushing. :)))
    First DW video, I giggled and fangirled through the whole dang thing.
    2nd DW, I just can', to many feels. :''''''(
    Screaming Goat, the more you watch it the funnier it gets!!!! I love the Justin Beiber one best. :)
    This post pretty much made my day!
    I'm glad you're back!

    1. YES YES YES! Jamie!! Agree.

      Yes, me too. I was like, "Wowoww this is perfect." And the "Somebody that I used to know" was a link next to it... I cried. We all cried. hehe

      I KNOW! the screaming goat... my friend showed it to me, and I showed it to the rest of my family. Now, whenever someone sings, "Now I'm lying on the cold, hard ground..." Everyone pitches in with a bleating "AAAAAAAAAAAH!" It's driving my dad crazy. lol.

      I'm glad I'm back too! :D

      God bless ox

  6. OHMYGOSH. That second video...Why!?!? Oh...My feels can't take it. *sob* wow. <3
    THe first one was good too....but the second one killed me dead.


    Oh! Tardis cookies! how cute! :)
    I've missed this bloggy to death, btw. just so you know. lol. :D I haven't been keeping up AT ALL. *sorry*. :/ <3
    fun post!

    1. Hahahaha. Funny, because the first time I watched Silence in the Library, my opinion on River was neutral. She was just another extra who died. And now, going back and re-watching it after going through the 5th and 6th season... I watch that part and I'm like, "RIIIIIIIVVVVEEERRRR!!" *snifflesob* So yeah. Whooooole new meaning for "Somebody that I used to know." :)

      hahaha. the Tardis cookies... unfortunately, THEY were not bigger on the inside.

      Aww, thanks, Rachel. xo That comment made my day. (And don't worry about not keeping up... I've fallen behind too. ox)

  7. Hehe, the gif is amazing. ♥


    1. yes. Yes it is. :D

      I'll check out your blog as soon as I get the chance. :D


  8. I love that Jamie Bell and Tintin picture.... and... *oh* *that* *goat*. WHY is that goat so hysterically funny?

    1. :D He seems like a bit of a goof.

      I dunno. I think it's because it's at the PERFECT pitch. :D

  9. Oh my, T.A.R.D.I.S. cookies. These are brilliant! Do you have a recipe for these? It's my sister's birthday coming up, and she would love these :)

    1. :D They'are awesome. Ummmm. No real recipe. We just made sugar cookies and used a knife to get the shape. Sorry!

  10. Glad you're back! I don't have much time but I'd just like to say: NOW I'M LYING ON THE COLD HARD GROUND, MRRREEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! BOOM, TROUBLE, TROUBLE, TROUBLE!


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