Thursday, April 4, 2013

A whole lot of nothing


1.) We re-watched Lilies of the Field for the first time in years. I don't think I've seen it since I was.... six? I don't know why, it's such a fun movie.

These nuns have come over to America from East Germany

Mother Maria 

Believes that this man, Homer,

Was sent by God to build them a chapel. 

At first he doesn't agree. 

Then.... he does.

And it's heartwarming.

It's a really cute movie, and I like it a lot. Definitely recommend it. :)

Here's a clip where he teaches them a song....

Now, just for laughs, imagine me as a two-year-old, singing, "A-a-amen. Aaa-a-amen! Aaaaa-amen! Amen! Amen! Sing it ovah" repeatedly during Mass. What can I say? I was cute. LOL. 

2.) I have been in the mood for baseball lately. Like I want to don a baseball cap, go out and having a rousing good game. Unfortunately the weather's like:

So I doubt it'll happen. Sigh

3.) I drew this on Good Friday.

And these over Easter and the days after.

This one irritated me. The colors got ridiculously washed out when I scanned it. 

So I stuck it on to picmonkey and had a jolly good time making it look cooler

Picmonkey is freaking awesome.

4.) I had to read The Virginian for school.

It's one of the few literature books that I actually enjoyed  reading! I couldn't stand the narrator, but the Virginian himself was a very cool character. Methinks I need to draw him. What thinketh you? 

5.) Today is James Roday's birthday. Also Robert Downey Jr.'s. 

They should get shwarma. 

And now I will away. 

I have things to do.

corn shells to fry

Tacos to eat

essays to write. 

God bless!


  1. hehe, i love these posts. ^_^
    that last RDJ one cracked me up, he's so stinking precious!

    1. Hehehe, I know. The way he does that serious, "My extreme humility" and then has a good laugh at the absurdity of that statement. LOL. I really like him. He seems like he's come around a lot, and he's really, really sweet.

  2. I knew it was James birthday (:

    1. Yay! Did you watch Psych to celebrate?

    2. Of course and I had some pineapple as well:)

  3. 'Tis a good movie. :D It makes ME really want to build us a 'shaple'!

    I love Shawn. And Yes, I did watch some Psych yesterday. Happy birthday to him. :)

    Lovely art there, Peskie. I likes.

    1. Vee vill build a shapel! Vee vomen!!

      Fanks, Pandy. :D

  4. I love listening to African American singers. Some of those old groups from, like the 40's, are my favourites.

    Aye, that Psych with the lie detector was one of the best. Lassie's sulking, and then admitting just how much he looks after Jules. He is kind of like her big....grumpy, gun loving, no sense of humor at (Step-brother? Weird kid who lives down the street and eats nothing but mayo on crackers...)

    1. They have really good voices, don't they?!

      Haha! Lassie doesn't WANT to care, I think, and when he does it takes him by surprise. And HEHE! I was thinking that quote!! LOL

  5. I love that movie! e got it for my mom on her birthday.. Or was it for Christmas? LOL! anyway, we watched it together and we loved it. and that song "Amen" is contagious. Right after I read your blog yesterday, I got that song stuck in my head.

    1. I KNOW! That song, all the little kids are going around singing it, and after a while it's like, SHUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUP. LOL.

    2. HAHAHA!!!!!! oh my, that is hilarious but I know what you mean.

    3. LOL, oh wow! I can imagine my brother say that. he has a funny way of saying it.

  6. Yeah, purple food is weird. Unless it is candy. Candy purple isn't as weird.

    You get cold a lot, like us. We got snow last night. I don't mind snow, but it isn't enough to make a snowman so I would rather it be nice so I can go for another walk.
    Noses going numb isn't fun.

    1. We got snow yesterday but it melted today. I think spring is around the corner and it makes me very happy.

  7. Oh! I know what you mean! The hook scene in the second Sherlock makes me cringe every time!! I felt so bad for him during that part and kept yelling for Watson to hurry and save him.
    Jude Law is a brilliant Watson. As brilliant as Martin Freeman, just in different ways. I like how they both do him. Actually, they are two of the few men I like who have portrayed Watson. Most did him as a bit dim and always clueless, not at all like in the books.

    Aye, you got the third Mission Impossible right. It was his wife who was kidnapped. And in the beginning they had this crazy rescue scene and they saved the girl but there was that bomb in her brain and she ended up dying. It was very creepy.
    And aye, Ethan did electracute himself to stop the bomb, then his wife had to bring him back to life. That is probably one of my least favourite movies.
    The new one though was amazing! I even liked the girl - I could never stand his wife. She was too...whiny and stuff. But the new girl was sweet and fun, kind of like the Black Window. She'd bat her eyes at a fellow and then beat him up when he wasn't looking.
    But I am still amazed at how well Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner act together. Jeremy Renner looks like a very serious man with no sense of humor at all. Like he never smiles. But in real life, from what I've seen in his interviews and such, he is more of the mischievous sort who looks like he is always up to something. Which I think is what he pulled off in the movie. Acting clueless and scared, then turning around helping Ethan fight those one bad guys.
    And then with Simon Pegg, they worked very well together. Ethan needs to retire and leave the spying up to those two.

    Like you, Simon Pegg is the reason I would watch the first Star Trek. The second because he and Benedict Cumberbach is in it.

    Oh! Thati s cool you work for a family where the dad looks like Simon Pegg! That would be so cool!!

    And...the tormenting my readers? I do it because I am evil. *Rubs hands together and cackles.* And because authors tormented me and this is the closest I can get to revenge.

    1. I actually think it was the Watsons just as much as the Sherlocks that make me like those to Sherlock Holmes. All the other ones that I've seen tend to be old, slightly over weight men, but thinking about it, Watson is just back from war, so Martin and Jude's portrayals of Watson is more realistic. :D
      Uuuuuuuuuuuggghh he took WAY to long to rescue Sherlock, what was he thinking, waiting so long!? LOL.

      I remember the spy girl dying! That was AWFUL! I was like, "They did all that for NOTHING!? Sheeeesh!" I don't think I've seen enough to make up my mind about Ethan's wife. But I do like Black Widow a little more than Jane... I'm not sure why. I really liked the 'girl fight' that she and that awful assassin lady got into, though. It wasn't so much of a cat fight like a lot of girl fights.... they fought like girls but... I dunno. It just LOOKED better. (not as much hair-pulling and screeching, maybe?)

      Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg have really great acting chemistry. They are both goofs behind scenes, it seems... I like people like that. That scene where Brandt breaks his cover and takes out the room of badguys, and the scene after where he and Ethan have the disarming match.... those were two of my favorite scenes. It was like, BOOOOOOOOOM. SOLD. :D

      It is cool. I love that family. The Dad is hilarious. :)

      *sigh* You authors and being evil. It must give you a rush. LOL. :D


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