Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Le Update


I just thought I'd pop in and say hi. So..... Hi!


1.) Been a bit busy lately. My uncle is up visiting and we've been having Mass at our house every morning. It's really quite lovely. 

2.) MAH LAPTOP IS BACK!!!!!!  You know what that means, right? I can start working on the vlog!! 

I can practically hear a certain follower (who shall remain anonymous) shouting for joy. 

3.) I finally  got to read Jack's book! 

It's so freaking awesome, you guys. I'm so glad I own it. It has like.... all the elements I love in a story: good plot (ever thickening), great characters, (Ohmygosh, PETER!!!), well written action, (punching, and knockouts and guns, huzzah!), a touch of sadness (sniffle. Daaaang, that prologue....), and a nice solid pace, not too fast, not too slow, with witty repartee and hilarious descriptions. (Darcy...) 

It reminded me a lot of Tintin, the way it felt, the way it ran, and the characters. 

I don't even think I'm biased, despite the fact that I view Jack as a good friend. It's one of my favorite books. It's awesome.

Basically? Read it. Just do yourselves a favor and read it. 

4.) My infatuation with Supernatural  isn't waning. It's.... it's.... it's a problem, you guys. And now Anna likes it too. Sorry, Anna. :)

5.) I've written and backspaced this fact like ten times now. I'm sure there was something  else  I was going to say, but I can't remember right now. I'll just put this video here in its place. If you have a couple minutes, I can guarantee it'll make you laugh. Even if you don't like The Eye of the Tiger. :)

So yeah, there you have it. I will work on the vlog and hopefully have it up next time I post. Stay tuned, y'all.



  1. 1) That is so cool!


    3) I can't wait to see your cover illustration! :)

    4) LOL!!!

    5) **drooling "vlog coming soon, precious!" :P

    1. I know it is!

      LOL, silly.

      I'm not sure I'm doing the cover illustration.

      I freaking love Dean.

      Yep, it is. It'll be fun. lol.

    2. hehe, yay! Your vlog (soon vlogs) are my favorite of all.

  2. Loved your post! And....I *suppose* I forgive you......... *wink* I see you had no luck with finding a good Sam gif, eh? hmmm *scowls*

    Hehe! I'll be emailing you soon! So keep your eyes open! Oh yes. I I just stumbled upon that "Eye of the tiger" video last night.....small world, no? O.o hehe!

    Glad you got your laptop back!!

    BTW, that fangirling gif pretty much sums me up right now. :) I think, I too, have a problem.....

    1. thanks! Hehe, I couldn't find a gif that FIT. I mean there were some good ones, but none that worked in the post. :( So much sad, because I really do like Sam a lot.

      That Eye of the Tiger makes me giggle every time. I think he's trying to do a Rocky impersonation. LOL.

      ME TOO!

      Same here. I'm driving my mom crazy, because she doesn't like Supernatural and I'm just like.... drooling. lol.

  3. Yayayay, the vlog! EXCITEMENT! :D

  4. I determined to NEVER watch Supernatural because I heard there was something bad in it. (A guy with a guy or something.) But, you and Anna both like it...a lot. And I trust both of your tastes in things. Soo....I've been seriously considering it. (After Merlin. I've told myself I have to finish Merlin first.)

    I am really glad you liked my book 8-D That always makes me happy to know it is liked.

    1. You know, I heard that too. But my cousins (who are as strict as I am with nasty things like that) really like the show, and I'm sure they'd warn me if there was any pervy stuff like that going on.

      So far, what I've seen, there aren't any guy with guy bits going on. I would definitely warn people if there was that in a show.

      Also, I did some reading up on the show, and while I think there might be occasional episodes with that theme in it (kind of like Doctor Who) I think the gay element is mostly the creepy fans doing fan fiction. Both the actors are from Texas and seem really moral. (Dean's actor actually banned gay questions from the panels at comic-con. Which is another reason why I freaking love Jensen Ackles.)

      I'd still recommend the show, but if something immoral like what you've mentioned happens, I'll be sure to let you know. (As long as you don't mind getting freaked out of your mind, then you will prolly like it loads. lol)


    2. I am so budding in on this conversation. Sorry. :) I just wanted to add my two cents worth...and that is that I also heard about the nasty guy stuff...which is why I didn't want to watch it. I think you're right though, Treskie. It's probably 99% the creepy fan-fics. Or {what is very, very likely} fans taking stuff the wrong way. It disgusts me how often fans of Merlin take a random, nice friendship-based conversation between Merlin and Arthur and twist it around to their creepy frame-of-mind. Yuck! *shudders*

      Anywho, I think "The Stuff" doesn't even happen until Castiel comes into it....whenever that will be. :-/ I'm looking forward to meeting him. Oh yes! And from what I had heard "The Stuff" was between Castiel and Dean......but then again...I only heard that from wack-job fans.......and going by what you say about Jensen Ackles and comic-con....I don't think we have to worry. ;)

      Okay. I'll disappear into the shadows again. Adieu..... *vanishes in true Supernatural-ness* Oh wait....does that mean I'm a demon or ghost? *blink* *blink* Now I am scared.......

      P.S. Jack, if you watch it there's an episode called Bugs with tons of spiders....just warning you. *wink*

    3. Fans are AWFUL sometimes!!!!!!! It's horrible! How can they find relationships sometimes? How pervy can they be?

      Castiel, I think, does bring it. But I'm nervous about it. If something creepy like that starts to come into the show I might have to stop, depending on how bad it is. If it's like Jack Harkness in DW, I won't mind. But my tolerance isn't that high for that sort of thing. Grrrrrr. I LOVE JENSEN ACKLES!!!!! THAT SO AWESOME THAT HE DID THAT!!!1

      NOOOOO< ANNA! COME BACK TO THE LIGHT!!!! No being a ghosty demon. *grabs holy water*

    4. This is Jack stealing the computer.

      Thanks for letting me know! I was wondering if it was just the fans doing the whole Sherlock and Watson, Merlin and Author thing. Those really bug me. Can't they just accept friendship.

      But, I will start it. Like you two said, if it comes up, I can always stop. But, as you also said, it depends how bad it gets. I don't like it, at all, but like in Doctor Who. It isn't huge and everywhere.

      Anyways, even if it is just a couple seasons one can enjoy, I'm for it! (I LOVE stories about brothers, which has been why I've wanted to watch it.)

      And, Anna. THANK YOU SOOOO much for the heads up on the spiders!!!!! I like knowing when they come in shows, then I can duck during most of the episode. (You should see me try and watch the second Harry Potter. I spend half of it behind my eyes. Same will be going for the second Hobbit.)

    5. I know, right? -_- Me too......I really don't think there will be much at all when it comes down to it....

      I know!!! He's pretty swell! :)

      Hey! If you pour holy water on me it'll hurt. -_- or, does it just hurt the demon, not the actual person? o.O Hehe! Thank goodness this is a sci-fi show and it doesn't actually work like this, right!? :D


    6. @Jack, I know! It's like... when did immorality chump friendship????

      I hope you like it, it would be sad if you watched it and were like, "I have no idea what these girls saw in it." :D

      @Anna, HE *IS* PRETTY SWELL!

      It'll probably hurt. That guy sort of sizzled in the episode with the airplanes. lol. Well... thank goodness demons aren't quite like THAT. Can you imagine?? 0_o

  5. Oh, I sooooooo want to read Jack's book!!!!!!!! But, alas and alack, I am a poor, miserable lamb... :'( Someday, someday, I shall. You will see. You WILL see.... :D

    1. YOU MUST!!!!!!!! I know I'm broke too. My sister bought it for me. lol.

      When you do, let me know. We can gush over it. lol. :D

  6. This is John, I stole the computer back. I guess I will get to see this show too. I will hide behind Jack if it gets too scary, than she can hide behind me when it is spiders.

    If I come and see you, Treskie, we should watch the Prince Caspian movie together. And the other ones.

    I've read Jack's book too, it is my job. I read over her shoulders. I will like to see your pictures. 8-D

    1. I haven't seen the episode with the spiders. I have to go slowly when I watch the show because we have visitors. It's sad that I started the show first and everyone else will prolly finish it before I do. lol.

      If you do,( and you should!) We should defo watch the Narnia Movies. OOOOh. Or the LOTR movies,... all the extended editions. :D

      I'm reading the second one now and making a list. Tell Jack I'm sorry it's taking so long, but it's harder to read books on the computer, especially when we're supposed to be entertaining company. Hehe. I'll send her the list as soon as I'm done.


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