Saturday, July 27, 2013


So, today I have news.

Exciting news!

The kind of news that makes me want to shout and whoop and dance.

You want to know what it is? 


The epic Miss Jack has asked to do the illustrations for her new book Abolished Impracticality!!!!!  Me! ME!! Doing actual artwork for an actual book! 

Cue the clapping, people. This is huge for me. 

I mean... I'm the girl who would draw seventy page books when I was kid. I would tell stories through pictures, and narrate them to myself; I've always wanted to illustrate. So this is a massively awesome opportunity for me. 

I've got the first book coming in the mail. I'm super excited to read it. I've wanted to since she published it last year, and I'm haunting the post office until it arrives. 

So, Jack, thank you for asking me to do this. You are awesome. :)

That leads me to the drawings for Picture Saturday. Because Jack's books have Steampunkery in them, and I've never drawn Steampunk before, I have been practicing. You want to see my first attempts? 

I'm really proud of that gun. 

Cheers and God bless!

(By the way, I got an email from HP telling me that my laptop's done and they'll be sending it back soon. The happiness.)




  1. Congrats! thats so great!! :) lovely drawings as always!

  2. So excited for you!!!!!!!!!! {Also, the fact that you included a gif of Newsies as well as Chekov doing his awesome jumping thing-a-ma-jig makes me extremely happy as well.}
    Anna ;)

    1. ME TOO!!!!!!!! (I LOVE Newsies. They were 'mah boyz' for AGES.) Also... Star Trek. I like Star Trek loads.

    2. Treskie,
      Oh yeah, me too. They were the bees knees for me until a few years, actually I still love them! :D Ah yes, Star Trek. Very good. *nods*

      Oh, btw -- I thought you should know that I hate you. You see, for quite some time I had heard of the show "Supernatural" but I never saw it cuz it looked kinda dumb.....then I saw your post which said you had watched a few eps and you loved it. So naturally I started it. Uuuuuugggggghhhh!!!!! I don't need another awesome show in my life! In my experience they take your heart and fill it with tons of happy feelings about the show and then take it and burn it. So. If the show gets all emotional -- I'm blaming you for killing me.

      In short? Although I've only seen five episodes, thanks to you I now love Supernatural. And, actually, I guess I'm not really complaining.....

      BTW, Sam's awesome. Just saying. *nod* But then again...I tend to go for the more "nicer" characters in shows/movies. At the same time I'm loving Dean a lot more than I thought I would at first. They're cool. I love brothers in shows. :)

      Have a lovely day!!!!
      P.S. Please excuse this very random, a bit geeky comment. :)

    3. I think Jack Kelly and the Newsies were my first introduction to severe geekiness. I watched the movie three times within the first week. My sisters are still burned out. And I was twelve when I first saw it. LOL.

      *Insert crazed giggling* HEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHeEEEE Hehe. Hee. Same here, actually. I saw pictures and was like, "Meh, Supernatural." I'm not normally a fan of supernatural things.... normally. NORMALLY the minute you mention demons and hauntings, I'm like... "Yeah. Enjoy your terror. See you later." And I'd seen that GIF (^^^ that one up there) a bunch of times, and I never really felt inclined. But then I saw this one trailer.. It was a fan trailer and it was.... *intriguing* SO I discovered that they're on Netflix and encouraged my sister to watch them with me. I'm obsessed. Dean is decorating my desktop and everything. *facepalm*

      I KNOW!!! Good TV shows are all like, "Lalalalala, happiness!" until you get to the finale, or season two and then they're like, "Time to kill people and bring on heartache." while we poor, innocent fans go, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" But yeah. I think people die a lot in Supernatural. I'll blame myself for your death, if you insist. lol. I'll probably be dead too.

      Actually, I LOVE Sam. Sam is a sweatheart. And in real life, I'd probably be more inclined to fall for him. But in movies, I like the kind of bratty, tough guys. I've always been that way. I liked Jack over Davie, I liked Elliot Spencer over Hardison (from Leverage. THOSE do not rip your heart out, but if you want a GREAT TV show, you should go in for those. THey're one of the best American shows out there.) But Dean... I dunno. Dean seems really vulnerable. Kat liked Sam over Dean too, until "Dead in the Water" and now she likes them both equally.

      Hehehehehe, in other words, I guess I'm going to say: YOU ARE ADDICTED TOO!!!!!! I'm sorry! and you're welcome! I'm glad you trust my opinion enough to watch a show because *I* like it.

      You just got nicer. :D

    4. Treskie,
      Ahahahahaha!!! Yes, Jack Kelly....or is it Sullivan...*shudders* So glad he calls himself Jack Kelly. :D Yes! I actualy heard about the show through some tumblr page. fyi....word of advice, DON'T look at tumblr or google anything about supernatural cuz you know it'll totally give away some big spoiler from of the eight seasons. :) I've learned from experience. Not with Supernatural, though....more like Merlin and Sherlock. *shakes head*

      *grin* Yes. Sam *is* a sweatheart. I first liked him cuz he was really nice....then I liked him because his girlfriend was horrifically murdered....before his eyes {*dries teary eyes*}.....and *then* I liked him because he actually has issues. He's not perfect and has a tad of an attitude at times. :) I love the very real characters. At the same time i loooove the (vulnerable keeping-to-himself and being the cool big brother for Sam)-ness that is Dean. Very good characters! :)

      Hmm...Leverage...I've heard you talk about that also on your blog but since it wasn't on Netflix {:P} I haven't really gotten a chance yet to see it. It's probably at my video store though.... :) I'll def have to check it out! After I finish all 8 seasons of Supernatural and the season two seasons of White Collar I still have to watch. This is what happens when I come into a fandom when it's already a few seasons in. *grin*

      Yes. Part of the reason I didn't want to see it was cuz of the whole Paranormal/supernatural aspect of the show. But really, it's not all that different from Merlin in some of it's episodes. And I don't mind "scary" movies as long as the characters are really good and it ends well -- which most of those movies don't have....But this does!

      Oh. My. Goodness. The "Dead in the water" episode. *tears brim in eyes* Poor little seven-year-old Dean! :'(

      How many episodes have you seen so far? I'm in the middle of "Skin". :) Episode 6, I believe.


    5. Hehe, your word of advice about tumblr and google is too late. I was already doing that before I even watched any. I know way more than I should. :)

      Sherlock is awful when it comes to consideration of its fans!!. I haven't watched anything past the first season of Merlin. I want to, but I know I'd enjoy them more if I wasn't in a Supernatural mood, so I'm waiting. I've heard about them though. Bella's not that great at keeping spoilers at bay. lol.

      I love the chemistry between Sam and Dean. They ACT like brothers and they're so different and so similar at the same time. Sam is... Hehe, Sam has a lot of Demons troubling him. I really love them both so much. lol.

      EXACTLY!!! The ones I liked the best were the ones that weren't so gory and played more on your imagination. Like Dead in the Water and Phantom Traveler. (Bloody Mary was awesome too, but I already have a terror of reflections at night, so it realllllly creeped me out. Kat and I actually had to pause the episode and close all the drapes before we could finish watching it. lol) Dead in the Water was the episode that floored me with Dean. I have a thing for guys with a soft spot for kids. Little Dean was just... Poor little GUY! I mean... literally scarred for life.

      I've seen up to Hook Man. We skipped Skin. I didn't want to but Kat overruled me, so we skipped it. Hook Man was scary. o_0

      If you can, you really should get a hold of Leverage. It's like.. right up there with my top favorites. It's a kind of Robin Hood story. I think all the episodes are on youtube for the time being.

    6. Treskie, sorta has happened to me, too. I actually found out a bunch of spoilers before I even wanted to see the show. :( *sigh* Anyway, I discovered one that will make me horridly sad if it doesn't turn out okay. :'(

      I know, right? Same with Downton Abbey {which I don't even like anymore}. Everyone in England was like "GUESS WHO DIED!?!?!?!" and then I found out. *shakes head* One good thing, from spoilers though. I knew ahead of time that Adler was worse than she was in the movie. So "I was prepaaaared!" {You've seen Hoodwinked....right?}

      Merlin -- it's great. But it kills you in the end. But what can you expect when dealing with British shows? Haha! Yeah...I bet not. I always have a very hard time not giving away spoilers to my sister. ;)

      Oh I know! They are both amazing actors as well. O.o They *do* act like brothers. I mean, they have the whole banter and "big brother/little brother" relationship down to a tee! They're quite different, but I love them equally.

      Oh my. The one that *really* creeped me out to no end was episode 10 - "Asylum". Oh yes, and even more so - "Bugs" *shudders* But you have to understand with the episode Bugs....I get completely freaked out by beetles. Or any large amount of bugs. *shudders* There was one episode of Merlin {not sure if you saw it or not} with a guy who had these creepy bugs that shut off people's brains. I still can't watch that episode without squinting or closing my eyes when it shows them. Same went for The Mummy. Beetles and I do not coexist very well. :D

      So. If you've seen the episode "bugs"'ll know why I closed my eyes through a lot of it. *grin*

      I loved Skin. It was good. You need to watch it. Dead and Sam had some awesome big bro/little bro issues that were played upon by the bad guy. :) Dead in the Water freaked me out cuz I hate lakes....the kind you can't see the bottom of and have mud in it. blah! My imagination always gets the better of me. :)

      Hook Man was good! I keep making the mistake of watching these episodes at night though. When everyone else is asleep. And the light in the room is my laptop screen. *shudders* Of course last night I just *had* to watch one that dealt with a dark, haunted asylum!! xP It's worth it though. :) I think I've finished up through episode 12. I would slow down and actually let it sink it....but then I remembered I've got 8 seasons left. :)

      Actually, what I love about the show is that, for me, the scary or creepy stuff {with the exception of Bugs....cuz that's all too real for me} isn't scary once you finish the episode. Unlike a lot of scary/intense movies out there that end depressing or unresolved.

      Yes. Dean in "Dead in the Water" was completely heartbreaking! Poor fella!! :) And that kid was so cute. I was scared the entire time that he would die. Then I thought - "they wouldn't dare kill off a cute kid like that!" :) Thank goodness he didn't. That would have been sad. :(

      I'll def check out Leverage very soon. It sounds pretty good. :)

      Anna :D

    7. We should move this to the email so that we can gush more freely. LOL. I'll give you mine if you give me yours. :D

      I think I know which spoiler you're talking about, but I'm not going to say anything in case it's a different one.

      I have not seen Hoodwinked. *flinch* But you can change and quote Olan Rogers's "I came prepared" from the Lion's Blaze, if you fancy. :D :D I heard a lot of back and forth about Downton Abbey, is it even worth the watch??

      I think that a lot about their characters has to do with the fact that both Jensen Ackles and Jared Paladecki are from Texas and they bring the Texas frame of mind to the show. I love their accents. :D :D :D

      Hmmm. I'm not a huge fan of bugs either. I love the "Mummy" movies, but I always fast forward the parts where bugs eat people. Same with Indiana Jones. Lots of skipping happens. lol. I WANT to watch ALLLLL the episodes, but I'm probably going to have to watch them out of order because Kat insists on skipping the gorier ones. She hates gore.

      >........Wait. Woah. You watch them by yourself? At night?! IN THE DARK!?!?!? ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!? Hehehe. See, they're just scary enough that I don't want to watch them by myself at night. But they only way I can get to them is one netflix. Which is only signed in on the main TV in the living room. Which I do not know the password to. Which means the only time I can watch them is at night after all the other people go to bed, because they're too scary for the family. lol. So I'm going to have to figure out a way to watch them during the day. I'll just lock my family out or something.

      Well you'd like the lakes were I live. They're all clear.

      Same here. THe main reason I don't watch Haunting movies or shows normally is because they usually end with the main character getting dragged, screaming and clawing, down a dark hallway or something like that. These end with the ghosty being dead and salted and the boys drving away in their impala. WOOOOO.

      That kid was cute. And the way Dean talked to him was cute. I just loved that episode. :D


  3. That's so exciting! Illustrating a book is something that's always been on my bucket list...maybe one of these days I'll get around to doing some actual illustrations for some of my stories.
    Anyway! Congrats! Looks like you're doing a fine job capturing the steampunk style.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    1. I know! Same here, I love illustrating, because I always remember illustrators. I love drawing character sketches of my characters, they make them see more real.

      You think so? Good, I'm glad. Steampunk is kind of hard. lol.

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations(: such a happy day for you!!!!

  5. Oh, I love the girl's dress! It's so cute! And congratulations! That's awesome! Amazing! Super, super exciting! I've got the first book on my kindle app, and I'm saving it for when we go camping later in the year. :)

    1. I quite like her dress too.

      And yes, it is thrilling, isn't it? :D :D :D :D :D :D

  6. WOW! CONGRATS! That is awesome and amazing!!! :D How cool!!! Love the drawing of that gun too...

    1. Wooooh! Guns are AWESOME, they are!

      THANK you!

    You are *awesome* at drawing machinery. Man oh man, I hate drawing anything inanimate because I suck so badly at it, but you're good. You are going to be *fabulous* for this project. May I please shake your hand? *tries to act casual*
    I really like that bloke on the right with curly hair, by the way.

    1. Hehe, okay, the "Whoa gurl" made me snicker.

      We are at a mutual respect of each other's artistic abilities, because looking at your drawings from "Haphazardly Improblable" I was sitting there like, "Wow. I hope I can measure up to those inanimate objects...." Hee! You just boosted my confidence, so that's lovely. *hugs*

      *offers hand* I liked him too! He's a cutie. Hehehe. :D

  8. That is so awesome! I think you'll do great. I love your style. :) Can't wait to see your drawings in the next book.

    1. Thank you so much, Ashley! :D (hehe, I can't wait to see them either. lol)

  9. You see, my friend!!! i told you you draw so good. Have fun and thank God for the wonderful surprises. **hugs Conhratulations!! Enjoy and have fun with it. :D

    1. Hehe, I know you have. Thanks. ;D

      I have, I've been like, "Thankyouthankyouthankyou" whenever I think about it. I'm excited to start

    2. YES!!!! :D

      Aw, you are soo welcome! :D

  10. CONGRATULAAAAATIOONNNSSS!!!!! That is so awesome! I'm sure you'll do a great job. I love that girl you drew - she looks really cool! :D

    PS your left sidebar is Doing That Thing Again and I Don't Know Why. Hmm. Maybe my laptop is harassing it...or possibly dancing with it. Difficult to say. ~mulls~

    1. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! she's cute isn't she?

      Grrrrrr. Tell the left sidebar to shape up and behave.

  11. Hehehehehe, Chekov. I love that episode. Now I want to watch it again. (Winter needs to come so I can get caught up on all the TV shows I'm behind on while sick with the flu.)

    *Grin* I'm happy to be working with you. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. I can't remember that episode, which one is it? Hehehe... that's the ONLY thing about being sick that's okay: you get to watch a crapload of shows and not feel like a total lazy person.

      I'm excited too!! Your books have a great *feel* to them. :D


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