Friday, July 5, 2013

On my birthday and the 4th of July

So, as of a few days ago, I am officially an adult in the USA. BOOYA!!

The Sketch Pad of Awesomeness
Gel Pens of Awesomeness.
A couple of adorable journals. (apparently, I'm going to be journaling a lot this year)
PERFECT SCOUNDRELS!!!!!!!! (already finished it. It was awesome. I love Hale.)
HUNTER HAYES ENCORE!! I about passed out with that one.

Yeah.... my family rocks. It's just fantastic having a a big family.... so many pressies on birthdays, you guys. Hahaha!

Anyway, moving on. The 4th of July was epic. It always is. I mean duh. I was there. *grins cheekily*

I went all patriotic and wore the good ol' red, white, and blue, even going so far as to paint the fingernails. (I never paint mah fingernails.)

So, I read Perfect Scoundrels all morning, until everyone came over and the fun began for real. Hee! I made peanut butter and banana smoothies, and they were very awesome. *nods*

   I took pictures of the little girls hula-hooping.....

And drew a little in the Sketch Pad of Awesomeness.

And read a bit more.

Reading is a big thing with us.

It was so hot, you guys. Too hot to do anything active during the afternoon except sit and talk.

And eat. We must have food to have fun. It is the way of the family.

Or play in the kiddie pool.

When it cooled down, however, we played badminton. Wooooot!

I make such stupid faces when I play.

That game was so exciting, look at how exciting it was!!


We finished off the day with a bonfire, and s'mores and storytelling. (it was about fairies, and a knight, and a dragon, and an evil guardian, and then we stopped.)

I take terrible selfies. *grumble grumble*

All in all, it was a grand and glorious day. I get all all, "AMERICA! RA! RA!" on the 4th of July.

I'm American and proud of it. So there. :)

So, how was your 4th? I want to know!!

Cheers and God bless!


  1. That awkward moment when you click the video that says "national anthem" and some stupid part of your subconsciousness expects it to start out with "Australians all let us rejoice!" Oops. My bad. Ahem. Great post! Looks like you had a ton of fun! And I love your skirt! Happy 4th of July! :) And happy birthday, too (I need to read Perfect Scoundrels!)

    1. Haha! I know. I've never heard the Australian Anthem though... I'll look it up when I'm done. *grin*

      We did have fun. Prolly drove the neighbors crazy.

      Thank you! I thought it was cute.

      Ohhh yes. You must read Perfect Scoundrels!! It's so good. A bit sadder than the other ones though.


  2. 1) Ahh lucky you had that much fun!! :P That's good!

    2) Is that your mom and grandmother? Wow, how many siblings do you have? No brothers?

    3) You got some juicy presents. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend!

    4) I would love to do that, read outside but my back yard is tiny and the front yard is fine but I would be on display to all my neighbors. And there is a lot of traffic in my neighborhood. in and out, in and out.

    5) Where's your dad? i didn't see him on the photos.

    6) I can't see the video. When I click on it it says "Video is set to private." :(

    My 4th of july wasn't any different than any other day, but I did see some fireworks from my window. Unfortunately the few pictures I took look terrible and dark. On the bright side, my uncle from north California is visiting us for a week. :)

    1. Always fun at the D. Household.

      Eh.... that would be my sister and my mom. lol. I have 10 siblings, and there is only one boy, (He's the one you thought was my dad.) so 11 of us in all.

      I did!! And those were just the best ones! Haha! Thanks, Hilda.

      Yeah, we're pretty lucky when it comes to our neighborhood. It's not super busy, and we have a fairly goodish sized back yard.

      My dad had to work that night so he was in bed.

      I FIXED IT THE VIDEO!! You can try again and see if it works.

      Aww. Sniff. I'm sorry. We didn't see fireworks this year. It's too much of a hassle because our town is known for good fireworks. OOOOOH, I LOVE it when family comes to visit!!

    2. You are very welcome! :D

      yay, the video works!! oh is that your brother? Wow, 11 kids. my parents also had a large family of brothers and sisters. Aww i love seeing you guys having fun! Makes me want to join in the game. :)

      I hope your dad got plenty of sleep. Does he work at nights?

    3. :D

      Awesome! Yep, that's the brother! Our whole extended family is like that... like... the average is 13. lol. WELL next time you're in Northern Cal, let me know. You can come swimming. That's fun. :D

      Well, he's technically retired, but the store he worked at needed extra help over the week. So yeah. He slept fine. He's used to noise.

    4. Oh yay!!!! that would be fun! Thanks!:)

      Oh I see. That's good he is used to noise, LOL!

  3. Oh wait, that is your father reading, right? sorry my mistake.

  4. My 4th...I tidied my room (not overboard, though, because that would be exhausting). ;) Hehe... I LOVE how your family gets together and...reads. I wish my family did that. I do, but it should be socially acceptable all over the world to gather together and read.

    Loved all the pics!! Looks like it was a really patriotic and fun day. ;) Your skirt is SO awesome!

    1. Haha! I'm glad your 4th was a big ball of epic fun. :D

      Most of my family are bookworms, so reading is like the national pastime for us. :D Haha! Ooh, yes. Reading should totally be socially acceptable, I mean... no conversations, no talking. Just you and the book. How awesome.

      Thanks, it was loads of fun. ;) THANK you! That skirt is super comfortable. *wink*


    So...that was over-the-top, yes? :P By the way, last time I went to the library, I tried to look for any books by Ally Carter (since you recommended her to me), but they were all "out". Next time, I guess.

    Glad you had a great time - though maybe it being a little less hot would have been nice, yes?

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwww. Thanks. No, it wasn't over the top. :D

      Oh, Ally Carter books are out a lot of the time. She writes really well. And her guy characters are always nice.

      A little less hot would have been nice, but the forecast actually said it was supposed to be cloudy and rain. I'd rather be overheated than have it rain on the 4th. lol.

    2. Her guy characters are nice? *smiles* Like Regina Doman's guy characters? :)

    3. Uh, I wouldn't know. I've never read a Regina Doman book.

      They're just really funny and likeable.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY(: I hope you had an AWESOME one. though it looks like you did(: HUNTER HAYES. YES. And I love your outfit, and the smoothie looks delicious and your day just looks fantasterrific. annnnnnnnd im a big reader too:) I recently acquired The Great Gatsby at half price and I'm so EXCITED to read it. :DDD

    1. Awwwww, thank you, Soph! It was awesome. Hunter Hayes is SO good, I LOVES him. He seems so nice and decent, and humble.

      That outfit was a first time wear, so I'm glad everyone likes it. lol. It was fantasterific!

      I LOVE finding books at half price.

  7. i noticed that Ally Carter books are popular. Are they clean? Is it a fun read?

    1. Ally Carter books are all really good. (personally, I like her way better than the Hunger Games lady) I'm pretty strict with the books I read, so, yes, they're clean. They're more for teenage girls.

      She does have romance in them, but they're not dirty romances, they're just cute ones. You know what kind of thoughts go through your head when you're around a cute guy? She has those.

      YES they're fun. She's one of my favorite modern authors. The Heist Society books are a little more serious... (first one's called Heist Society) but the Gallagher Girls ones are just as good. The first book, I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd have to Kill You, isn't the best of the series, but by the last ones they're intense. SO GOOD.

      GET THEMMMMMM! I read them in a day.

  8. I want lots of sisters now. Sisters look like they have lots of fun. All I have is a grumpy Kitty that is Jack's and only likes to eat and sleep.

    Your 4th looks like it was fun! Mine was fun too, and we read too, like all of you. Only Jack read to me and it was a kind of not very fun story, which was sad, but now we are past it and get to start a very fun story as soon as she can find one. (Maybe I will make her read Howl to me again since she just got it.)

    Oh! And happy birthday!!!!! Birthdays are always fun. Did you get cake?

    1. Lots of sisters are very fun, John. You should tell grumpy Kitty to cheer up.

      Oh, I'm glad you had fun too. Reading is one of the bestest things. I don't like not fun stories. Tell Jack that Heist Society is good and funny. But that if she likes Howl, she should read the Chrestomanci Chronicles. They're funny too. And Chrestomanci should be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. (and Howl should be Howl. They both have the cheekbones for the roles)

      I DID get cake! It was a TARDIS cake and I was very happy with it. :)

  9. Happy (belated) Fourth of July!!!! Yours sounds lovely! We went to a parade, played sports, and watched a fireworks show. We are having our family celebration today. We ate good food, and are going to shoot off our little fireworks at dark. :D

    1. Right back at you, m'girl! It was awesome.

      Yours sounds pretty epic too... we don't get parades here. We have fireworks, but we skipped them. lol.

      Maaan, I always wanted to shoot off our own fireworks, but it's illegal here. It stinks living in a liberal state.

  10. The TARDIS Cake was the best, of course. It was the yummiest, anyway.

    That video is embarrassing! I refuse to watch it. LOL

  11. Always. So DELICIOUS.

    It hilarious. :D

  12. Happy (late) Birthday and 4th of July! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!! BTW, I love your outfit!! :)

    The week of the fourth I was helping out at a camp that my parish does every year, Camp Tekakwitha,so we did that for the first half of the day. Later we had some friends over, barbecued, and danced crazily to Taylor Swift music. ;)

    1. thank you! You too! Everyone seems to like the outfit. I must wear it more often. ;)

      Camp Tekekawitha.... like Kateri Takekawitha? That sounds like loads of fun though.

      I LOVE Taylor Swift music! She has such pretty lyrics. :D

    2. Yup! The camp is named after Kateri Tekakwitha, though we have different themes each year. This year's theme was The Sound of Music. It was lots of fun!

      I love her music too! She has such great songs! :)

    3. That's so cool!

      I love "never grow up". It's so sad.

  13. Happy very late birthday, naughty me being so late.

    Now I really have to look for Alley Carter's books. I read The Thief, which you all gave a shinning review to, and liked it lots. If you like these books so much they are sure to be good!

    Aw! Your family is so wonderful! Mine look at me funny because I'm always carrying around a book and reading whenever I get a chance. Reading really isn't a family pastime around here. 8-P

    1. Thanks so much, Jack! :) *hugs*

      OOooh The Thief. Have you read the second book yet? o_O It's epic. I love Eugenides. He's probably one of my favorite fictional characters.

      Yes, you MUST find an Ally Carter book soon. They're not fantasy, but they're good all the same. The Gallagher Girls series starts out kind of teenage-y, but after the first book they get much more serious. And the Heist Society books are awesome. I like those so much. They're like.... Ocean's Eleven/Robin Hood. She writes really awesome male leads too, which is always a bonus.

      Aw, thanks! I think a love of reading is kind of nurtured from an early age with us. We always read. When we meet..... we should just all bring a book to a cafe and read there. Nice!!! lol.

  14. A very late happy birthday! :D Loved all your pictures, sounded like a really fun 4th!

    1. Thank you muchly! It was. I'm glad you liked the pictures. We were sort of glued to the camera. lol


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