Thursday, July 11, 2013

Letter Eight and a question for y'all.

SO! It was my turn to write the letter, and yeah. It took me forever, because I'm terrible at organizing my time. And I'm lazy. But mostly I'm just terrible at time organizing time.

But anyway, I finally got around to it. Yay! I thought the letters were starting to get a little slow, so I decided to add some action.

I may have gone a little overboard. I was like, "BLOW UP ALL THE THINGS!"


You can find it HERE!

For those of you who are new, and have no idea what I'm talking about, you can find the explanation and all the other letters on the Letter Game page over on the right of the screen.

I'm a bit nervous and embarrassed about it, because it's out of the ordinary for me, so feedback would be nice.

NOW!! Here is the question I have for all you epic people out there in the blogosphere.

How  would  you  feel  if  I  did  another  vlog??

IF you like that idea.... I AM GOING TO NEED YOUR HELP!!! Ask me questions! All questions! Any questions! Weird questions! Random question! Personal questions! Basically any question you feel I have the brains to answer! Ask as many as you want! Ask away!

Put the questions in the comment box below, my dears.

And now I will leave you with a bunch of random pictures that I find amusing.

That's all I've got.



  1. phahaha! those photos freaking cracked me up. xD

    ok. questions coming!

    -do you like/have house pets?
    -what's your middle name?
    do you like wearing hats? cos face it. everyone likes hates. but not everyone likes wearing them. ;)
    -what picture is currently adorning your desktop background?
    -do you play an instrument?

    and that's all my brain can conjure up. :D

    1. Heheh, I know. I was sitting there in the living room bursting into random giggles. Aawkwarrrrd.

      Those are awesomely epic questions, thanks for joining in!!! :D

  2. HaHAHA That one pic of the cowboy riding on his butt is hilarious! Boy, his butt is going to be sore. :P

    Ooh when you said vlog, I immediately jumped up for joy!! I love watching vlogs! Okay, here are some random questions:

    1) Can you give us a tour of your cool room?

    2) What is your favorite take-out food? What do you order there?

    3) Have you heard songs from Il Volo?

    4) Can you show us your cool laptop? What brand is it?

    5) Can you show us your library?

    6) what are you currently reading?

    7) Ooh, show us what's in your closet? (You don't have to).

    8) what are your favorite snacks?

    9) Does your brother tease you? mine does, LOL!

    10) How old is the oldest to the youngest in your family?

    11) What shampoo and conditioner do you use? your hair looks so healthy.

    12) Can you show us what you and your family are doing right now?

    13) Do you have any stuffed animals?

    14) Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

    15) How is your summer vacation going so far?

    16) When was the last time you had a picnic?

    17) If you could publish a book, what would it be about?

    18) What time do you usually go to bed and what time do you wake/get up?

    19) Do you watch old movies often or only when in the mood for it?

    20) Do you use a clock alarm to wake you up or do you naturally wake up?

    21) Do you miss school or doing schoolwork?

    22) Would you like to do voice-over for a movie? (Making up voices for a character or characters)

    23) Do you like your blog? (Sorry for the stupid question)

    24) Who are your favorite Disney characters?

    25) Are you and your family Roman Catholics? :)

    26) What do you daydream about?

    27) Have you had any boy crushes before?

    28) Have you ever had a boyfriend?

    29) Which Disney character would you like to be for one day? What would you do?

    30) Do you tease your brother and sisters? do you joke around with your parents too?

    31) Are your brother and sisters related to you? (Sorry, another dumb question)

    32) What is hard for you to bake and cook? Which ones are easy?

    33) What are things you dislike or annoy you?

    34) Have you ever had a pen pal?

    35) Do you listen to the radio? how about when you go online? do you listen to online radio?

    36) Have you ever thought of selling your drawings?

    37) What job or career would you like to do?

    38) What are your favorite colors?

    39) Do you like doing chores?

    40) What chores do you like doing? Which ones do you hate doing?

    41) Do you love getting letters or rather get emails?

    42) Do you order things online or go to the store?

    43) How much TV do you watch?

    44) How much do you spend online?

    45) What music helps you relax? Which ones help you to be happy?

    46) If you saw someone so depressed about life, what advices would you give to that person?

    47) Do you get jealous?

    48) What do you think are your flaws, weaknesses, and strengths, etc?

    49) Do you hang out someplace with your sisters and brother? Do you like hanging out with them?

    50) Honestly, What qualities do you like about yourself?

    1. Holy COW, girl!!!!!!!! You asked a lot of questions! ummmmm. I might not answer them all, but we'll see. Just... wow. How long did that take?! LOL.

    2. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! It took me about... I think more than an hour mostly because I had to copy and paste sections to post and double space. I do hope you can answer them all if you can but it is up to you and I respect that.

      Have you read through them yet? :P Yes, I was hyper on some points.

  3. 51) What embarasses you?

    52) Have you ever sent a letter to an author? Who was it? What about?

    53) Do you have one of those inflatable swimming pools or those on the ground?

    54) Do you know who Ashley Leggat is? What do you think about her?

    55) Which blogs do you like to visit?

    56) Do you get happy when people visit your blog and leave a comment?

    57) What are your favorite stores?

    58) Do you go to church every Sundays or Saturday afternoons/evenings?

    59) Do you use makeup?

    60) Do you use lipgloss? What are your favorite colors?

    61) When you or your family members fart, do you all laugh? :P

    62) Are you a gassy family? :P (sorry, getting hyper here)

    63) Have you ever farted with each step you take? :P

    64) Do you shower every day or every other day or every month? :P

    65) Have you or your family ever farted when you or they sneeze? :P

    66) Have you ever traveled out of the country? which countries have you visited?

    67) Which ones would you like to visit?

    68) Is your background Italian or Mexican?

    69) Do you wear perfume? Which ones?

    70) What are your favorite scents?

    71) Do you have a twin, full, queen, or king size bed?

    72) Are you ticklish?

    73) Do you get angry when someone tickles you?

    74) Do you like the colors of your blog?

    75) Do you love the rain?

    76) What do you do when it is raining?

    77) Do you wear pants and shorts?

    78) Do you sleep with a nightgown or a cute outfit like pants or shorts with a tshirt or tank top?

    79) Do you play music when there's a party? What kind?

    80) Do you have any friends?

    81) Do you consider me as a friend or an annoying girl? :P

    82) Do you get nervous before and when you enter an airplane?

    83) Have you ever had a favorite teacher?

    84) Were you homeschooled? public schooled? private schooled? got schooled? (Kidding about the last one, LOL)

    85) Do you shove a finger up your nose and investigate for "moon rocks?" :P

    86) What makes you laugh?

    87) Do you like poetry and short stories?

    88) Do you share a bedroom with one of your sisters?

    89) Do you say jokes?

    90) Do you have any grandparents or have they passed away?

    91) Do you like being barefoot, with socks on, slippers, or shoes?

    92) Were you good at math and science? What subjects were you good at?

    93) Did you have a ceremony when you graduated from high school? What did you do to celebrate?

    94) Do you keep a diary? Do you still write in it?

    95) Do you have good neighbors, bad ones, or mixed?

    96) Do you have any pets? have you ever had any?

    97) Do you sleep with a fan on in the room?

    98) Are you tired of answering these questions? LOL!

    99) What are your favorite songs? give us the list. ;P

    100) When you fart, does it smell like corn, beans, or last night's dinner? :P (Hyper again, LOL)

  4. 101) Do you like the way you laugh?

    102) Have you ever went to bed at night and listened to music while looking out the window at the moon?

    103) Do you wear headphones? When do you use them?

    104) Do you play online games?

    105) What games do you play?

    106) Do you like it when it's cloudy outside? what about rain?

    107) Do you wear sneakers?

    108) Do you chew gum?

    109) Do you have a Twitter account? Why or why not?

    110) Do you think I'm getting tired of asking questions? :P

    111) What do you think of this long list of questions? LOL!

    112) Is there a lot of traffic where you live?

    113) Do you like fruits and vegetables? Which ones?

    114) Do you share your laptop with anyone else?

    115) Does your mom cook or your sisters?

    116) Are you an honest person? Do you lie sometimes?

    117) Which Disney characters annoy you?

    118) Do you like getting emails?

    119) Do you do yoga? Run? Or other exercises?

    120) Do you prefer walking than exercising?

    121) What are your favorite flowers?

    122) Have you ever tried planting flowers inside? have they bloomed or Plffft!?

    123) Have you ever called anyone a moron? :P

    124) Have you ever had a staring contest with someone? who won?

    125) What are you listening to right now?

    126) What would you do if you saw a Tardis outside your yard?

    127) Do you think a Tardis used to be a portable toilet? :P

    128) Why do you like the movie Tangled?

    129) Which celebrities do you think is pretty? which one do you think is hot?

    130) What would you do if you accidentally knocked someone over the head with the broom handle? :P

    131) What are you thinking right now?

    132) Do you believe in the Blessed Virgin Mary?

    133) Do you pray the rosary? When do you usually pray it? do you pray it alone or together with the family?

    134) Have you ever randomly dialed a phone number and hanged up the phone when someone answered? :P

    135) What would you do if Richard Simmons came over to see you? :P

    136) Which celebrity do you find creepy?

    137) Would you like to drive an ice cream truck, a bus, or a junky car?

    138) What color are your eyes?

    139) What color is your hair?

    140) How tall are you?

    141) Do you have your own bathroom or do you share it with someone?

    142) Do you know what "Beano" is? :P

    143) Are you into politics?

    144) Do you use Charmin or a generic toilet paper? :P

    145) Have you ever mistaken the smell of grilled onions from someone cooking with someone's onion smell armpits? :P

    146) Do you have any pictures of saints or Jesus around the house?

    147) What is your favorite ice cream flavors?

    148) Have you ever tried hot peppers? Did you like it?

    149) What are your favorite foods?

    150) Do you like to snack while watching TV?

  5. 151) Can you tell I can't stop asking questions? :P

    152) Now what are you thinking?

    153) Are you afraid of earthquakes, thunders, and lightning?

    154) What do you do when there is an earthquake?

    155) Do you think it's normal to hide in the closet when there is an earthquake?

    156) Do you buy CDs or download music or both?

    157) What would you do if you were told that Mr. bean is your uncle?

    158) Have you ever had sleepovers? have you ever gone to one?

    159) Have you ever painted your brother's nails or put a bow on his hair for fun? :P

    160) What are your favorite websites to visit?

    161) When was the last time you got sick?

    162) Do you like the show "Good Luck Charlie?"

    163) Do you wish I am almost done with these questions? :P

    164) What brand of Kleenex do you use?

    165) Have you ever been in a helicopter?

    166) When you need advice or consolation, who do you turn to?

    167) When was the last time you cried?

    168) Are you a lovable person? Are you the kind who shows it or not?

    169) Do you watch any reality shows?

    170) Have you ever fallen asleep with music on?

    171) Have you ever listened to "music" the sounds of rain falling, the ocean, etc?

    172) Do you drink other than coffee and tea? Do you drink Coke, Pepsi or any other sodas?

    173) Are you a curious person? (Nosey) :P

    174) Do you hug and kiss your parents and siblings?

    175) Do you feel shy sometimes?

    176) When a family member is angry and yelling, what do you do?

    177) When a family member is crying, what do you do?

    178) Do you borrow each other's books?

    179) Do you wear a Scapular or any other holy medals?

    180) Do you like shrimp and fish?

    181) Do you read magazines too? Which kinds?

    182) Have you ever seen the old movies "The Glass Slipper," "A Tree grows in Brooklyn", and "White Christmas?"

    183) What TV shows and movies do you recommend for us to watch?

    184) Do you watch cartoons? Which ones?

    185) Do you have your own TV?

    186) How much time do you spend in your room?

    187) Do you ever worry if a neighbor sees you reading on your yard or with the window open of your room?

    188) Do you think this list will ever end? :P

    189) What are your childhood memories?

    190) Have you ever been humiliated? What do you do when that happens?

    191) Do you think handwritten letters and doodles are special? Are they to you?

    192) Do you still read children's books too?

    193) Do you like cowboy shows on TV?

    194) What is in your DVD player right now?

    195) What is in your stereo right now?

    196) What are you feeling right now?

    197) What do you think of advice columns for YA?

    198) Have you seen the Disney Movie "Lemonade Mouth"? Did you like it?

    199) Have you read the books and seen the movies of "Harriet the Spy?" what do you think of them?

    200) Okay, last one. LOL! can you tell us something random?

    If there is a question that makes you feel uncomfortable, you don't have to answer it. ;) Have fun! :)

  6. Hahaha this post made me laugh! I was going to submit a few questions of my own, but I think Hilda has got it covered! Haha! Can't wait for your next vlog!

  7. Ohh and by the way, you totally inspired me do start doing my own vlogs! I love the idea! Feel free to check out my blog anytime :)

    1. Hehe. I know. :) I didn't expect so many.

      Awwwww! Awesome! That's sweet. ;) I'll be sure to check that link out soon. :D

      God bless!

  8. I believe there are no more questions to be asked! LOL. I take it this means I get to spend another twenty minutes out in the hallway whilst you "vlog".

    1. Uhhhh... might be more than twenty minutes. ^^^^


  10. I LOVE that Spock and Kirk one. It fits them so well.
    "I'd state regulation but I know you'd just ignore it."(I need to finish those, and Merlin....too many shows to watch and not enough time.)

    I need to get caught up on your letters, I fell behind and have been so busy since 8-P I miss them though.

    YES! Another vlog! I shall think up questions, or try.

    Well, I think your life sounds very grand, so you have at least one person who doesnt' think it dull. (I've always thought lives with lots of sisters sounded fun)

    OH! I too have always wanted to do that, go for a walk to a little cafe with a friend. It sounds so delightful and like it comes right out of a book, especially if it is raining.

    I've never tested how fast I type. I would have to have someone time me without me knowing, I panic when I try and time myself and type terribly slow. I type fast enough to finish page...something like that, chapter in one hour.

    I never find your comments weird. I always love getting them 8-D

    1. Oh my gosh, I know! I keep getting all sorts of TV shows recommended to me, and I'm just like, "TIME! TIME! I HAZ NONE!" But hehe. Supernatural is kind of what I'm in the mood for right now. I've only seen two, but I kind of love them. lol.

      Awwwwwww. :)

      OH, please do! IT would be nice if I had some questions from a few people and not just Hilda. lol.

      Exactly! Hmmm. I shall just have to wait until the next rainy day and tell my friend that we must walk to a cafe. And take pictures. Hee!

      Well wow. That's fast. Let's see. Usually about 400 words per page, right? 400 times 7 divided by 60 would be about... 45 wpm? Give or take. That's awesome!

      I'm glad. Sometimes I get nervous commenting. I don't want to be one of those weird commenters who gets annoying. lol. :D

  11. OK, seeing Hilda's comments I see that the bar has been set High Indeed....hmmm...teebeecyooaitch I'm just going to be lazy and paste in the questions I asked you for the Eleven Questions Tag, deleting a few of the more pointless ones.

    ~ Are you a writer? If so, what is the longest work you have ever finished? (Don't make me jealous.)
    ~ Do you get jealous easily?
    ~ What is one thing you dislike about your personality?
    ~ What is one thing you like about your looks?
    ~ Do you like the set-up/layout of your bedroom?
    ~ As you type this, what would you rather be doing?
    ~ Fears?
    ~ What are some words that you only recently learned how to pronounce?
    ~ Have you ever been in love?

    At this point, in the irony of life, I suppose I'll scroll up through my feed and see you've done a post on this and already answered them. (Or maybe not. Because who does tags in the same month they're awarded them? (I mean, maybe people do, but I am not one of them. (If you can't tell, I'm not sure where I'm going with this any more and I'm in triple brackets, so BYEEE!!))

    ...why is it that the comments I write for you are always so long-winded and nonsensical? Weird. This doesn't happen on other people's blogs. (Well it does. But not as much.)

    Oh, and the areoplane picture made me LAUGH.


  12. Hehehe, I know. Thank you for asking those. I did not do the tag yet, and I'm glad want me to answer them in the vlog because it's more fun that way. :D (I RARELY do the tags in the same month I receive them. That's... so for beginning bloggers. ROTFLOL!)

    I LIKE nonsensical and long winded comments, don't ever change!

    I KNOW! I think it's the eyeballs that did it for me.


    1. Hahaha you're right, it is for newbie bloggers! I used to post every day, you know...:')

      Aww, thank you! After that, I can pretend they're intentional-- I mean, they ARE intentional!

    2. You did? Wow. I'm always impressed by people who think think up enough stuff to post about everyday. I never had it in me. lol.


  13. Well, I think your life sounds very grand, so you have at least one person who doesnt' think it dull. (I've always thought lives with lots of sisters sounded fun). Thanks for nice sharing.

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