Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sadness and Awesomeness.



The vlog is..... postponed. 

Wallow in the sadness. I know how much you guys were looking forward to seeing my smiling face again. I mean, I am  pretty awesome after all. (Hee!)

But I need to send my laptop for repairs again. Same problem as before: overheating and all that botheration.

Maybe they'll actually fix it this time!? That would be nice. Let's all cross our fingers and say a few Hail Marys. 

Anyway, I will get the vlog up when I get mah 'puter back. Let's hear some applause!! 

Anyway, on to the post. 


1.) I am making paper dolls for some of my nieces. I forgot how much time it takes to make nice paper dollies. I enjoy it, but it takes a long time. I'll post some pictures when I'm done. 

2.) Amy, Kit, our friend Sammi, and I went down to Barnes&Noble today. It was so fun! I got a new book! THIS IS JOYOUS NEWS! It's by Eoin Colfer and I'm super excited about it. (Eoin Colfer is one of my favorite authors. Airman is awesome.)

After B&N, we went and got some frozen yogurt and listened to country music. It was epic good fun. Meherher. 

3.) Kat and I watched a couple episodes of Supernatural. She's not sure about them. I might be a little obsessed. Okay a lot obsessed. 

I'm kind of in love with Dean right now. He's just so cool. Beautiful eyes.

I agree

And he holds his gun right, which is a big thing with me. 

Sam's cool too. 

Just not as cool as Dean. ^_^

4.) We also watched  Jack the Giant Slayer yesterday. 

Let's just say it was fun, but it was a little long and a little slow. I personally think Giants would be scarier if they weren't always portrayed as stupid and gross. But Ewan McGregor was my favorite character. I was glad he wasn't eaten and/or killed. 

5.) I got my graduation pictures the other day! It was exciting. It was a little awkward though. I'm not a hugely great in front of a camera. *bashful grin*

That's all I've got. I will leave you with this adorable  song. It makes me happy. 

DO be sure to ask a few questions for the vlog!

Bye now! Arriverderci! Ciao! Cheers!



  1. ****falls on my knees "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

    It's just an excuse for not answering my questions,bawww!! ;) Just kidding. i wonderifthe fan in your computer is not working as good and is the reason your computer is overheating, or might be something else?

    Oooh Barnes&Noble my favorite store! Ooohh man, that is nerd heaven!!! <3

    Later, arrivedenci, buonanote, goodnight, buenas noches, adios, hasta luego. Later dude! :P

    1. Hehe! No, I'm actually excited to answer the questions, even though I don't know if I'll do them *all*

      No, the fan works fine, I think. I think it overworks, actually. It's always on, it's always loud, and the puter still overheats.

      That place is like the chocolate of bookstores.

    2. ****begging oh please please :P

      no problem. 😉 And I so agree, best way of putting it! Mmmm chocolate.

    3. Just wanted to spread the word to other Catholics that The Pope mentions we can gain plenary indulgence for doing the following. Here's the link, but no worries, it's up to you. 😉

    4. Cool! I'll check out that link. Plenary indulgences are always a plus.

  2. That Hogans Heros picture is *amazing*!!! :D :D :D

    1. YOU KNOW ABOUT HOGAN'S HEROES?!?!?!!?! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I love those. And yes, the picture is awesome, isn't it? LOL

  3. I LOVE THIS. Holy cow, that Dean guy is....isdhskjsdhdfkghdkfgdf beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I've never seen that show...but maybe I should start;) hahah. Love this:)

    1. Hehe! Oh my gosh, I know. My sister likes Sam better, but I don't know. I like cocky guys with a sad backstory. lol.

      The only thing with that show is that they're demon hunters, and it's gory and creepy. (and there are occasional bad episodes I think. I've only seen two, but I've read up on the show.)

  4. I love Barnes&Noble, I went when my family took a trip to New York. I'm obsessed with Eoin Colfer too, W.A.R.P (the book you bought) is a brand new series. It's awesome, I read it in April when it first came out. We went with school to Puffin Virtually Live where he did a talk there that was broadcast onto the Internet. My friend is obsessed with Supernatural, which really gets on my nerves. I don't really see what's all the fuss about.

    - The Human Guide

    1. Barnes&Noble..... we just travelled an hour and a half to sit there for like.. two and a half hours and none of us were bored. It's like the palace of awesome for readers.

      I find the villain in WARP creeeeeeeepy.

      Frankly, Supernatural IS good, but it's not for everyone because it's creepy and dark.. and gory. But the humor in it is hilarious. And I dunno. I guess I was just in the perfect mood to watch it. hehe!

  5. I've been dying to see Jack the Giant Slayer. (I kind of hunt down movies with Jack characters...that sounds slightly disturbing. But all the Jack characters I've met have turned out so cool, I have high faith in characters baring that name.) However, I said the next movie I rent will be The Eagle, so it is first. Now if only I had that little green stuff people always want for movies and books and such.

    Ooo, your new book looks exciting. (In the words of Scotty.) You shall have to do a review when you've finished. (I wait around for you and your sisters to do reviews, then I know all the new good books I should read.)

    Pity about your computer 8-( Computer problems are tragic. I hope it is healed soon!

    1. Jack the Giant Slayer was good, I'd watch it again. :D But the Giants are gross and I didn't like that. Jack was actually pretty nice. (He's not SCARED of heights, you know, he's just not wildly keen on them)

      People named Jack do have good characters usually. (JB names are the best, I've found though... Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, Jimmy Braddock.... yeah.)

      Awwwwwwwwwww! That's probably one of the nicest things to know EVER! I like recommending books. :D I shall do a review then, since you asked so nicely. lol. ;D

      They are tragic indeed. I'll have to steal Bella's laptop while mine's fixed. mehehehehehe.

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, let me know what you think of the Eagle. After all my gushing, I really want you to like it. Hehe!

  6. That's too bad about your 'puter. *Sniffles* But you were BRAVE and called HP all by yourself. *Double knuckle bump.*

    I might have to give Supernatural another try. The first episode was just so dark, and creepy, and weird and, and UGG!
    But I did really like the characters. Those boys are pretty cool and funny. I might be on you side that Dean is a little cooler than his brother. It's hard to say after just one episode.

    Anyway. Cheers!

    1. I was so BRAVE!!!!!!!!!! They were hard to understand. lol

      You really should. I want someone besides me to like them. Heeey, if Matt and Adam DO end up coming up, we should have a marathon. LOL.

      Sam is technically nicer than Dean. But Dean is just.... Dean. <3 yeah. You know how I feel. ;)

  7. Oooh, WARP! I've been meaning to read that! Let me know how you like it. Barnes and Noble is awesome! The hardest part of shopping there is figuring out what to get.... ;)

    So sorry about your computer! I hope that they get it fixed this time!

    1. I will! It is, isn't it? I hate choosing. lol.

      Me too. :D

  8. I was glad Ewan McGregor didn't die. That would have prevented me from ever watching Jack the Giant Slayer again. Ever. It still isn't on my top list, because I get the queasies when people get eaten by Giants, but other than that, since Ewan didn't die, if someone asks me to watch it with them, I will.

    You know, the more I watch that video, the sadder it makes me. Perhaps I should leave it alone until I'm in an altogether happier, better, sunnier mood.

    1. I think I'll like it more the second time. It was just a bit slower than I'd expected.

      Really? It's not supposed to make you sad, it's supposed to make you smile. :D

  9. Camera shy? You are categorically NOT camera shy. I MEAN REALLY. I am OFFENDED. Go and be beautiful in your own time. ~sniff~

    In other news, I know what you mean about the laptop. This morning mine went all stupid and refused to let me close any Word documents. They were just sitting there and every time I clicked it made a frightening noise. And I was scared to leave it in case some unsuspecting family member should walk in and see a piece of my poetry branded across the screen...

    Looking forward to the paper doll pictures! And jealous of you eating frozen yoghurt...I want frozen yoghurt now!

    1. Hehehe. But most of the pictures of me are caught with me unawares by my SISTERS. Standing in front of a professional photographer who tells me how to stand, where to look and when to smile makes me very awkward.

      Aaaah! There's nothing worse than frozen Word documents. I makes you want to sit in front of the laptop like Gollum, glowering over your shoulder at siblings and parents alike, DARING them to even THINK about reading your work. lol.

      Frozen Yogurt is delicious. Chocolate with M&Ms and almonds and Reeses peanut butter cups........ mmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol.

      That song makes me want to fall in love. LOL.

      Does the left-hand sidebar *always* shake and bemoan its life????? I don't see anything wrong... maybe it was just a fluke.

    2. Hmm well I suppose...~still-mistrustful glower~

      Frozen yoghurt. Yes. If I could marry it...I would.

      Haha, I suppose that kind of storybook love would be nice...~stares into the middle distance~

      It's stopped now. I think it was just my laptop. Panic over, everyone!

    3. hehe

      The middle distance is a nice place, isn't it? I like it. It's good for the sights.

      Oh awesome. Wooh.

  10. That song was kinda adorable...I just wish that happened in real life!

    PS your lefthand sidebar is shaking in a frightening way. I don't know if that's the blog, or aforementioned stupid laptop, but it is quite unnerving.


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