Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Here is a baby with eyes of blue, straight from heaven, right to you."

So, I'm joining in and linking up to Amy's Disney blog party.... Because she made freaking Maid Marian inspired jewelry and I want them.


Right, so all you need to do to enter is do a post on a Disney cartoon. La! I'm doing it!


Dumbo is such a cute story! It's a little bit slower than most Disney movies, but it's just so adorable that I don't understand why it's so little known. It deserves more recognition than it gets. 

It's about a little baby elephant, named Jumbo Jr, who's mother is a performing elephant in a massive big circus. 

Unfortunately, Jumbo has rather massive ears that make him the object of ridicule, and the other, mean and gossipy elephants call him Dumbo

His nice little mommy protects him as much as she can. But at one point, this kid:

Takes the teasing a little too far, and makes Mommy elephant lose her temper. 

And she consequently gets put in here. 

And now, Dumbo is all alone in the circus, with no one to look after him.

The other elephants shun him, because he's an embarrassment to their wonderful  species. 

"Pretend you can't see him."

Then this little guy:

Takes Dumbo under his wing and tries to help him out. 

Unfortunately, there was this.... accident.
It was earthquake-esque

And Dumbo is made into a clown. 

So Timothy, the mouse, sneaks him over to see his mommy.

And it's sad. 

Like... sad.

And Dumbo and Timothy accidentally drink champagne. 

And wake up here. 

Where Timothy tells the crows about Dumbo's ill-fortune, and Dumbo get's a "magic feather" that makes him fly. 

Dumbo's luck improves.

And he gets some of his own back at the circus.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

The end. 

Yay! I did it! I'm going to go now. But if you have time, you must  watch this clip. It makes me cry every time..... Stupid  me. Did you know Baby Mine  was written for this movie? I didn't.

So... if YOU want that jewelry ^^^ up there. All you have to do is write a post about a Disney cartoon. Doesn't matter what kind of post it is, it doesn't need to be long. You just need to write it by Friday or Saturday and leave Amy a comment HERE with the link. 

You should totally do it!!



  1. Aw *sob* I'd forgotten.... *sob* how sad Dumbo is. Seriously... *sob* Thanks a lot. *mops tears off keyboard*

    1. I know! We just rewatched it a few days ago, and the Baby Mine part comes along and I'm just crying like a fool. *snifflesob*

      You're welcome. I'm sorry. lol.

  2. Nooo... I literally had to skip ahead to the end. Too sad. That is why I don't see that movie, and Bambi, and the lion king. Sniff!

    1. Hehe. I haven't seen the Lion King. It's sad? :(

      No, but Dumbo ENDS well, and that makes the sadness in the middle okay. :D

    2. Yeah somewhere in the middle, Simba's father dies from a fall and getting run over by wilderbeests. Simba's uncle planned his father's death.

      I know but I can't help crying over what happens. I'm a big sissy, LOL!

    3. Aw, wee woo. lol. :DI should watch it, prolly.

      Me too. No worries. :D

  3. I LOOOOOVE DUMBO. Such a precious movie<3

    1. ME too! Yay! Baby Mine is one my mom's favorite songs because of that movie.

  4. *goggle eyes* (if that even makes sense) SO PWITTY. ME MIGHT WANT IT....*lowers voice*...the...PRECIOUS.

    1. It did make sense. :D

      It IS pretty!! You might want to do a disney post then. LOL. It's super pretty and it looks just like the Maid Marian ring in Robin Hood.

  5. That *stupid* song. Even just reading the words gets me all teary. I think it's the way they make Dumbo act like a baby, and he's just so sweet and adorable, and his little eyes get so teary...

    1. I noes. lol. It's just the whole freaking scene. It was perfect.


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