Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We provide.... Leverage.

So it has come to my attention, that a lot.... no.... most you guys have never heard of, much less watched Leverage.

SHRIEK! This is a horrifically tragic story! Leverage  is awesome! I must introduce you.

Leverage is kind of hard to describe. It's like.... a crossover of Ocean's Eleven, and Robin Hood, with a touch of Psych like comedy, and repartee equal to Supernatural. 

Basically the story is about a group of ex-cons, who use their unique skill sets to help people who've been hurt, robbed, or otherwise harmed by wealthy criminals and mean-nasties. It sounds cool, yeah?

It is.

"The rich and powerful take what they want.
 We steal it back for you.
 Sometimes bad guys... make the best good guys.
 We provide... Leverage."

Nate Ford is the mastermind.

He used to be an investigator for an insurance agency, until that agency refused to cover his son's medical treatment, which resulted in his son's death. Now he's angry.

"We like to think of it as picking up where the law leaves off."

 He runs the cons. He plans the action. He comes up with the ways to help people. He pulls the rug out from underneath the bad guys. 

He might have a bit of a drinking problem, but he works his way through it. He's just very sad person. 

"Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys."

Sophie's the grifter. 

She can be anyone from a princess to a nun, and she's a brilliant con-artist. 

She's usually the one who goes in and convinces the person they're conning to get conned. 

"Nate, what kind of world would it be if everyone who committed a silly little crime went to jail? Complete madness!"

She's kind of the mother figure of the group. Everyone goes to her for advice. 

Eliot's the hitter. 

He does all the hard labor. He literally fights off the bad guys. He used to be in the military. He's cool

"Anyone wanna do my job, huh? I get punched and kicked."

He's essentially the protector on the team. He keeps everyone as safe as possible. He's... my favorite.

"Hey, Stirling. I've got dental work with your name on it.
Why don't we get together so I can give it to you?"

Oh yeah, and he can sing. 

Parker is the the thief.

She's like.... the ultimate cat-burglar. (sorry, Catwoman!) She's the one who usually steals or plants the evidence that the team uses to take down the corrupt businessmen. 

"I think people are like locks. 
Really complicated and frustrating, but you can't force them
. You have to take time and be... fiddly."

She's funny, she's a bit on the innocent side, she can be really naive. And oh yeah. She's like... crazy. 

She's an orphan who grew in foster homes, which is why she turned to thievery and stuff.

She's like the kid sister of the team. She's adorable. lol.

"The money wasn't in my account. That makes me cry inside.
In my special.... angry place."

Hardison is the the hacker.

He's the computer genius who hacks into the bad guy's computers and finds out everything about them. He can turn off buildings' security. He can make fake IDs that are as high quality as those given out by government agencies. He's a geek.

"I had two cellphones and two minutes.
 Do you know who else can do what I do? 
CIA, MI6, and ME."

Hardison's a nice guy. He grows up a lot during the show. He's pretty cool. 

And sweet.

And he loooooves oranges soda.

And together, they are the people that look out for the nobodies in the world.

You want to talk about a good show? This is it. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. Way faster than I'd recommend Supernatural... It's just cleaner and more family friendly.

It's one of my comfort TV shows. It's got everything I need to cheer up, it's funny, it's clever, it has fight scenes, (a must. LOL.) good characters, and you know.... Eliot.

Seriously, if you like Psych, or Ocean's Eleven, or Robin Hood stories, odds are in your favor that you'll probably love this show. It's awesome. (however, like Psych, it does have the occasional "why did they add that?" scene.)

Oh, and want to know something extra-specially lovely about it? It's as good as Doctor Who, and Supernatural, other shows that I love... but it actually ends well and it doesn't break your heart.

All you not-as-nerdy people are probably like:

But we super omega nerds? We're like:

I like Eliot, Parker and Hardison the best. They're my favorites. They are just fun together.

Nate and Sophie are awesome too though, to be fair.

And frankly, it's just an overall awesome show. .... Which quotes Doctor Who. A lot.

So, if you've got time on your hands, or if you're trying to get over one of your heartbreaking TV shows, I would highly recommend that you give this a go.

And now, I must go... You can find most of the series in full on youtube, since they're not on Netflix.

Go! Watch Leverage! Away with you!

And let me know if you like it.



  1. LEVERAGE! Awesome post, Peskie! I think Leverage is one of my all-time favorite shows. :) It's so fun to be able to watch a con show. And you can root for them because they're the good guys! Yay!

    1. LEVERAGE!! I'm glad you liked it. lol.

      It is. It's just... *so* good. Yes, exactly, it's like the Italian Job, but you don't feel guilty rooting for them.

  2. OOOOHHHH!! It looks awesome. I want to watch it!!

  3. GAAAHHHHH LEVERAGE. I was completely in love with it after the first 5 minutes. 'Tis a happyhippyhoppyhappy thing to behold. And Eliot. Oh Eliot. And Hardison. And Parker. And Eliot. And Nate and Sophie. Also Eliot. Gawsh. Sososo good. And then it was only $15 on amazon. So I can hug it every day. And I am happy.

    Very happy.


      I know, I did too. We watched it at a friend's house, and we got through the whole first season in the four days were were there. lol.

      Eliot's your favorite too, I take? lol! He's so cool, isn't he? He's young Uncle Hub in Second Hand Lions. (the cool guy in there, too. lol.) I even liked the little thing they had going on between Parker and Hardison, and normally I don't like that, but it really did work and they're cute.

      My sister owns the first four seasons. We're sad it got cancelled after s5.... we think they should do a spinoff series called Leverage International, where they have STIRLING being the mastermind and either bring Tara back, or have that cute cowgirl from the episode where Eliot sings be the grifter. Would that be awesome!?!?

  4. ahhh! i've seen a handful of eppys at my sisters place and i MUST NEED SEE MORE. i just know i'd be totally addicted to this show xD

    btw. yes, i'm much happier. ^_^

    1. You really MUST, because it's one of my favorite shows and I want you to like it. lol. They only have two or three sub-par episodes, which is a good track record, you know? :D

      Oh good, I'm glad. oxo *hugs*

  5. Okay, you convinced me...totally convinced here. Yes, I will watch Leverage. And knowing you have impeccable taste when it comes to TV shows, I know I will like it. Besides, I'm always up for a new show:D

    1. I did?? *happy dance* yay! I'm so glad you want to watch it, it's so worth it. lol. Let me know what you think, yeah??

  6. Yay, now that sounds cool! No heartbreak and is family friendly? I'm there!! What channel is it in? :D

    1. It is! :)

      The first episode has two really quick inappropriate scenes, but overall, yeah, it's really clean.

      It's... not on a channel anymore that I know of... It got cancelled after s5. Here's the link to the first episode on youtube though, if you're interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21_PmEAWngo

    2. Oh rats! Ooh thanks for the link, ;)

    3. Yeah, they always add stuff with the pilot episode of a show. It's sooo frustrating. You're welcome~!!

  7. I need to stop reading your blog, and pintrest. I've already got two new shows on my watch list because of you. *Blinks over glasses* Okay, no, I'm not complaining.
    This show kind of sounds like Mission Impossible Four. When I finish everything else, like when I finish Supernatural and sulking over how mean the writers are in that one, I shall have to start this one. Sounds like fun, and if it has no heart breaking moments....I don't even know what to say about that. Is that even possible....

    1. Noooooooooooo don't do that! I would be a sad, sad person indeed! lol...

      Hehehe. I'm sorry/not sorry. lol.

      It actually has a bit of the same feel as MI4, now that you mention it. Hehe, that's how I am with Grimm and Merlin, AFTER Supernatural, and catching up to Bella with Once Upon a Time, I will start those shows.

      I really think you'll like it. You seem to like all the same stuff we do, and it's one of everyone's favorites in our family. lol.

    2. You recommend too many good TV shows, so I shall have to just keep coming back and letting my list get longer. (And I love your blog to pieces. Even if you do give me an impossible TV show list.)

      Oh yeah, Once Upon a Time is on my list too....
      I'd definately watch Leverage if it has a MI4 feel to it. I love that movie. They need to make a fifth when the same actors, like, NOW!

      I was going to give you a hint on your guesses for the song contest, but I got so side tracked with TV shows nad that I need to email you RIGHT NOW about the Supernatural last night I forgot what I was going to say. (Sam and Dean, especially Dean, were SOOO cool in them!!! And I want Ava to come back!)
      Okay, I need to just go send an email.

    3. Hehe.... wait for it, wait for it.... the TV list isn't impossible. It's just a bit unlikely. LOLOLOLOL! See what I did there? I crack myself up. Hee! *wipes tears of mirth away*

      I think they are in pre-production for the next MI movie. AND I did some research, AND it's the same cast as the the 4th movie, AND I'm excited about it.

      You were going to give me hints and you forgot. *sniffle* hehe.

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! I'm going to check my email right now! You met Ava! Isn't Ava a sweetie?

  8. I love this show! We found it on the Ion channel and they'll run like ten episodes at once. My mom and I stayed up until like 2a, thinking that any minute the last one would play. But it was still playing when we went to bed.
    I like Elliot, Parker, and Hardison the best. Though I wouldn't consider Parker navie exactly. More like awkward. She's not a people person and she doesn't know how to act around them. She has a loner nature and it's hard for her to relate to people. If I have to slim it down. She and Elliot are my favorites. :) Because Eliot is cool, and he sings, but mostly because he's a bit of a wanderer. Wanderers are always intrigue and sometimes their life stories can be kind of heart-breaking because of the things(or people) they always have to leave behind.

    "Hardison, where are you guys!?"

    "What happened to, 'This is what I do'?"

    "I don't think that's going to work this time."

    1. Hehe..... me too, in case you couldn't tell. lol.

      We were introduced by our friends who got us hooked within the first like... 8 minutes.

      Me too! Eliot's my top favorite, and then I can't choose between Parker and Hardison. I guess you have a point about Parker... I think she's naive in some things but not in others. She acts how I *feel* in public. lol. (That part where she has to be the grifter and she's grinning and saying, "Don't stab. Don't stab. Don't stab." lol... she's awesome.)

      Eliot is just the kind of guy I always prefer in the movies. He's tough and can take care of himself, but he's a softie underneath. I wish he'd smile more because he seems sad a lot. I like that he ends up viewing the team as a family and not the people he decided to work with.

      HAHAH! And then that scene ends with him like, "You do the things I've done, there's no such thing as paranoia." LOL. That's still one of my favorite episodes. Parker as the duck-woman? hahaha! I don't know how she managed that.

  9. Replies
    1. IT *IS* SO FREAKING COOL!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

      I like it better than OUAT, but that could just be me.

      I'm going to warn you the first episode has a couple of... awkward scenes. One that's really quick, and one with a girl changing, but other than that, they're usually clean.

      I just know you're a little stricter than I am with what you watch, and I don't want to scandalize you, so that is why I'm letting you know.

  10. Mmk...you've convinced me. I'm definitely gonna start watching this. I noticed it's on Amazon Prime now, so I have the perfect excuse to get sucked into another fandom. :P

    decked out in ruffles

    1. lol I'm glad! It's kind of addictive. I looooove Eliot. He reminds me a little of Dean.... In fact, that actor and the guy who plays Dean are friends in real life. Texas boys gotta stick together. lol. ;)

      Let me know what you think!

  11. All five seasons are now on NETFLIX!! I've been watching them nonstop (when i'm not working or sleeping) since I learned this!

    Let's go steal a TV MOVIE!!! (or netflix original??)

    1. Oh, I know!! I just found out about it. It's new on Leverage.

      Which season are you on then?? Season three's one of my favorites, Eliot sings in it. XD

      I wish they would do a spin off series, like, Leverage International or something, because I miss having new episodes. :D


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