Wednesday, October 30, 2013


"THIS IS THE END," Treskie bawls at the top of her lungs, "HOLD YOUR BREATH AND COUNT TO TEEEEN."

It's the last day and the happiness I feel is epic.

Don't get me wrong, I think  I'm glad I did this. I actually liked having a prompt and posting every day for a month.

But it got really old, really, really fast.

I will not be doing another one of these for a while, if ever. It gets boring! And I'm pretty sure you guys were bored too.

If not:

If so:

I apologize.


Day Thirty:Your favorite song at this time last year

I'm pretty sure this time last year I was obsessed with Il Volo.

Like, to the point where I informed my mother (in jest, of course) that I was going to marry the middle guy.


So here's one of my favorites. 

This Time

Tell me you're in
Tell me I'm home
Promise you'll stay
And don't let me go.

I'm waiting for a sign
So tell me that it's real this time.

Let me in
kill this doubt
'Cause from this high it's a long way down.
Break my fall catch me now.

Tell me you're in
Tell me I'm home
Promise you'll stay
And don't let me go.

I'm waiting for a sign.
I need to know it's real this time.

Isn't it purty? 

And now I shall away. 

And I shan't be blogging tomorrow. 


Cheers and God bless. 



  1. CONGRATS!!! I still have a long way to go. *cough*

    What - that's so untrue. I'm going to marry Gianluca. *Cheshire cat smile*

  2. *High five* SMEAGOL IS FREEEEEEEEEE!! lol

    OH you are huh? *giggles* I don't think so. XD

  3. I was so happy to get to the end of this challenge. I was beginning to have brain seizures from trying to think of songs. LOL

    1. I KNOW! I'm so glad that it's over.

  4. I meant to comment on this one way back when and I didn't. After the challenge I ignored the blogsphere.

    But this post really made me laugh. It was the Skyfall thing that did it. Hilarious. I could just *hear* you! *Snicker* and I still cracks me up.

    1. Me too. XD

      Really?? Hehe. Let the sky fallllllllll....... I like that song a lot.



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