Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lately, in the mad house.

How was Halloween for you guys? I know that there are some people who don't like it because it's been warped to creepy. But it's the evening of All Saints' Day so we celebrate it.

To be honest, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, because I don't like how much it's been turned to freaky. The ghosties and ghoulies and vampires that people dress up as creep me out.

But anyway this year, we did not get a pinata, since they were ridiculously priced and we could spend that money on CANDY instead.

So we decided to decorate lunch bags, stuff them with candy, and have a bag hunt.

I was technically supposed to be doing illustrations.

But I got sucked into the craftiness.

I might have helped Annie make a TARDIS

She was very proud.

Then I went and helped the little kids get all dressed up.

it's a weird picture, don't look at it.

And Amy stuffed the bags. 

And Kat made caramel corn.


Annie's outfit was the most fun to do, I think. In case you couldn't tell she went as Eleven, complete with Kat's sonic and bowtie.

It's a fezz, she wears a fezz now. Fezzes are cool.

And then Amy and I took them trick-or-treating for an hour or so, before we came home and watched The Halloween that Almost Wasn't. (Which is one of the stupidest, B rated movies on the planet, but we love it and it's hilarious.)

Sammie fell asleep on yours truly and it was adorable.

And then, being quite worn out, we called it a night.

Good times, you guys. *grin*

Do you guys realize that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is in less than three weeks?

Good bye!


  1. OLLLAAN. xD
    sounds like you guys had a blast!! ^_^

    1. ROGERSSS! :)

      It was a lot of fun. We make everything fun.

  2. Hehe. "I'm excited", looking like it's nothing. ;) ;) ;)

  3. And I love the Eleven costume, btw. :) :) :)

    1. I'm going to reply to both comments here. :D

      I know, it's like the understatement of the century.

      Me too! I'm going to do it for the 23rd. :)

  4. LOL!!!!, that last gif is hilarious!

    That sounds like fun what you and your family did! :) All we did was the usual except my sister handed out candy. I would have gladly done so too but i was in my PJs, lol,

    1. I know, isn't it!? My two favorite fandoms (at the moment) in one gif!! I almost died. lol.

      It was fun! lol, I never cared too much for handing out candy, I get too shy and don't know how much to give. haha!

    2. I know, lucky!!! :D

      Yeah, it's hard to tell how much candy to give out. From our experience, not many kids come trick or treating too our house or neighborhood so I told my sister to hand out a lot of candy. One girl said, "mommy, she gave me a lot of candy!" So cute, she was happy.

    3. We like to give candy to everyone, including the parents, because it's nice to get candy.

  5. That gif... shakes head, while grinning all over her face like a drunken duck. Somehow, I think Doctor the Eleventh would annoy Dean a trifle.

    Kat's caramel corn is so freaking, fantastically, addictively *good*. It is just as well we only really have it for Halloween!

    (And I have no idea why The Halloween that Almost Wasn't is so much fun. It is corny-corny, and the production values are rubbish... but it would not be Halloween without it.)

    1. Look at that idiot weasel, grinning all over her face like a drunken duck! That gif made my WEEK it was so awesome! It's freaking perfect. I don't know who made it but that person is my favorite. lol.

      I'm fairly sure Eleven would prolly annoy Dean at first, especially since he's more of a "Save everyone" sort of person, while Dean's more like, "Kill all the things!" But I think the Doctor would end up taking Dean by surprise and earning his respect and then Dean would be extreeeemely loyal to him.

      It's gone, her popcorn. *sigh*

      It really wouldn't be the same without that movie. "But I will NEVER forgive her for this! After tonight, all I shall live for is revenge!!!!.......... hallooo?"

  6. How did all you dark brown haired girls get a blond headed sister?

    You said Ghosties.....You don't know how happy that makes me.

    1. Well... she's not our sister. XD That's our niece, my brother's daughter. But even so, some of us were very blonde when we were younger, (I was pretty light) The light hair does come from both sides, but brown tends to win out in the end. Gina's the only one who's hair isn't super dark, she's more of a red-head. (Either way, it's still weird that Sammie is so blonde, because both her parents are super dark.... genes, man. They're weird.)

      GHOSTIES! I'm so glad it make you happy. 'S nice. XD

    2. I wondered about that too. Hehe! :)

  7. Oh I remember why I came by the first time.


    1. Woooooooooooooo!! Hahahah! FIGHT THE FAIRIES!!!!!

  8. That's so cool! Halloween isn't very big in Australia, but we had 3 kids trick-or-treat us. I reckoned we should make them do the trick. They were knee-high-to-a-grasshopper. It'd be interesting to see a trick. (My opinion wasn't heard, by the way.)
    Love the pictures! (And GIFs. Like, because GIFs are awesome.)

    1. It's kind of huge in America, it's not huge with the big kids in our family though. None of us like Halloween much, but it's fun for the likkle kids so we put up with it. We never get more than a few trick-or-treaters, either. XD

      *snortle* I've always been tempted to ask for a trick too.

      Thanks! GIFs are getting to be an addiction, and that's never good. lol.

  9. Guess what I found on Netflix? (I'm posting it here since I've already bombarded you with random emails.)
    Yep. We should very much watch it when I come. (I should say if. Because there are lots of things that mess up plans. And it is better to keep saying if. But I've got to the point where the very idea of an if makes me scoff.) "They invited me. I'll go even if I have to stowaway on the airplane. Even if I have to hide in the back of Baby while two certain brothers are driving that way to work a case."
    They will never notice


    1. Wooooot!!! WHO YA GONNA CALL!?!?! Yeah, we should totally watch it, because all the references I've seen make me want to see it. lol. XD

      No. No saying if. Saying IF is not allowed, because that's like, *asking* for something to mess up plans, and I would be quite devastated if these particular plans went kaput. Stowing away on an airplane would be good research for a book. Haha!
      Hey, if you find Baby and those two brothers, call me. I will come with you and we can be cool.
      They'd probably notice, but we'd be so spunky, they'd want to have us around.


    2. Okay, okay, no ifs. *Happy dance* Actually, I say if because, while you seem just as crazy and fan girly and amazingly weird as I am, part of me is always going, "She's going to get annoyed with all my randomness and emails and shouting at guys who aren't even real and decide she doesn't want me to come out because I am too weird for her." And then I rush to send emails and comment because I thought of some bit of weirdness I just HAVE to share with you. Like right now, Because I got the most brilliant of plans in the brillantness of plans EVER! (Maybe not, but right now it feels like it. *Cuddles brilliant plan*)
      Since it shall be hard to spot each other at an airport and since you are the Dean in this duo and that makes me the Sammy, we should let our nerdy side show. We should dress up like a couple of certain brothers so we can find each other. (I even have the over sized did they find HIM an oversized hoody in the first few seasons...? Now I want answers to that because I never thought of it before.)

      And now I have to go. Because as happy as my brillant plan made me I am in the middle of a deep sulk over the fact I have to eat and can't buy the new Ranger's book. (Eating spoils book buying. It doesn't understand the importance of a new book.) And I just HAVE to know who dies and leaves my poor, darling Will alone and crushed and bitter. (And I think his apprentice is a girl, which I'm kind of dying to see because he's WIll and it would be the funniest thing ever.) And I'm talking like you've read the books...and I don't know if you have. But I think I should know. *Plays bad cop and slams fist on the table.* HAVE YOU?!

    3. Okay! I'm glad we got that sorted out. No ifs.

      Seriously!? Don't worry about that, Jack, m'girl. I promise you are not getting annoying or anything silly like that. I'm having so much fun emailing and commenting like this, it's freaking brilliant! It's so nice to have someone as "normal" as me, who fangirls and freaks out about the same things. I shout at the same guys so we're fine there. But for realz, I'm so happy you're getting random on me. It's FUN.


      I wonder if they had his hoodie specially made or if they just went to "Big and Tall." or... "Bigger and Taller"

      Aw! Eating is such a pain sometimes, isn't it? You're like, "But I don't want to eat. I want to read. Meh. Eating. Eating's boring."

      Okay! I'll talk! I read the first.... five? Of the Ranger's Apprentice books. And I liked the first three the best. I think I might have gotten a little teensy bit burned out on the guy's style of writing, though. Because our friends lent us the whole series (at the time) and I read every single one without a break. That was probably about five years ago. I remember really liking Will and Halt. (it's Halt, right?) I should try them again, shouldn't I?


    4. Okay, that's it. You've ordered me not to worry. I'm not worrying. I'm totally coming now, so you shall forever be stuck with it. No ifies. I'm going to show up on your door one way or another....and I shall be my random self and we shall have the best time EVER!

      You're on then!!!! All I need to do is find a shirt like his from the early seasons - I have this thing with plaid. I mean, I have SERIOUS plaid issues. I had a friend who thought it was the cutest thing ever and I was like, "Really?" But I grew up around lumber jacks. I see plaid and think of them. So I don't think I'll ever do his plaid one unless I get help. (Like that one Amy did. That was cute.)
      Anyways, the oversized hoodie I have is a season one thing. And since my hair kind of matches his in season oen it will work better. (I don't have his season eight flowing locks, sadly.) And yes, I am totally for the Jerk and Witch thing when we see each other 8-D Everyone in the airport will be like, "Do they hate each other or something?" know, it is a huge;y popular show....I bet they might get our references. Which will be weird. I'm so used to watching old shows or ones everyone doesn't like and no one ever getting my references.

      "You need bigger and taller."

      Yeah, my thoughts on eating summed up.

      The Ranger books does have an annoying to read style. It is painful sometimes. My innner editor screams in pain if I read them for too long. But I adore Will and Halt and love the plots. So I read them in stages. Like take long breaks in between books. (SOme of the later ones got a little boring. The first three are the best, and I think this last one is going to be amazing and tragic. But the, they were good but not the best.)


    5. *happy dance* Do you have any idea how excited I am that you will be coming out? And being random is a must. It's the best way to get to know people.

      I'm not a huge plaid fan. It tends to be too much color for me. That Dean shirt I have is one of the few I like, because it's a good color, and it reminds me of Dean, which always makes me happy. (though, if they reminded me of lumberjacks, I probably wouldn't like them much either. lol.)
      Incidentally, we went to Target a week or so ago, and there was this whole row of shirts, I swear they got off the Supernatural set, because they looked JUST like the Sam and Dean shirts, and I giggled like a fool over them.

      So I shall appear in my Dean outfit and look for you in Sammy's oversized hoodie. (You have short hair too, apparently, so that will be fun. ;) Sam's hair is getting out of control, it's so long right now! Gosh... Hehe, it will be odd for people who don't get us. Instead of saying nice things like, "it's so good to see you!" We'll be like, "WITCH!" "JERK" *hug* lol.
      (Speaking of random people getting your references, my friend quoted the "Dean, what are you doing?" at safeway and this girl turned around and was like, "Oh my gosh! That's Supernatural!" MIND blown. lol.

      Blind Side!

      I think if the guy was traditionally published, he needed a better editor, because even five years ago, I was catching errors, and it *bugged* me. lol.
      I should see if I can give them a go again, because I really liked Will and Halt too. lol.



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