Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More randomness

Five random facts

1.) I made cake with my nieces today.

I burned it. 
I didn't hear the timer, and my sense of smell is rubbish. So..... long story short, the cake was in the oven for like half an hour longer than it ought to have been. 


2.) We got new couches! They are prettyful and not falling apart and it's nice. 

3.) I drew this. It's one of my favorite prayers and I wanted to make it holy card sized.

4.) We watched Goonies the other day. It needs a bit of editing. But it was fun, and little Sean Astin was adorable. 

5.) I can relate to this. This is me. 

And now I'm going. 



  1. Nice lounge chairs. :) Cait loves cooking with our nephew. He won't make chocolate chip biscuits with anyone else. It's really cute. And I have a terrible feeling that the last picture is going to sum up my driving. I can't even walk in a straight line...

    1. They are indeed. lol.

      So Australians call cookies biscuits too, huh? Cool. XD I think it's adorable that he only does that with her. They have a BOND.

      Hehe! I'm a fairly goodish driver, even if I don't have a license yet, but I tend to swoop around corners and it frightens my family. Hah!

  2. It's a tiny Hobbit!
    Cooking with smallish humans is so much fun. You can get away with so much. Like picking all the chocolate chips out of the dough before putting them in the oven. Then you blame the smallish human. It's AWESOME.

    1. It is! it is!

      Cooking with smallish humans is fun, they get delighted over everything. *merherher*

      But I don't need a smallish human to pick the chocolate chips out before putting things in the oven. I do that anyway. Cookie dough is one of those things I can't control myself around. XD

  3. Sorry about your cake. :( that stinks.

    LOL, gif.

    1. It did stink. It stank like burned cake, and that is never delicious. lol.

      I know, right?! XD

  4. Bahaha. Burned the cake...that reminds me of something...but I can't remember what at the moment. xD

    Love the holy card. And the driving meme. Etc.

    1. It reminded me of that Brad Paisley song, Little Moments. (especially considering it was a birthday cake which I baked to oblivion.)

      You do? *fist bump* We rock.

  5. Your nieces are so preciously CUTE!!! What are their names again?

    1. HANNA! I know you!

      Ehem. I KNOW! AREN'T THEY ADORABLE! That's Chloe and Sammie. Chloe's older. And I know.


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