Sunday, November 10, 2013

Let's have a quote-off!

So, I had a brilliant idea.

And I went to Amy with this idea.

"Amy!" said I, "We should vlog again. Vlogging is fun."

"Nooo." said she, "I make a fool of myself when we vlog."

"Yes you do," I said, "I'll get the camera."


So we did.

Kudos if you know even half the movies we quoted.

Brownies for those who catch the random quotes that we threw in there between movies.

Pie for those who got every single reference.

I can't believe I forgot to post about this before! But Rachel is having an epic beautifully British/Doctor Who giveaway that... ends tonight.

I want to win it.

Or more specifically:

That. ^^^ I want to win that.

I feel bad, not posting earlier.

But yeah. Go check it out.

Cheers and God bless, y'all.



  1. You need someone tall to come and change your smoke detector battery? (Not that I'm offering, I'm not tall. But I know a couple of tall brothers who don't have anything better to do.)

    I just looked at your sidebar and saw a picture of Hawkeye being fabulous and the words However Improbable and thought, "That looks like a fun blog....oh, wait."

    You need to stop saying, "My sister." It's like me saying My brother all the time. If you have more than one you're not allowed to call just one by that.

    YOU DID MY WHOLE FAVOURITE LINES FROM MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I loved that part. I died laughing. "Yes...but I'll catch you." I love that movie. "Next time I get to seduce the guy."

    I didn't catch the name of the movie with the, "That's so cupid" line that had you dying on your water. What's that one? (Peter Pan is in it!!!)

    I get a brownie, but not a pie. *Sulks* I need to come visit a lot so I can watch all those movies with you. Like, just randomly show up on weekends.
    "I'M BAAAACK!!!"

    You fight those fairies!!!


  2. Oh my gosh, you noticed our smoke detector was bleeping. I hereby award you the Sherlock Holmes Award of Deduction. You have impressed me greatly. lol. Tall brothers?? How tall? Not Winchester tall, right? That's very tall. I would have to crane my neck to see them. lol. (We got a chair and took the battery out, so now it doesn't bleep, but it doesn't warn us about smoke either....)

    I've done that before on other people's blogs. "That looks like a good post! Wait. That's my post. I have good taste."

    I didn't say "my sister" once in this post! Are you referring to other posts or one of the many emails? Haha... I wonder how many sibling people think I have. Probably not as many as I actually do. I shall be more specific from now on though. I'll say something more like, "My sister: Amy." Heh. *wink*

    Haha! That's the best part of the movie, my two favorite characters. I loved that part. *smirk*

    The name of the movie with You're So Cupid IS You're So Cupid. I did die on my water. But I have come back TO LIFE! It's not worth the watch though, even if Peter Pan is in it. He's only in there for like fifteen minutes, and he's under a weird love spell most of the time, so it's not awesome. lol.

    That would be epic if you could randomly show up on weekends. Awww. You can have pie anyway, because I like you lots.



    1. I only noticed because I had one do that to me once and it drove me insane. I was half asleep and it started going off and I pulled myself awake to glare at it. Then I got up and cruelly yanked the battery out. My brothers - HA! Now I did it - yelled at me and said it was a bad idea and I could die in a fire now but I didn't care. I'd rather die in a fire than be driven mad by its high pitched beep. (They excel at annoyance.)
      Actually....I was thinking of the two tall Winchester brothers.
      Good for you merciless ripping its battery out!!!!!! We shall die in fires together.
      (I shall accept the Award of Deduction though. *Adjust deer stalker hat.*) "It's an ear hat, John!"

      Eh, come to think of it, you should just keep saying sister. Because if you name yours I have to name my brothers and then everyone will found out how many I have and that it isn't as many as it seems and then they won't be as scared of me. "Mess with me and I'll call my brothers." "AHHHHHHH!!! OKAY!!!"

      Okay, I shall skip You're so Cupid. I shall just keep watching our two favourite brothers. *Grin*

      "No, I heard that, I got that...welcome back." "Nice dress."

      I'm not supposed to laugh...right?


    2. Haha! We have like four smoke alarms within a ten foot radius, though, so I'm fairly sure we'd be warned anyway. lol. Oooooh *those* two tall brothers. I don't know why I was thinking your real brothers. But hey. If you know those very sad tall brothers do send them over. Please!


      Okay, I'm done. LOL!

      Hahaha! Snicker. I shall just continue with the vague, "My sister" then. It's easier anyway. I have an army of them.
      You're lucky you have more than one brother. I only have one and it doesn't sound as cool to say, "I'M GOING TO CALL MY BROTHER." as it does to say brothers, plural. lol.

      Favorite brothers are favorite. (actually Thor and Loki are pretty cool too....)

      *high fives* you got the Night At the Museum reference. You are so much awesome. XD

      No, dude. You're not supposed to laugh.


  3. LOL!! Yeah, you both should vlog often. :D Me like! :P you girls are funny! During the vlog, I could hear your smoke alarm beep, LOL! Mine beeped so loud yesterday, it scared the heck out of me! No wait. That was two days ago.

    "Kill the fairies?" Is that a quote?

    Lator gator! :)

    1. Yeah?? Cool! I know, I guess we just zoned it out, because not only did we not notice it when it was beeping, we didn't notice it when we were editing the video. If there's ever a fire, we're likely to not fair well. lol.

      Yeah, it's a quote from one of Supernatural's funny episodes.

      After a while, crocodile!

  4. this was so awesome. xD I was laughing the whole time. You guys are so dang cute!! :D :D I love like, almost all of those movies.

    and your smoke detector beeps. but I saw Jack noticed that, as well. ;) :D

    The PotC quote. yep. I noticed. ;) haha.

    great movies!! xD I very much enjoyed this.

    1. Ya think?? Yaaaaaaaaaay! You're nice. lol. We tend to get super giddy in front of a camera.

      You get brownies then, since you love most of the movies. :D

      *fist bump* I knew you would! lol.

      I'm glad you liked it! We should work on keeping them shorter though. lol.

  5. That was hilarious. I think I got about half the quotes (I was challenging myself, too. The Batman quote I thought of: "Bats are nocturnal, Alfred!") :) I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hits my sister with books. I was getting concerned you'd choke, too. Anyway. You are good singers.

    1. Hehe, you think so? Mission accomplished!

      Ha! I forgot about that Batman quote. It's hard to quote when your put on the spot like that.

      We don't generally hit each other with books, we tend to just up and punch each other.

      Choking is easy, it's the breathing part that gets me.

      Thank you! That's sweet. *hugs* lol.


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