Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cover reveal of awesomeness!

Guess what today is!

It's the day the cover of Jack's new book gets revealed.

In three....




Look how cool it is! Isn't it cool! I'm freaking out here, it looks awesome!


The enemy draws close. Cities will fall. And few can stand in Morcoft's way.

Peter Jones has been betrayed by the man he trusted as his own father. Now he is forced to question everything he has ever been told, and learn the truth of his past. Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann has finally found the person he has hunted all over England for. Yet, not all is as it seems and he begins to fear he might be on the wrong side. Singur faces down his worst fear and comes out a victor, but the price of his triumph may put the last member of his family in grave danger.
Choices now stand before all three young men and the paths they take will not only change their lives, but the whole world.

Battles are coming. Enemies are made. Friendships are questioned. When the only world you've ever known is a lie, where do you go?



About the Author: 
Jack Lewis Baillot is Spartacus! She also likes to believe she's an author. She likes to write books, while drinking tea, and likes to read while eating cookies, but she doesn't like to do Math, even while drinking tea and eating cookies.
You can find more about Jack and her books on her website.

You should definitely read it, Jack's books are awesome, like a cross between Tintin and Redwall and I love them.

Abolished Impracticality is coming out on December 14th.

Y'all should buy it.

That's all, folks!




    I am so buying it. Period.

    1. Really?? How did you not know! I freaked out about it a couple times. lol. :

      You're going to buy it just 'cause I illustrated it?? I LOVE YOU. lol.

  2. know my joke. You. Know. My. Joke! That is why we are friends, that, summed up. I just, I'm all giddy and grinning don't think I'm a nut about telling jokes about dudes being made into canoes. YOU KNOW IT!

    Thankfully, no, I've not had to go to a dinner party for awhile. The last one I went to was horrible. All the girls started talking about a place they'd all been to but I hadn't and giggling over these inside jokes and I was like, "Oh, look at that nice wall. I like that wall." And not sure if I should giggle along or just stand and stare at things, or what. Very awkward. So you and I, we can forever avoid dinner parties and instead sit and watch movies and insult each other while sharing pie.


    P.S. Thanks for joining in the cover reveal!!

    1. I KNOW YOUR JOKE!!! I know lots of jokes. lol. I'm one of those people who loves a silly joke like that. lol. I giggle over things like that. I didn't think anyone else knew that joke though, and you're knowing it made me happy.

      Oh, I hate it when people decide to start talking about things they did when I wasn't there. And then their little circle always tends to close and I end up standing outside the circle. So then I find a corner and hide in it. (my friend's little brother noticed this. He always finds me and brings stuff for me to drink because he's very nice like that. lol.) But if I had a choice, I tend to stay home and eat nutella. lol.

      It sounds like so much more fun to insult each other and watch movies and eat pie! (We are... we're warriors!)


      you're very welcome. XD

  3. YOU drew that??!!! Amazing cover!! Excellent job! :D

    1. What? No, I didn't draw that, that's a professional photographer. I'm just illustrating it. XD

    2. Oh. :) So lucky! how exciting! :)

  4. I can't wait to see your illustrations!!!!

    1. Me neither. It's going to be weird seeing them in a *book*. I'm excited

  5. Very cool, I'm excited to see your illustrations!

    Hey! Have you seen the new mini Doctor Who episode "Night of the Doctor?" It just came out yesterday, and it is so cool! It has the 8th doctor!! And it connects some story elements that have been brought up recently. You need to see it, if you haven't. Oh yeah, and it's on YouTube. :D

    1. I am too! It's surreal. :D

      I saw that last night!! The Eighth Doctor looks amazing, I really want to see his stuff now. I don't like John Hurt as the Doctor though. He is not awesome. But yeah, that minisode was AWESOME. I geeked out about it.

    2. The 8th Doctor just had a movie that is kind of strange. I mean, the Doctor himself is great (as always) but some of things in it are a little...hmmm...weird. It would be awesome if they made some new episodes with him and one of those companions he mentioned before he regenerated.

    3. I've heard that about his movie, and that makes me sad, because from what I saw in that little episode, I really, REALLY liked him as the Doctor. They SHOULD do some episodes with him. That'd be cool.

  6. OKAY! I was just looking at your Hunting Things flashy thing on the side bar and realized whenever it says the Hunting Things Dean is pointing right at me....

    1. Haha! That can either go two ways. "He looked at me!" or...

      Are you a THING, Jack?? XD


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